Note to self.....don't take any jobs after October 1st.  

Of course I say that every year as I am running around trying to satisfy all of my commitments....meanwhile my house has no Christmas decor and looks like one of those Korean missiles landed in my guest room which is full of fabrics and accessories for my installs!

I was all over the place yesterday looking for the perfect accessory for bookcases, bedding, pillows and just plain stuff!

After 9 stops I gave up and went home but I did manage to snag a few things.

First up.... I stopped off at Serena and Lily which just opened recently here in Atlanta.  

I love seeing their fresh look up close and personal!

I just bought the coffee table above for a project and can't wait to put the room together after the first of the year.

They are heavily invested in Blue and green and I was loving it! 
Didn't find anything there but did see a few things for future jobs!

Next's no secret that I love Bungalow Classic.  I could go in there blind and pick things out for a room.

There is a new store in town which I was excited to check out....Hudson Grace

I am sucker for wooden bowls!

Of course this is where I gasped with all of this black and white goodness!

I headed back to Buckhead and stopped into Gramercy looking for bedding.

Scored there with this beautiful Matouk!

The perfect color!  Kind of exciting

I sent a picture to my client and heard nothing.  I then sent a text message to school her on the correct response..... and that would be to answer with emoji's jumping up and down in excitement.  It's a long day and I needed some validation:)

Next stop Web Marsteller where I can always score.

I love to put a beautiful bowl on the coffee table!

I had to go over to ADAC and order some fabric so I made a quick stop into Stark Carpet....and holy smackdown.....this rug made me weak in the knees!

My next stop was to Home Depot to look for some subway tile for the beach kitchen reno.  Y'all I REALLY messed up with the paint color down there.  Since I could not use BM paint....[it was going to be about 500.00] more I had to pick a SW color quickly.  

I went with SW Pure White thinking "what the heck....if it says pure then it must be white".  

Good Lord.  Mistake.  It looks so darn yellow I could cry.  I can barely talk about it but SINCE nobody answered my cry for help in my last post I was left hanging.

Um hello....remember me.....your buddy?



Laurie said...

Ugh - just slapped some pure white up last week ....indeed yellow! What should I use???? Want that clean true white - not blue not yellow not greay....??? Help

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is the lighting in the photographs of your newly painted condo? My entire house is SW Pure White and it is a bright white... not yellow at all. I love how it looks with grey! In fact, when I first saw the Pure White in my house, I was concerned that it was too white, but now I love the crisp & clean look!

JeanneW said...

Laurie: All my trim, cabinets and inset paneling are in Dunn Edwards #001 (easy to remember!). It's a pure crisp white with no undertones whatsoever. The color is so clean, DE uses it as the base for their mixed colors. You can also look at Benjamin Moore Super White, also another really white, white.

Sheri: I LOVE the fabric selections you found. You're getting a jumping up and down from me. Your post was hilarious!

Barbara Moore said...

Agree with anonymous - my sw pure white is just that - pure white. i have a ton of natural light, though. So maybe that's it?? I sure hate it when a good color goes bad.

Anonymous said...

Not so much an answer the cry for help but commiseration. Used the wrong paint color when we bought our house 5 years ago! So hard to get good contractors in Colorado, have been living with it. Don’t do what I did. It’s a thousand tiny cuts. You’re better than that. I have shafaith!

Robin said...

I've used Sherwin Williams Snowbound, SW 70004, on several projects and it's a nice clean warm white. I don't see any undertones with this one. Good Luck!


Su-z said...

Pure white has been my go to trim color for years. It’s not white white, but it’s never gone yellow on me. Is it lighting? Sherwin Williams can match almost anything. Give them your BM fav and see how it comes out. In a sample size, of course. BM’s base is one of the whitest, so color matching a white may be more difficult.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I feel like we just had a nice little shopping trip together. I needed the break as I spent yesterday with painters (good ole White Dove again) getting our Newport beach house ready for new renters. The last tenants really trashed the place and it will take more work than usual to get it ready :/ At least it's not have to deal with all that. Now we have the cleaners (poor people), plumbers, window washers, yard work... :/ And they took the garage door openers and the list goes on and on... broken things. Thanks for letting me unload! Ha!

Merry Christmas!!
Mary Ann

Su-z said...

A follow up on SW white: if you have a lot of cool colors in that room, pure white will look yellow in comparison. Extra White 7006 is SW white white. Incredible white is on the cool side (7028) as is shoji white (7042).

Pam Bolton said...

Hate SW Pure White. Is it possible to repaint and have SW mix White Dove for you? I didn't post last time because I wasn't impressed with the granite choices. I prefer white river granite. To me it looks like calacatta marble. I feel your pain. Trying to figure out how to repaint a bathroom after the clear out tub was literally wedged in.

tanyaj said...

i would try another coat. i had a white go green on me but as soon as we put another coat on everything went back to white.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry-
Could be the light you get in the room is the culprit... I've heard that if you have a north facing room you should use a warm white tones and cool white tones on a south facing room.
I will second others comments about BM White Dove... it looks lovely and there is nothing saying that you can't try and color match your favorite white at another paint shop... people seem to do that all the time.
I posted on your previous post about the granite... Hope this helps.
- Mimi

debra @ 5th and state said...

luv this post! I now have a few more places to visit when I come down!

Barbara said...

Where can I purchase that amazing leather dimpled ottoman and the blue linen pillow from. Can't seem to find them on the company website.

Many thanks


TexaninAlabama said...

I had SW match the BM Chantilly Lace. It's the perfect white! Headed to ATL Friday, hoping to catch Scott's and a few fabric stores!

jennifer said...

ohhh i'm so sorry baby girl about the paint!!! Why didn't you text us?! I've never been to web mars teller...can we plan another shopping day? love you bunches!

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