Thanks for all of the comments on repurposing furniture and rugs!  Sometimes we just want to start over......I get that.... but with secondary spaces it's great to try and work in things you have.  I think we live in a world where we run out and get a cheap replacement to "get the look"

Never underestimate the staying power of a timeless traditional space.   I talk all the time about finishing my home and letting it I  have time to do other things right?

Enough preaching.

Back to how I got creative with pieces she already had.

In my last post I showed you her old kitchen table and chairs.  We used the table behind a sofa and I had all the chairs sprayed BM White Dove


There were 5 of them and you will see that we used them around the house. 

This was a desk in her daughters room.  We discarded the top portion and had the bottom painted BM Hale Navy

I added some new hardware and it is going in her daughters room.

Here are a few pieces of furniture from her sons room.


I had them all painted black and added some new hardware from Lowe's.




 She had 2 of these small loveseats from her living room....
This rug was previously in the dining room.

These were the fabrics I chose.

I reused the art and found the large coral pillows at HomeGood's.  The headboard is from Serena and Lily.  I don't have a picture but you can see that the desk we painted is to the left and I used one of the painted kitchen chairs with it.

She had this mirror which went well with the rattan headboard and I found this cute lamp at Target?

More to come in that room!

Yes...more bookcases in the upstairs hallway.  

Shoot me.

I put mostly travel books up here.  And it was a good place to display her children's art and a few sentimental toys and handmade pottery.

The desk was dark wood and it was also painted and just dry when we hauled it up to take the picture.  The hardware isn't even on:)

It will be properly zhushed......

In the same hallway are 2 dormer areas with window seats.

And this was previously in the dining room.

We left as is because it's so pretty.....and back it went!

Every now and then you get a dream client......

When I flew out Friday morning I left my see-through baggie at home with all my face cream and deodorant etc....I am up visiting a friend and doing some work for a long time client.  I had one day to complete this job [more about that later] so we shopped from 10-6 for everything.  It was a very hot day and I was sweating......that stinky hot [how is that smell coming from me sweat] [like you are being chased by a bear sweat] and my friend kept saying "you stink"!  

I begged her..... "please let's stop at Target so I can get some deodorant"....but we never did so after she had enough she handed me her minty breath spray.  "WTH....are you kidding me"?  She said "no".  Not wanting to be put out on the street I sprayed. burned. 

That was definitely a first.


**My foot is definitely better....have not had any other shoe on but the Fitflops since I received them!!**


G Mason said...

Would you mind sharing who does your furniture painting? I am also in the Atlanta area. Thanks!

Kathysue said...

I love to do re-do's they are challenging but so gratifying when they turn out as well as yours did. I know your client is over the moon with the results. Great job Sherry!!
xo Kathysue

Anonymous said...

I just love your style. Can you tell me where you got that gorgeous lucite end table?

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

This looks fabulous! IT is nice to know that one can hire a decorator that will use/update their existing furniture. I rarely see that.

Have a great week.

Unknown said...

What brand and color did you use for the black furniture? It looks good not chalky. let me know

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