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This just proves  how unorganized I am when posting.  You would think I would spend some time getting it together so when I do a post I have included all of the info you need to be informed and "wowed".  Well OK...not the "wowed" part but a girl can dream.....

 I am including a few pictures [the before of the "bunk bed room"] of our condo which  is located in Blue mountain Beach along 30A, in the Florida panhandle between Panama City beach and Destin.  If you ever saw the Truman Show [1998] it was filmed in Seaside, Florida also in that same area.

It was developed in 1981 and I am serious when I say this area is gorgeous.  Very family oriented.  There is 26 miles of beautiful beaches...planned communities and a bike path the whole distance.

Also on 30A you have the community of Rosemary Beach which was developed in 1995.


This area has become a very popular vacation destination.  It is located about 5 1/2 hours from Atlanta.  I had never been there before [after living in Atlanta for 16 years], and fell in love after my first trip.  Of course I wish I had either discovered it 10 years earlier or now as we bought when the prices were at their "tippy top"...if you get my drift.  Thankful for partners, and the fact that it is a rental so we haven't had to pitch a tent under a bridge yet.  Still....I must have been smoking crack.

Right down the street from Rosemary is another area that it just being developed..... Alys Beach.  The architecture is unbelievable.  For real.  Everything is white.  Even the grass.....:)

You need to go to their site and check it out.  You will be wowed!

While I was there I picked up this book by Lynn Nesmith called:

It is chock full of gorgeous pictures of homes along 30A,  Among some of the publications Lynn has written for  is Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home.
She actually wrote the article about a home I did in Rosemary [you can see the pictures on my portfolio].

So that I have my "Florida Tourism" obligations over is a before picture of the room that was "covered" in bunk beds.  It now has the 2 queen beds in it.

I think jumping from the top bunk to the full bed below must have been fun.....cause that is the part that broke.  And there is the bulletin board, the night stand and the little lamp that I made over.

 I posted about these curtains before, but that was back when I had 7 followers.  Using ready made white panels and added grommets,  I used rope to hang them, hot glueing a starfish to the part that was hanging.  Fortunately no one has tried to swing from that piece of rope.

I found this fabric [kind of looks like a bath rug] at Lewis and Sheron 6 years ago and had a headboard made from it.  The rest of the bedding came from PB.

I had about 3 weeks to do this whole place.....4 bedrooms [and a very small budget].  It was CRAZY!
If I win the lottery.....this will be my view forever......right?
 Along with a nice glass of wine :)

By the way..... the pedicure was wonderful.  As I said my toe nails were so long he did not even ask if he should was THAT obvious.  Here they are all trimmed up and ready to party.

Hope Monday is treating you right.....Freaky


The Atlanta Mart

Thanks for all the comments on my makeover at the beach rental.  Somebody mentioned that they don't like "theme" rooms, but they thought I scooted under the radar on this one!!!  I am not a fan  either so I am glad I stopped when I did :)  Whew.

I hope everyone of you have scoured the new issue of House of Fifty.  Janell and her whole crew knocked it out of the park with this issue.  Honestly they just keep getting better and better.  So many pretty pictures [don't we love those] and a ton of inspiration.  

I was enjoying it on my ipad driving home from Florida on Wednesday.  You do know they have an app right????

I have ton's of pictures from my visit to the mart.  I have never been to Highpoint.....but maybe this is a mini version.

I am going to try and edit so I can give you the best of the best.  That is going to be hard......

Check out these rugs from Ariana Rugs in California.  They have so many more on their site.

Could you die???

I did not see one I would turn down.

Help me Jesus.

These have Mrs. Howard written all over them....

Each one they flipped over was my favorite :)

I was waiting for this one....
OMG.....please can I have......

I will never tire of blue and brown.  I promise.

Another company.  Sorry I did not get their name.

OK....I am going to jolt you out of your dreamy colors warned.

I like it though.
So while we are on rugs, might as well keep going.

