Well as expected everyone wants to know about that stain color....and so would I....ha ha.

The truth is a faux painter did it and of course he is not going to share with me because then I would not need him right?  Just like designers have their sources so do people who have a being able to mix and put a beautiful finish on raw wood.....

The only thing I can tell you is that it was applied on white oak.

On to things I can share with you like wallpaper....Thibaut to be exact!

Since wallpaper came back on to the scene about 5 or so years ago..... my go to for beautiful papers has been Thibaut.

Especially grasscloth.

Like this brown one that I used .....which by the way is my new favorite!

This beautiful neutral grasscloth that has a glimmer to it!

And this pretty grasscloth damask I used in a foyer.

I just ordered this pretty blue and white one which will go in a bathroom next week.....

Other examples of Thibaut and Anna French [which Thibaut owns] papers I've used....

Now for some new papers that they have recently added!

Here is the deal.....sometimes I can look at the samples and think "ho hum"....and then I see them up and I am like "Holy Batman"!

Case in point.....with this one....

A little styling and boom.

This pretty textured paper....



Or this one

So pretty huh?

Here are a few more that caught my eye!

I need to use this one really appeals to me with it's texture and colorway.

I saw this fabric [also in a wallpaper] at Highpoint in April....

These colors made me giddy!  Shocking right?

Stay tuned for next Thursday when I am participating in #projectdesignhome with bloggers Driven By DecorMost Lovely Things, Classic Casual Home, Rough Luxe Lifestyle.

We are discussing bookshelf styling tips!  I spent all day yesterday restyling them and now my house is a wreck.

And recently my friend Michele over at  Hello Lovely did a great post on white might need to check it out!

See you on Thursday!



JJ said...

I live in a tract home where the walls were given a slapped down stucco finish and popcorn ceilings. We have removed the popcorn and was wondering if I just ignore the walls? I got a quote of $20,000 to make them all smooth. I have made a few rooms smooth with handymen help but it is so time consuming and makes a mess with all the dust. What do you advise your clients when faced with this problem?
I'm so glad that people are liking wallpaper again!

therelishedroost said...

I was at the Thibaut showroom a few weeks ago and got so many of these samples I adore the matching wallcover/fabric with the deep eggplant tones and the Allaire in gray is stunning! They really stepped up their game! K

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