Okay Dokey......

It's back to work time.  No more whining.  Holidays are over.  

But wait one more guys are the besttest ever.  Period.

Madison project update.  I took a drive up there on the 26th to check on the progress.  The tile had just been installed and I was excited to see the bathrooms!

But first let me explain the changes....this is confusing so pay attention!

 The side porch was removed and they added a dining room and FR room....then added a new porch with a guest room attached.

The new guest room will have a bathroom and morning kitchen.

I picked this pretty green tile....which is way out of the box for me but I was ready to do something fun!

The floors in the bedroom are this pretty gray color from Authentic Reclaimed Floors....

The porch fireplace is getting done...
The door to that guest room is to the right of the FP.

You can see here from the new dining room....the door leads to the porch and the new guest suite.

These walls are painted Iron Ore.

Pretty beams.....

This is looking into the DR from the new family room and below standing in the DR and looking into the family room [pocket doors will be added].

Are you confused yet?

This is the new family room where the TV will go.

The trim and ceiling is painted BM Berkshire Beige.  There is a pretty Thibaut textured wallpaper going on the walls....

Looking into the new FR from the old FR.....The old  space will just have 4 chairs in front of the fireplace....and all this yellow pine [we are over it] will be washed with Revere pewter.  The floors will be stained darker.

This is the old main level bathroom which is also getting a face lift.  This space will be wallpapered and thru the door.....

They took out an old tub [in the above area] and re-installed a new shower.

This area will get a gray textured grass cloth.

This was the old barn which will become another guest suite.

Hard to tell but these floors are black and the shower tile is khaki.

It's getting a stone fireplace....

Back to the main house the kitchen is getting a makeover also.

The cabinets will be painted Iron Ore and the island is being painted Revere Pewter.....along with the walls and ceiling.  New countertops and appliances with ceiling pendants.  I will go into the furniture and design on another post.

I just wanted to bore you to death with these lame pictures before we get to the good stuff....interior design:)

Y'all..... I let it get out of control.  Cami's fur.  She is so matted that today she is getting a shave.....

I hate to do it in the middle of winter but I have a good sweater she will wear.

And on NYE I went to the movies with a friend and we saw Little Women.

It was SO good and the costume design was incredible....think Ralph Lauren.....

I need a velvet vest like right now!!!

Happy New Year friends....



debra @ 5th and state said...

yes, a new decade & a new start for wonderful YOU!

I'm confused but that is easily done.....still, enjoy seeing the images of what will be. In your hands, FAB!
E X C I T I N G, love your work. and love Madison, and YOU

see you soon

Anonymous said...

I will be so looking forward to seeing more of this project!! I remember the first work you did on it and thought the changes
made such a huge difference without spending much $$. The new changes will take it to a whole new level. You are so talented!!

keep doing "fun stuff" with your friends :)

Pam Bolton said...

That blue bathroom tile is the bomb. Seems like yesterday when you installed the first updates to Madison. The new and improved space looks like it will be magazine worthy like so much of your work.
My girl just got shaved too. She looks so cute and thin!
Keep on moving forward. You are a strong, talented woman with a terrific support system. You can do this.

Pat D. said...

It's great to have guest, when they can have their own space. That's a wonderful project and you are the one for it. The colors are gorgeous, which is what you do best.
Happy 2020 - I'm liking your positive attitude.

Gail Storti said...

It’s not even finished and I want to move in. I know with your amazing magic wand, it will be more than fabulous! Can’t wait to see more.

onnery said...

How exciting…can't wait for the final product. I love the green tiles!

Anonymous said...

I laughed aloud when reading you were going to stop "wining" - thinking you may have meant to say 'whining'. Either is much deserved under your current circumstances. You sure don't need our permission to be yourself.

If I recall correctly, the Madison project is your neighbor's hideway and they were obviously thrilled to the point that they requested a total over-haul. Thank you for sharing this and look forward to the process and well as the completed results.

Anonymous said...

Little Women was sooooooo good! I loved every minute! Happy New Year!

Jenn Carr said...

Happy New Year! Love seeing the changes to the Madison project, you did a great job explaining the new layout. I'm in the planning stages for a small bathroom renovation, so it's great inspiration to see what you've done with tiles in a couple of the bath spaces. Looking forward to more posts about the project.

Judy said...

What a wonderful family compound Madison will be with all the additions. I'm jealous. Will the owners be renting it out for vacations?

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