The Christmas Showhouse

OK...before I start this post I have an alert.  The Restoration Hardware store at Lenox Mall is closing.  Everything is 50% off.  Except furniture which goes on sale tomorrow morning [Sunday] at 8:00am.  They are actually looking for a stand alone space and their lease was up.  So I decided to go over with a friend today.  Of course I am not going to buy anything because I DON"T need anything...right.  OMG...I saw this lamp:
And I paid...drumroll please.....89.00  Originally 369.00.   I HAD to buy it right?  I mean somebody else would have bought it.  I started dancing right there in the store much to my friends dismay who told me to "get a grip"....whatever...I danced all day every time I thought of it :)

  Since  the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Showhouse has ended I think I am safe posting a few pictures of my tour.  It was at The Mansion on Peachtree.  I thought it was great and all the designers did a fabulous job!
You really aren't allowed to take pictures but the usual "showhouse nazi's" weren't there :)  So I snapped a few.

Yea..I know.  Pretty cool.
I am noticing A LOT of greek key lately?

I want to put this on my Christmas list.
I love the simplicity of these bookshelves.
Lets see...what don't I like????  Nothing.
Nice chandelier.....See how brave I was...there is the "person who would yell at me if she saw me" standing right there by the door......
These were the cost of our national debt.  For real.  But I still want them.
Black leather, chartreuse and gray.  Sigh....
Where do they find these things?????
Must renovate my house so I will have some wall space for this!  "Find this first".....
Screen...that fabric.
I almost walked out with favor?
Nice detailing on a window panel.
So pretty.
Love how the stripes fade out.
There is that mirror again....I am obsessed.
A little shabby chic mets industrial.
Old green leather....
Totally brazen regard to rules.  I am snapping away!
I love the different textures and color on this bed.
Hanging beside the bed.
God...I love this light.  Lets add that to my Christmas list also.

The other side of the bed.
That is the designer Mark Williams.  I want to have his babies.  That chest was a gazillion dollars.

Kitchen cabinets.  Note to self.  Paint cabinets black and then rip off doors.

Another note to self.....have my next chairs upholstered with handles on them.  Holy smokes.
Hmmm...those look familiar...uh...I HAVE SOME OF THOSE!

Great Showhouse.  Very sophisticated.  Hope you enjoyed.  Only 7 days until Christmas!  Whoa.  I will be leaving for Rosemary on the 26th for NYE.  Can't wait to see all of my peeps...have a bonfire on the beach and just  relax and have some fun.


suzy said...

Thanks Sherry. FABULOUS! Have a wonderful Christmas and say hey to your brother and sisters.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

All beautiful. I went last year, but missed it this year. Yes, you had to buy that fabulous lamp. I wish I had time to go. Husband will be glad I don't.

Interior Design Musings said...

LOL! I love a girl's day out to a showhouse. I am never as brave as you with the pictures! I usually take a brave friend who will do my dirty work for me!!! Great post. Also, enjoy the beach. We spend time in Santa Rosa (which is a stone's throw from Rosemary). If you get a chance go to dinner at Basmati's (it's my fav!) Mandi.

Haven and Home said...

Thank you for sharing these, I am glad "you broke the rules"! LOVED seeing this. And so, so jealous of your RH find, I would do a dance too.


Wow, there were some gorgeous spaces. I love that you went all rogue and took all these pics - especially since I missed the house. That mirror is crazy good and I want that x-stool too (was just looking to order one). Don't even get me started on that Duquette lighting!!! Oh and yeah, there was no way you could not buy that lamp. I may need to head over there today!

Karena said...

Sherry, a great post! You totally scored on that fabulous lamp. All of the images are delightful. I have an X stool on my holiday list from Serena and Lily

Joyeaux Noel!

I have a new giveaway from My Sparrow, do come and enter!

Art by Karena

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sherry, I had fun catching up on your older posts & seeing some Christmas decor you did. Beautiful! You do great work for your clients. Love going to showhouses & this one looks stunning. hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for your positive comments, makes my day.

Angie said...

I bought the same lamp! Those scoundrels at RH told me that was the only one left, or else I would have bought 2! Aww, come on, you know you want to sell me yours. Then I would have a pair.

Emily A. Clark said...

Great showhouse! So modern and moody. Really liked it. Thanks for risking your "life" to get these pics for us. Merry Christmas, you rebel!

Julie Holloway said...

I always love a good rebel. I loved those fade-out stripes, too. Have a great time in Rosemary, Sherry! You deserve a good rest. Merry Christmas...Love Julie

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