Nothing new on the kitchen "makeover" yet....but let me share a little tidbit with you.

Last fall I got the good news that Atlanta Magazine's HOME wanted to shoot my house for their winter issue.  

So people I have had about 9 months to get ready for this.  It's 30 days from the shoot and I am scrambling to finish things up.

Gah.....why do I have the curse of procrastination?  

I suck.

Let's talk about my favorite and white.  It's no secret that I am partial to neutrals and throw some B/W in the mix and I get a little faint.

I happened to be in World Market the other day [it's right beside my grocery store so it's protocol that I make a stop in there] looking for a few cute things for my new open shelves!

I saw some items which prompted me to do a little search. second WM post this month.  

Sue me.

The white desk with the black legs.....the pillow come to mama.

My shelves are not going to be white but a wood stain....I love these black coffee cups and the coasters.

What about this black and white stool huh?

What is NOT to like in this grouping?

And this cute bench....kapow.

Headed over to Target.....

Crushing on the B/W knife set.

I actually used the Nate Berkus sheet set in the top right and they are awesome.

I need a black and white kitchen rug in front of my I may order the one on the top right.

Here are my tips for making B/W work.  It's simple: add some organic elements like plants and wood.



Daryl Carter....the master.  Wood frame on the chair and the simple wood table.

Bob Brown....again wood accents.  It really helps to warm up the palette.

Patrick Mele....the fur throw and mix of art in the gallery wall.

The wood plant.

This kitchen [could not find the source] with the wood floors, countertops and shelves.

In my own house I love mixing black and white with a flax color.
Remember my stripe foyer? I kind of miss it:(

On the Boulder project we used a ton of B/W

Hopefully I will have something to share on Friday.  I can at least give you the details on how I picked the countertops!

By the way the photographers on my shoot are Anthony- Masterson.  I have worked with Owen and Christine before and I love them!  Check out their ETSY shop for some great photography to frame.

Sheriky Freaky


Kathysue said...

Is it wrong to love EVERYTHING in a post? OMGosh you are pulling at my heartstrings. I want it all, well almost all!! I love black and white as you well know and blue is my accent with pops of green and I can see almost all of this in my home somewhere. I love to go shopping with you, even if it is vicariously!!! YOU are the MASTER of neutrals, texture and black and white, that is all there is to it!!!

toocolorcrazy said...

I think it is hardest to make choices for your own home. I can go into another home and almost immediately get a feel for what they should do...but mine....NOPE! To paint or not paint the cabinets? If I keep the maple what color for the walls? What color white...I like warmth...but not yellow and dates.

So exciting for you though! I wish they'd come to my house then I would be able to convince my husband we need to do some of the things Ive been thinking about - although then Id have to make choices! ;( ARGH! It's like "If you give a pig a pancake"

Good luck. Cant wait to see it all.

toocolorcrazy said...

oh and the black kitchen is Blair Harris.


Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Congrats Sherry! Can't wait for the reveal! Your b&w home will be stunning!

Kelly@Bungalow Blue said...

Eek! I'm so excited for you! Atlanta Homes, how fun! I will be throwing elbows at the only bookstore in my town that carries it when it comes out, that's for sure! Good luck and don't sweat it; everything you do is sheer perfection xx

cindy hattersley design said...

There are multiple reasons why I love you love black and white, you are a can't make decisions for yourself. My husband can never figure that out about me. And I wish I had read this post before I ran in WM yesterday. I was in a big hurry and barely peeked! LOVE that black striped counter stool, love the Nate Berkus sheets, and, and, and....LOVE IT ALL!!!

The Lavender Bouquet said...

What a great post! The black and white is right up my alley! We just moved into our new home and I have a black and white kitchen....thanks so much for doing my homework for me. Now I can just make strategic strikes without all of the endless hours of browsing. You are awesome!
Congrats on your upcoming feature!!!


Claudine said...

Love! Where did you get the bathroom vanity in the last shot? Adorable!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Post, however ... please find value in NOT supporting fur. It is a cruel industry & there are so many exquisite alternatives.

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