Yep..... we got pounded in Atlanta......  I have lived here since 1989 and I've never seen it snow for 24 hours on and off!

Cami being a Florida dog did not really like it:)

As I said on Friday I blew through the Atlanta Holiday Home and today I will share some of the pictures I took. [some were professionally taken and you can definitely tell the difference....haha]

 Here is the first room off the foyer.....

James Wheeler

This mirror is everything!

 Powder room with a favorite Osborne and Little wallpaper.
Clary Bosbyshell

 I went a little crazy in this room by Bob Brown....

The wall color was F&B: Pelt

Blush with black and white stripe.....hubba hubba

Clarence House fabric on this stool!

He is the king of perfect editing!

Right off this room was the kitchen and the same F&B color on some of the cabinets....

Meredith McBrearty

And this hardware.....

On to the family room off the kitchen! 

Shayelen Woodbery pillows on the sofa!  New Trend?

This window had me at incredible!

The covered porch....
Yvonne McFadden

Jimmy Stanton is another designer who's work I always love!

Upstairs sitting room off the master bath

Kathy Rhodes
Very Pretty.....

Loved this little stool

More gorgeous hardware

Master Bedroom

John Oetgen

Upstairs bedroom and bath

 Alice Cramer

 F&B wallpaper in this bedroom/sitting room

Laura Walker

Upstairs children's room

Mallory Mathison Glenn

Lot's of color in this showhouse!

These bedroom curtains were so darn pretty!

Patricia McClean

Last shot of the very modern dining room!

Kay Douglass

Thoughts?  A favorite space?  Too many pictures?  Are you still awake?  Hello?

I have a new goal for this week.....a wreath.  I know I said that last week.  This time I really mean it!

Somebody said "you can get one at Home Depot".....crickets.

The problem isn't where to get it!
It's the effort to get it!

Pray for motivation.



Ice Cream & Tequilla said...

The art in this house is stunning! I love the painting above the fireplace in the family room!

cindy hattersley design said...

Why does Atlanta have all the design talent (including Sherry Hart)? So much to love!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Too late for a wreath so free yourself! Ha ha. I liked theJimmy Stanton room best too. Liked the initial blue off-entry room but nothing says “take pictures but don’t you dare stay awhile” like furniture without back or arms. LOL. Merry Christmas!!

JJ said...

Glad that the brass that I like is back in style. Love the new longer hardware for cabinets. Makes m pulls. blah!

onnery said...

That plum wall color is striking, just enough of it. I would love to see more of the master bedroom (must be the traditionalist coming out). It's nice to see some color!

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