Hey y'all....I wasn't quite ready to present this bedroom plan because I wanted to be a little more organized but it's gonna happen anyway!

My brain is a quite fuzzy as Cami threw up at 3 AM....yeah little bits of a plastic toy that she must have chewed now I have to go through the toys and discard....bugger.

OK....back to the bedroom.  These clients had a small fire right before Christmas.  It was actually in a wall that housed a porch fireplace where there was a crack and the insulation in the wall caught fire.  Thankfully they were home so an even bigger disaster was averted.

Anyway now the whole bedroom gets a pretty makeover and she was ready for a change!  

Think blush, plum and gray!  The whole room was designed around this pretty Kravet Kate Spade fabric...

This is really not a very good representation of how pretty it is!

I don't have images of the before but here is one she sent me.

There was some faux painting.  It was time.

And we are using the curtain rods.  OK don't cringe...I called in my genius faux painter to work some magic along with spreading that magic to a few other things....It's saving a ton of $$$

Like these 2 chest.  

and these doors....

to something like this...

Here is the carpet we selected....

The walls were painted BM Classic Gray and the ceiling is BM Ambrosia

The bed is by Charles Stewart in the rich plum velvet below.

There is this sitting area that is getting wallpapered with this gorgeous Schumacher paper below

Crap that is all I have right now!  But stay tuned because I think it will be a real stunner.  And a good lesson on using what you have!

I'm outta here because I am trying to go to Scotts.  I have not been in ages so pretty pumped.
Anyone have plans for the weekend?

I need to organize my whole life....think I can do that in 2 days?  Hmmmmm.....highly unlikely.



ValerieEd. said...

Wow! That's a very feminine palate and traditional style but still chic and sophisticated!

Denise said...

Wow! Fire just before Christmas and you’ve already gotten so much accomplished! Btw the window molding is spectacular!

Su-z said...

Those decorative rods are expensive. Glad you’re reusing them - I can’t wait to see the after.

Kerry Steele said...

So gorgeous!!

Mary said...

Plum & blush? What a great combination. This room is going to look amazing!

Gail Storti said...

I know it’ll be stunning when you’re finished. Can you please share information on the carpet? I love it.

Susan T said...

This room is going to be so amazing!!! I am loving all of it. I cant wait to see it finished. Hope you show some "Before and afters" of the projects your Faux person completes. The carpet is amazing. I love anything Greek Key.
Poor Cami. Hope she is better. SOO JELLY you are going to Scott's. I'm going in March, cant wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Carpet details please! I'm shopping for new carpet and love what you have chosen for the room. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this design and the details from the carpet to the color palette is sooooo beautiful.
Your design details are always great. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see the final reveal.

If possible can you share details of the carpet....stunning texture and color.

Megan Reno said...

Your post came at the most perfect time! I am shopping for carpet and this is exactly what I am looking for! Can you please share the source and details. I hope its something other than sisal :-) the look but prefer something softer, especially in a bedroom.

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