And how does that happen you ask?  Well here is the story.....better get coffee or wine depending:)

Valerie got in touch with me in April.  She had lived in Atlanta over 10 years ago married to a professional hockey player.  I worked on 2 houses for her and a house in Montana.  

Then they moved to California and fast forward to a divorce, breast cancer and a move to Hawaii for her!

She is recovering and happily single.... doing her "thang" when she gets fixed up with a Colonel in the army and bam a marriage and 2 kids [definite miracle] in 3 years.

Talk about a life change right?  I got an email from her [about decorating] that they were moving to Ft Meade Maryland for 3 years and let's just say there was some begging involved.  She didn't stop either.  

Girl was re.... lent..... less.

Blubbering on about my talent like "I'm Kelly Wearstler" or somebody of that stature.  Full court press with emails, text, and actual phone calls [does anybody call anymore?]

Finally I ran out of excuses and her pouty faces got to me so I got on a plane.

 Here is the deal.... I had one day to shop, one day to install, and one day to return everything I didn't use.  Talk about pressure.....

Let's get to it with some before shots.....

The afternoon I arrived [around 1:30] I stopped off to see my challenge.  Then I got really scared.....

No sofa.  Where the heck am I going to find one of those in one the floor.  Large sigh.....


 Ikea is the only place but with one day [it's over an hour away and there is delivery and all that putting together].....nope.

She did have this Roche Bobois chaise that we used in her very first house probably 15 years ago.

I took measurements and did a rough floor plan

You can see that I had good thoughts. Moving the chaise downstairs and possibly using a chair she had in the corner.

I saw right away....the large round table was no bueno so we moved it to the other side of the chaise.

And the chair.....
was too big for the space and I wasn't sure a pillow and throw could help that one.  Another huge sigh.

I tweaked the plan and added an 8 x 10 rug [hoping to find].  Hell.... I was hoping to find everything.

Remember one day of shopping.  Lucky for me I had a friend to help.

Without boring you with all the details here is how the shopping went down on Sat.

1.  Found a sofa [on sale no less] at LazyBoy!  And the Colonel picked it up for me. 

Perfect to get her through the "toddler years"

2.  Went to 3 HomeGoods around the area.
3.  Found 2 great lamps at Pottery Barn on sale.

Sunday was install day.

Placing the furniture....I thought I would put the bookcase behind the sofa but it didn't work so I moved it to the side wall.

 As you can see I only found an 8 x 10 rug but we made it work.....

And this pouf was damn near perfect!

Are you ready?


Lamp from Pottery Barn.
Pillows, frames and vase from HG's

Side note*** I had about 10 minutes to get pictures as it was late and kids were starting to melt down:)

We decided to move the round stump coffee table in front of the chaise.

Thankfully I bought an extra side table!


They have a really pretty piece of art to be framed which will go over the sofa


I bough just a few things for the bookshelves....

I love this chair and these jars below I found at HG's!

And thats a wrap!

It was definitely a sprint but I hope they will be very happy in their new home for the next 3 years:)

Have a fabulous weekend.....I am off to Greenville today as my nephew is graduating from Clemson!

Sheriky Freaky


René said...

Thank you sharing your process! Love it!

cshhenderson said...

Amazing job! How about the tv wall? :)

Mary said...

Looks like her begging paid off. You are like a "house whisperer".

StagerLinda said...

Your talent is always incredible. Your energy amazes me. This timetable would give a 'normal' person a major meltdown. Your superpowers are relentless. Carry on Wonder Woman. May the force be with you....

designchic said...

No wonder they begged and pleaded. You are a miracle worker. Can't believe you found all of those items and got them installed that quickly - know they are thrilled!! Happy weekend ~

sjr said...

I love Mary's term, "house whisperer" I can't believe you accomplished all that.
Best of luck to your nephew, Clemson is my alma mater and I am moving my son there next weekend to start! Go Tigers!!

La Dolfina said...

Great work as always!!!!

Erika Ward said...

No doubt in my mind that you could pull this off...and I just knew those pillows HAD to be custom...HomeGoods???

Wonderful Life! said...

You always rock a deadline! I love a challenge but whoa! Those pillows? HG here I come....

Mary Ann Pickett said...

GREAT job. Nice that you have functional lighting, too. And the plants in the window are a fresh touch.

pixelimpress said...

you are a genius kelly

Angela said...

Sorry, but I love these posts the best!! You are amazing. I know you probably enjoy the no budget, brand spanking new, no limits projects but this is just candy!! Thank you!!

Carla Schwartz Design said...

Sherry you are crazy good!!! Those textiles...

I may have missed it but can you share where you got the rectangular coffee table? I'm looking for a similar one for my place.

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