Well.....I am still sick and it doesn't seem like it is waning at all.  In fact I can't remember what it is like to feel good.

I'm just trudging through the days in a complete haze zoned out on over the counter for day and blue for night.

Bah Humbug right.....

I don't have much today but I thought I would share some images from a cute store I visited down in Palm Beach.

I wanted everything in organic! 

Love the colors in this rug!

It's part vintage....mixed in with pillows and such.

My first thought when I entered was it had a very California vibe....and come to find out the owners are from Cali.....The husband was there and said his wife had worked for Peter Dunham.

I am seriously in love with her curated styling!

I am smitten with the vintage pottery thrown in and of course nothing says "vintage California vibe" like throwing in some old baskets and blankets.

You can follow all of this goodness on Instagram here

One more bit of excellence to share with you....after all it is the season of giving!

This Instagram account totally appeals to my love of classic black and white design!

Kenson Bates Interior Design

One of the worst thing about colds are coughing fits.....and the thing about coughing is every time I do it.... I pee a little.....I know TMI but it sucks.

My coo coo crazy Cami:)

There is always this bit of information to be thankful for.....that every time I cough I don't poop in my pants.

Silver linings.



beyondbeige said...

Okay, this is gonna sound icky but it works. Take some neosporin and insert it in your nose as far up as you can go. Really helps with sinus and killing the bugs. My ENT told me to do this during cold and flu season. I have not had a cold or flu in 6 years. :)

Kathysue said...

Sherry I am so sorry you don't feel well, I hear this cold bug/flu is one that sticks around much longer than an unwanted guest!! However, even sick you have a killer sense of humor!! Hang in there sweet lady. Also totally love the store you featured. I would love to know what a California look is since I have lived in California my whole life and truly have never thought of what others relate to the style. Of course I am a west coast gal with an east coast sensibility, maybe I was displaced at birth!!?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I know how badly you feel! I'm just getting over mine and it was the coughing fits that took it to a whole new level. Thought I was going to have to buy diapers! Mercy. Felt like I was being twisted and wrung out like a dishrag every time, just like morning sickness in the olden' days. Seriously don't remember being this kinda sick in decades & it lasts for weeks. I ended up with a Z pack and codeine cough syrup but not very effective. Please take care, the bronchitis became pneumonia for an older friend of ours, she couldn't recover and sh'e gone.Feel better, get well thoughts coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, dang...being sick during the holidays really sucks..if you aren’t already doing this..rub Vick’s on the soles of your feet and put socks on (when you go to bed)..for some reason this will stop the coughing during the night...wacky but it really works. Hugs and feel better soon.

Adventures in the Sandbox 2011 said...

So, so sorry you're wiped out at this busy time of the year. I hope you're getting pampered (not pampers, ha!). The plus side is you can indulge in pursuing Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Thanks for the Row House alert, I just followed them.
I do have a question for you if you'd ever like to cover it. That is, I have very neutral palette for my large pieces (all furniture are creams and a sisal rug), this allows me to indulge my love of color by changing out my window treatments and pillows and some accessories throughout the year. However, I also love vintage oriental rugs such as the one you highlighted in your post. My hesitation with that is I feel it would limit me to my color scheme and the size and types of patterns I could use in the room. I would be locked in. For example, in the winter I have black and white houndstooth drapes with gray pillows, red and black buffalo check pillows, and other plaid pillows. At this time there is no blue in the room. At other times there is no red. How can I make that rug work with different colors and patterns? It's one thing to change draperies and pillows and accessories but my budget wouldn't allow to change out floor coverings throughout the year as well (not to mention my storage room). Ugh! I love that rug but am afraid!

Anonymous said...

My daughter brought her cold home from college. I used Cold-Eze lozenges and they really helped minimize the symptoms. Start taking them at the first sign of a cold. I love finding OTC products that actually work!
That Neosporin trick sounds gross, but worth trying!

debra @ 5th and state said...

lovely comments above but I am focused on the TMI, had me snorting over here & laughing so hard! it's HELL getting old!

hang in there, and demand pampering during the are much too weak 😁


JJ said...

I got the evil virus before Thanksgiving and tried to get rid of it on my own. In order not to be sick for company, I went to the doctor after three weeks of suffering. Evil virus had morphed into a slight fever, swollen glands and wheezing in my chest. Don't wait! I ended up on antibiotics and a nasal spray which started to work in 24 hours and I was well for the holiday. This virus is all over the U.S.

Sharing with Sherry!

Linda said...

Love your blog and your style. Regarding the "TMI"-find a pelvic-floor physical therapist. I think they say that is not just normal aging, and a Women's Clinical Specialist (WCS) designated pt may be able to help. I see one too. Wishing you the best.

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