We've had a break in the heat here in Atlanta and the weather has been great.  With temps in the 90's for over 2 weeks in May....I was thinking it's going to be a long frizzy hair summer....haha

The other day I posted a picture in Instagram thinking "I got nothing good to post today so I will just slap up a small corner of my clean house".  You know "party clean".  

Well geez it must have been a slow day on "the gram" cause it got quite a few likes and that got me to thinking that maybe I will do a "look for less"....or "how to recreate the look" for y'all in case anyone is interested.

You know....all 20 of you!  Hee Haw.

So here is the picture.....

It's just a few of my favorite things.....

So let's start with the magnolia branches.  Lucky for me they are plentiful in the south and I have 3 "little gems" in my back yard which is basically a smaller version of a magnolia tree.  If you can't just run out in the back yard a cut branches then you can always go faux......[no judging]

Next up is my swan art which is original by Dawne Raulet.  It is one of my favorite possessions and will be under my arm when I run out the door.  In fact I want to be buried with it.

I found a few for you that won't break the bank but still give you a good look!

Mix in some other art on the gallery wall.....Here are a few I used on my One Room Challenge from Minted!  Also just to show I took an old frame and put a vintage letter in creative...frame anything.

Add some black and white books.....all found on Amazon.

To stack on top of the books a black box with gold accents.  Mine came from West Elm many years ago but I found a few for you that won't break the bank!

I found the statues online and a few other items that I think could also work!  These are for some height.

The other side....

I got my sunburst mirror at HomeGoods many years ago and I really looked for one similar that wasn't crazy expensive and in stock.   I was amazed to only find one.... but the other things will give you a round shape!

I found this bust at Ballard Design  I actually found mine at.....wait for it....HomeGoods.

And to finish up....

Some crystal balls.


Did I leave anything out?  Yes.... the old concrete bowl with the limestone water filtration balls.  I searched everywhere for you and I did find some on Etsy and Ebay but they were already sold.  I got mine at Scott's and if you want some [and you aren't local] then you will have to come here and get them!

That's all I have for ya.  Get to work creating your own vignette.

It's Friday y'all!

Take it up a notch this weekend.....




What a weekend....I was busy 3 nights in a row which is epic for me.  Tonight I have a date with my couch and HBO to catch up on Big Little Lies!

Saturday I went to the Modern Tour of homes with Michael Ladisic in the all day long pouring rain.

It started with the Modern showhouse designed by my friend Rodolfo Castro!

I have some random pictures because it was crowded and people would not get out of the way so I could get some good shots!  Rude.....

I did steal some pictures from Instagram.....

Now I am not really a "modern girl"....but I can appreciate all kinds of design for sure....

I did love the kitchen....especially that hood.  I am kind of bored with hoods right now....tired of the large iron ones so this peaked my interest!

Kitchen cabinets were done by Kingdom Woodworks.

What was weird was that this showhouse was only open for the weekend....that is a lot of work for 2 days!  I speak from experience..... that after the install you need time to recover before you drag all that stuff out!

Beth Kooby

Master bath below

Laundry room with one of my favorite Schumacher wallpapers. 

Powder room

Mallori Hamilton

Justin Williams

After the showhouse there was a tour of modern homes in the Atlanta area.  The last one was amazing.....

Architectural Design by Tac Studio.

The back of the house was awesome....

The  outside of the porch had the invisible screens that came down to combat the mosquitoes here in Georgia that are relentless.

Then between the porch and the main house the doors slide all the way back into the walls....

The landscaping.....

Garage rooftop garden!

This house was built for entertaining that's for sure.

The house was 7 years old and it felt totally relevant.

See the screens in the picture below!

There was incredible art all over the place.....

And the all white walls....[yes please!] helped to showcase the colorful rugs and vintage modern furniture.

It was move in ready for me:)

In the middle of the tour Michael and Yong took me to this donut shop.  They seems shocked that I had never heard about it!

But I have now......whoa baby....12 donuts later I was in a serious sugar coma after tasting most of them.  I mean it would have been rude not to right?

I had people over on Sunday night [not a regular occurrence around here]  and we will talk more about that on Friday!


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