I am so glad this week is over.  Yesterday I had so much going on that I missed an appointment with a client.  I even confirmed it the day before so I am not sure what happened.

What a crappy feeling.  Gah.

Sherika needs to take a deep breath and pay attention. 

I was putting together a plan for a small sitting area off a master bedroom.....cruising the World Market site and ran across some good stuff!

I started with this small sectional.

Which was on sale for under 600.00.  It got mixed reviews but I thought that it wouldn't get used that much so maybe it might be OK.

Then I added this rug....

This is where I get off track....

In the middle of the plan I got distracted and ended up on the Minted site [and you wonder why I missed an appointment].

But that's OK cause I needed art and I found some that worked....

Back to WM.

I added a bench, pharmacy lamp and small "C" table [to throw your laptop on right?].  Then the metal coffee table and the mid century console to go under the TV.   Boom.  Done.

Now back to Minted.....I rounded up some images I liked for you..... starting with my favorite....some black and white!

Remember when I did the last ORC and got these great prints for my sister?

Such a fantastic source right!

OK....back to WM

Check out this pinkness waiting for you:)

These barstools...

This fun chair.....

Coffee table....

Plexiglass waterfall table that is also on sale!

So now you see how my brain works.....

It's a mess up in there:)



Mary said...

Maybe the crink in your neck is from sleeping with stress? Relax!
I hope we get to see the space when it's completed. Everything you selected is bang on.

designchic said...

But such a good mess...loving the finds at World Market - needing the lucite table!

sara said...

We have that World Market couch in my son's playroom/lounge area. It's super comfortable and has held up well for well over a year.

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