Genevieve Gorder's new line for Capel Rugs.  I love the yellow one......

I love some of these....

More on their web site here.

Let's change course....At Home With Marieke

So dang cute.
Love it all....
Textiles, china......

Has a great vintage look....

This is what I climbed every day.....156 stairs.....and then you round the corner and there are 48 more.

One more picture just so you can REALLY see what I am talking about here.....

Hey check out these bar stools I saw....pretty clever huh?

A company called Gabby.....they have a great line.  Located in Montevallo, AL.

OK......One more load of laundry and then I HAVE to get a pedicure.  Seriously my toenails are so long they broke through my socks.  They look like the toes of a buzzard.  Swear.  I know I can cut them myself.  Geez y'all sound like my husband, but it is all about the experience right?

I'm doing it.

More mart later......Sheriky


Uh....hellooooooo? A winner!

Yeah...I did sort of just drop out, with a giveaway going on and all......I will 'splain in a minute.  First things first.  The winner of the January "West Palm" giveaway is Cassie from Primitive and Proper!  Cassie loves to DYI...and she is good at it!!!  They just moved into a new home which you can tour here.

There check one thing off my list.

I had to go to Florida for a few days to clean and update our condo.  Yep...that might sound like fun [kind of like a sharp stick in your eye] but it wasn't.  Driving 5 1/2 hours in a car with 2 dogs breathing over your shoulder [with their bad ass breath] doesn't make it on my top ten list of exciting things to do.

They look all innocent here but don't be fooled.  The girl [on the left] always pukes in the car.  They do love to romp on the beach.  I took a great video of them playing and running....just have to put my technical hat on to get it uploaded on the blog.

In one of the bedrooms, we had bunk beads which broke.  I am guessing kids like to jump around on those suckers????  They were nice and sturdy ones also.  So we decided to put 2 queen beds in there instead.

I had to be very frugal [being that it is a rental and every penny counts!].  It had kind of a nautical theme from the start so I just enhanced.

Blue chest...the top was trashed.  Got out the chalk paint.

Needed something for over the bed.....instead of trying to find two crappy pictures, I saw this and we have a winner.

Shams from PB on sale for $19.00 each, lumbar pillows on sale for about $9.99 [remember I had to BUY double of everything], coverlets at Homegoods, and the blanket/ throws I got half price at Dillard's.

The old boating flag was already there and so were all the accessories.  Blue lamp was from Homegoods, as were all the decorative pillows.

I had every intention of painting the wall behind the beds, but I lost my "mojo" on day 3.  I washed every linen in that place [4 bedrooms].

I had to sew these starfish back on for the 20th time.  People.....why are you touching them?

I painted this [it was red/white/blue] and got a new lampshade for it.

Found this picture at the Goodwill for $5.00.  You would not believe how expensive GW is down there!  I was shocked at some of the prices.  Small cane barrel chair for $59.99!!!  Seriously.  Every time I saw something I liked it was out of my price range!

The chalk board was a bulletin board.....I got my husband to take it apart ["why are we taking this apart, it looks fine to me"...."why are you painting looks fine to me".....] then painted it and put it back together.  Found the small table and chairs and sprayed them.  I had to put labels on the chairs saying "not for big butts".

I bought this when I first decorated the place 6 years ago....but I still love it!

Love this one also....
These yellow chairs are getting slipcovered in yellow and white ticking.  I got the fabric at Old Time Pottery for 3.89@yard.....score!!!  They just can't be cleaned anymore......

Laundry room....I painted those stripes.  Does anyone do laundry at the beach?

Just playing......

Still have to go back in February.  They are cleaning all the tile floors, so I will have to make sure all the furniture is in place correctly.  Next time I want to buy real estate so far away....bonk me on the head please.....HARD.

I have at least 50-60 hours of blog reading to do to catch up.  Even though I came to a screeching halt for a week....I know you guys were out there blogging all this great stuff that I need to know about!!!

Good to be home......

Sha Fab!

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