Sunday Supper

We gathered to celebrate our first Fall Sunday Supper last weekend.  About 4 or 5 years ago a group of us in the neighborhood decided that Sunday night was the perfect time to to entertain and have a wonderful meal.  First of is a "school night" so no one stays late.  We usually start it at 6:30 and most everyone is gone by 9:30.  Perfect for my 10:00 bedtime :).  At first it was just neighbors and we kind of alternated.  Food was casual, and sometimes the host would out source the appetizer or desert from within the clan.  

Then we would occasionally invite a new friend who didn't live in the neighborhood and now as some neighbors can't make it we pretty much invite people who are funny [to entertain us], can REALLY cook [my fav] and who like to bring REALLY good wine [another fav].  Now I am not going to lie and say that they have all ended early and in a civilized manner.  There are a few that stand out in my head..."the chocolate martini" Sunday night.  Whoa......I had a "boo boo' head to beat the band after that one!  Lucky for me that I could walk home.  I still hold a grudge for Joe G. for that.  AND...there were a few "Jan just got back from Napa" let's try some new wines that made Monday morning really suck evenings.

Lately, we have met up with a couple in the hood and he is quite the chef!  They're in!  I have to post about the incredible dish he "whipped" up [2 days].  In my house I have a limit of 15 min and three ingredients.  Salt and pepper count. 

I have a memory as a child of coming home from church to the most wonderful meal of a pot roast with gravy and all the vegetables.  Well this was pot roast on steroids.  People were almost licking the white off the plate.  Desert....homemade pumpkin ice cream on top of apple turnovers.  Yep.  These people don't "play" when it comes to food!  Here is the proof.
First a few shots of the table.  Don't judge.  I had about 15 minute to do it.  That is usually my job and I just work with what is around the house.  

I am a burlap, twine, whatever is in the backyard kind of girl with lots of white.  Easy

This is her DR.  It has lots of awesomeness.  I helped Jan do her house about 10 years ago.  It was on the cover of AH&L.  A very proud moment in my life.  You can see pictures of it on my website, although last year we redecorated it.  I have posted on the guest bath that I renovated for her.

The infamous "something french" pot roast...
The salad [duh]
No explanation needed.  But it did make for a pretty picture.
Now that you have stayed with me, I have a few pictures of the house!
The screened porch.  Yes, it is fantastic.  I dream of having one of these some day.  It better happen soon cause I don't have a lot of "some days" left!
The ceiling.  Tin.  Sounds great when it rains!  That looks like a puny light fixture but it is actually a fan.
Of course it has a fireplace right.....
You can see why we like to have it at jan's house.
Dining room
Yes.  That is a baby grand in the background.
Foyer.  We added the grass cloth last year.
We call this the glamour room.  You will see why in a minute.  I had that headboard made.  Actually, I had the whole bed made. but I don't have shots of it.  It will get some though because it is pretty sweet.

Same room, the light fixture.  My favorite.  And here is why we did the room....
For "Lounge  Singer Barbie"......Isn't she special.  Where are my Barbies?????  They would not look this pretty I can tell you that!  I was hard on my girls.

The other guest room.  We found those wings at Scott's.
This room is all done in creams.  I need more pictures.
Just a little vignette on her mantel.  She has the best stuff to work with.

Dang this was a long post.  Hope you are still with me but it just seemed to go from food to decorating.  Hmmmmm....funny how that happens!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

My Interior Life said...

Decorating and food, two of my favorites. That house is gorgeous and your table setting is to die for. Burlap, twine, white, greenery - all awesome! I'm off to check out more of her house on your website. You've got talent, lady!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Love the burlap, white and whatever is in the back yard! Gorgeous!!! The house is just AWESOME and yeah, I want one of those screened in porches too!!

And the food? Well after those shots I am STARVING!! Magazine worthy my friend :)

Lou Cinda

Julie Holloway said...

SHERRY! That is so beautiful. I love that house--you are so good.

Oh, and don't get me started about that meal...

René said...

Sunday suppers sounds like a lot of fun. Those curtains in the glamor room are yummy. Are they silk?


Emily A. Clark said...

Okay, when I come down to go to Scott's, please also put "supper at Jan's" on the itinerary :) Beautiful home!

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