Whew what a week huh?  Election results and the ORC reveal all in the same day.....not to sound trite but it was history making on both accounts.  

What am I talking about? 

Well I painted a room dark and for a girl who thinks white is always right that is huge:)

See how I bring it back to me......hee haw

So Wednesday was dump day as we all just bombarded you with a million pictures knowing your attention span is that of a gnat.

Today is about details and why decisions were made.

Why did I add the Metrie trim on the walls?  To bring them forward and add texture.  Same reason you add wallpaper..... it just allows the walls to stand on their own.  Since I knew there would be a large headboard and nightstands I only added one horizontal strip up high!

 It's best to use this treatment on a wall that doesn't have a window or door on it.

Why did I go dark?  Well to make more of an impact of course!  But really if you think about it there are 2 rooms that can be dark.....the dining room because you are normally there in the evening and a bedroom right?  In my situation I have cathedral ceilings, plenty of windows and set of french doors so that helps to break up the darkness.

 Let's talk about the bathroom a little.  I have  travertine that was all the rage in the 90's.  Since I just made over my kitchen.....gutting this room is not in the budget right now......although it has been said that the word budget has never stopped me before:)

I picked the wallpaper because there are some taupe veins running through the tile and I thought that would help to warm it up.

This Thibaut paper [ T6815] has so much texture but is actually a vinyl!  Yup.....and by painting out the trim, doors and ceiling with this Williamsburg Brand paint color [CW-60 Cole Stone]  I limit the colors in the space to only 2 hues.



Another problem I encountered were the lights I ordered from Bellacor  I did not want to take the mirrors down but because the globe of the light did not have a back you could see the light bulb reflecting.

After trying a full glass one it was too bright in there....huh?  Could that be?  Yes!

I went back to Lowe's and came up with these.....creating a much softer light.  I hope Bellacor is not mad at me:)

At the last minute when I knew my Bernhardt dresser was not gonna make it I had to give this chest a small makeover....

Check that off the list:)

I kept my cream linen table skirt on the other side for softness....

The lamps are from Barbara Cosgrove....I ordered the Currey and Co black ones but then I switched up the wall color:)  I am sure they will go in a room somewhere!
Whats better than a black bowl with a moss ball in it?

I was lucky that Phil offered to make me this console and it's so pretty!  I played around with the styling a little:)

I'm a sucker for these glass beads....

I love the graphic pattern [Ralph Lauren] fabric I chose on the stools....they were very easy to recover!

 I am starting to build a relationship with my Arteriors floor lamp from ATG Store

So Cami thinks I did all of this for her right?
I have a mix on the bed combining both cream and white.  You can see below that I added a cowhide on top of my Karastan rug.....hopefully it will help with Cami's dirty paws:)

It's nice looking through from my family room and seeing the dark walls....

I want to thank Linda for all of her support and inviting me to participate once again!  We had some great sponsors....and they were all so wonderful to work with.

I suppose that's it but if you have any questions then shoot me an email!

If you want to start from the beginning....



Dana said...

Beautiful Sherry! I love everything and especially all the different textures. Can you give source for the picture frames in the bathroom please? Thank you!

duff said...

Hi Sherry
Beautiful. Where are your bathroom pictures from?

Unknown said...

Really fabulous job Sherry- it is my favorite ORC room! Hi Cami😘 Xo Nancy

Shelly said...

Your bedroom makeover is really stunning Sherry. The wall treatment adds so my depth and dimension and the dark wall contrasted with all the light elements really makes the space feel cozy and chic. Great Job.

debra @ 5th and state said...

once again a brilliant stand out! linda needs to have you in EVERY challenge

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Thanks for sharing all the details, Sherry! I love how this room turned out, especially the dark walls!

Mary Deckert said...

I have enjoyed following you on this ORC! Your bedroom looks amazing and I blame you that I'm now using the word "crikey" all of the time.
Can you share the source of your art?

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Although I take offense to comparing my attention span to that of a gnat, you're quickly forgiven...ha!
Great transformation!!

Eenie said...

Thank you for sharing all the details. Your room looks amazing! Love it all. Could you place share Ralph Lauren zebra fabric name? I need it .. I mean want it now!! Thanks!


Naz said...

Totally love the colors and textures you used. It looks stunning!

La Dolfina said...

Great job Sherry!
Looks so cozy and inviting!

Katherine~FurnishMyWay said...

I'm the same - I fear painting my walls a dark color; however, this room made me change my mind! It's gorgeous! I love how you decorated it - beautiful!

cindy hattersley design said...

Sherry you are amazing. I have yet to check out the other participants. Love the wall color and detail. Those Ralph Lauren stools are to die for. Beautifully styled console...every detail perfection!! Love how the wallpaper updated the travertine. I wouldn't even worry about replacing it. It just adds another level of texture. Keep talking about it we love every detail....and can't wait to get my Atlanta Homes!!

Julie said...

Stunning! I love all of the details, and I really like your gallery of framed sketches. The paint color is gorgeous, and I love the bathroom wallcovering, too. Everything looks so nice.

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