Y'all I tried a new workout yesterday here in Atlanta called Barry's Boot Camp.  

I am not sure I will have the use of my arms today.....not kidding.  I loved the WO though and the studio was beautiful....after class they have someone standing there with cold towels.....heck I needed that!

On another note....did you guys see the One Room Challenge reveals?  Lawd.....these were some incredible spaces so I thought I would motivate you to go take a look by showing some of my favorites!

There were plenty of neutral spaces for me!

Here Brittany from The Vintage Rug Shop gives us a warm cozy bedroom!  You need to see the beautiful rug that brings this room together.

I adored Erica's space so much!  

The sofa kills me and I was amazed when I went to the link!  I used to watch this show on A&E called Sell This House and this huge bodybuilder guy Roger would take the ugliest darn house and what he would do to it always amazed me....with the smallest budget known to man.

Another gorgeous space to feast your eyes on! It was like Alyssa from Coco and Jack were reading my mind when they designed this neutral room.  I love the symmetry.

Naomi from Design Manifest never disappoints and you will fall in love with this blue and white bedroom!

More blue and white from our ORC friend Jennifer at the Pink Pagoda  This is one gorgeous kitchen and family room!

Speaking of blue this vintage kitchen got a cool makeover from Candis at Old Home Love

And there was plenty of color this fall starting with Angela of The Painted House  This was whole basement makeover that will WOW you!

Check out this space that Kirsten did from  Simply Grove for her in laws.  You know they must have been thrilled!

More bold color with this office space from Brittany at The House that Lars Built  Those hand painted floors made me tingly:)

And of course Jill Sorensen never fails to give us her version of a vivid colorful room with her new office/guest space!  That marble fireplace is so dang beautiful.

Dabito from Old Brand New knocked it out with this cool outdoor space.....Since I gave away my outdoor furniture I am really longing to be able and look out to something pretty like this! 

Long time blogger Jenny from Little Green Notebook gave her client a boho bedroom that does not disappoint!

A fun home office....[Good Lord I need one]  Nicole from Making It Lovely had me at "light space"!

Caitlin at Sacramento Street put together a "big boy room that I especially loved with the mix of blue, gray and white.

Ashley Rose from Sugar and Cloth made over her master bedroom.  This rug anchors the space so nicely!

More funky goodness from Megan Pflug Designs
This space appeals to my "undecorated" design aesthetic with her fabulous mix of furniture and accessories!

Chloe from Boxwood Avenue gave her dining room a beautiful makeover!

This was one of my favorites by Gwen from The Makerista  Her daughters romantic bedroom was breathtaking!

There you have it!  I have not even tackled the guest participants but here is the deal....House Beautiful gets to pick the one they like the best and then they get to participate in the 20 for the spring challenge!  Exciting huh?

27 days until Christmas.....good grief.  

On another note I'm in the middle of renovating the beach rental kitchen from here in Atlanta.  That's not fun from a design point of view.  I am used to being able to check in on jobs from time to time you know!  

I have to use granite [think rental and all that abuse] so I picked Alaskan White [or Colonial White as I'm told they are the same] to replace the orange tones of St Cecillia.   Has anybody used it and if so what color are your cabinets?  




Mary Ann Pickett said...

WOW! So much talent!!! I need a day off to really absorb all the links!

The enchanted home said...

Hi, yes have done Barry's and still lived to tell about it:) If someone thinks they are in shape they should take a class, that might make them think otherwise at least that's what happened to me:)
Great spaces love the navy vintage kitchen, beautiful! Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry...
I haven't used Alaskan white in a project but it looks pretty graphic for gaggy orange oak cabinets...
I think it looks better with dark gray or black cabinets from what I can tell or a combination of white uppers and darker gray or black bottom cabinets. Good Luck! I know you will make the right choice and it will look fantastic...Hope this helps...

Mimi - long time reader and DIY designer.

The Pink Pagoda said...

I'm just now seeing this! Thank you, Sherry!!

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