What a week.....well actually what a day yesterday!  Hair appointment at 8:30, Showhouse preview at 10, curtain install at 11:30....which had a few hiccups...

Hop over to ADAC for some last minute preparations for presentation on Sat....then home to get ready for a 2 hour presentation at 7:00 pm on design.  

I got home at 9:30 and was starving!  Since there was nothing in my house but condiments I threw together what my friend Erika Ward calls a #strugglemeal

Cheese toast with Tobasco sprinkled on it for a little taste.

Which brings me to my next subject.  I was invited, along with my friend Lisa Mowry, to judge a cooking contest at Design Galleria which is an annual event and apparently quite competitive.  Yes..... it makes sense that people who design kitchens would be all about food right?

Me on the other hand..... with a fridge full of nothing......well that decision will leave you scratching your head.

 This years ingredient was cocoa.  The judging was on taste which was 1-15 points, presentation 1-5 points and creativity 1-5 points.

Below is Lisa's take on the event!
So Lisa and Matthew Quinn both picked the Mint Chocolate Wonton as the winner!  Like hands down!  Obviously their taste is a little more sophisticated that mine as I went straight for the comfort food which was White Chocolate Blueberry Bread Pudding.  I based my selection on this criteria....."what would I break my diet for"!

I'm not feeling an invitation for next year unless I up my food game.  Just saying.

And for your Friday pleasure here are some of my images from the Atlanta Home For The Holidays Showhouse!

Allison Womack Jowers, Cheryl Womack

Melanie Milner

I will have this ceiling one day.....

Courtney Giles....the most beautiful blue paint color! BM Van Courtland Blue

Carole Weaks

Shayelyn Woodbery

Jason Mitchell

Jessica Bradley

Heather Roberts

Musso Design Group

Jared Hughes

Nina Nash

Please go to the website for Atlanta Home For The Holidays for more info!

Have a wonderful weekend!




therelishedroost said...

Beyond fabulous!! I wish I lived closer so I could visit , those rooms are smashing!! I would go the the bread pudding too! :)

Ron said...

I miss the Atlanta Showhouses now that we are back in NOLA. My favorite designs were always by the Boxwoods owners.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Wow, so many beautiful rooms and ideas! I second the bread pudding!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You sound so busy. It will be a challenge for you to work in a trip to Colorado. :)

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

The Showhouse looks amazing! Thanks for the preview:) You and Lisa are becoming the dynamic duo! Congrats on your success, well deserved!

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

The Showhouse was so full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa x

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