I'm coming in hot here y'all.....trying to squeak this post out before the deadline! 

Today along with Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home, Kris from Driven By Decor, Annie from Most Lovely Things, and Cindy from Rough Luxe  are getting down and dirty about an issue that I think all of you might be interested in!

I don't think it's any big secret that styling bookshelves can cause anxiety.... trying to get the perfectly curated "undecorated" "I just threw this stuff together" look can break even the best of us!

Oh I know we make it seem like it's easy and when I took everything off mine the other day to prepare for this post you can believe I took a quick snapshot in case the "styling well" ran dry.

It's all good and I think I might even leave them like this for a hot minute.

Let's start from the beginning.....

This was over a year and a half ago....and I gotta tell you....I was pretty happy with how "minimal" they looked.

But I decided that you guys want to see how it's theory behind the scenes....of how I get started.


My bookshelves are "fixed"....I can't adjust them.  Would I change that.....maybe but I really don't like all the small holes on the side so that's the trade off!
I cleared these babies and it was definitely a good time to dust also!  Whew.  Possibly phase one of "project spring clean".....ha ha.

Then I just started playing....but wasn't having too much luck.

But I kept at it....meaning I walked around aimlessly putting off what I KNEW had to happen.

And after about 20 minutes I started feeling OK....

The top shelf has a cool black and white vase that I scored at Target last year....On the second shelf... both vases are from Target and I threw a green faux succulent in one of them [Pottery Barn].

Vintage wood bowl from a flea market.

I think for me....I like to add some vintage objects so it doesn't look like I just filled up my cart at know?  Believe me....I scoured my house looking for things.....

The wood shelf was found in the bath section at HomeGoods....thinking outside the box a little.....and the art was from West Elm painted by Steve McKenzie.

I kind of left the top shelf very minimal.....

Second side......

Keeping mostly with black, white and some wood tones....

I wanted to mix it up a little so I moved the wood beads to this side.....

Again I like to add some greenery and try to find some that looks as real as I can....not always easy!

For the top shelf on the left....the vase was from World Market [bought last year]....dried flowers from an arrangement and some wood beads just curled up.  I needed a small black painting so I did it myself:)

Tribal basket with faux plant in it....again put things into things:)  I also added another small painting from West Elm by Steve McKenzie.

Remember....layering from behind with a small piece of art....or a book....or a sea fan....just something that will give it dimension.

And.......that's a wrap for this Project Design series!  Head over to see what all of my other talented friends did. 

Hope this gave y'all some direction and you can get to work on those spring bookcases.....and remember have a sponge and some paper towels nearby.....just saying.



cindy hattersley design said...

Okay I knew you would throw it out of the park! Love the new look and the tribal influences. You gave me a great idea with stacking the block prints (love them). I so agree with adding vintage and items from nature. Nothing wrong with Homegoods but mix it up a little! Thank you so much pal for joining in! We knew you wouldn't for that glass of wine...or wait did I already have that?

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Excellent advice! I forgot the tip about leaving some space. You have the BEST eye for vases! Love the black and white art, too. And I agree with you about the holes for adjustable shelves...not the best look but mine came that way. Thanks for sharing how you do such an amazing job! I have to pin everything now!

Anonymous said...

What could be better than all your favorite bloggers pitching in to give some expert advice on styling! I agree that it can be quite overwhelming to get that ”unstyled” look. You’ve given me some great ideas and since your post was the first I’ve looked at, I’m sure I’ll get more tips from the other gals! Beautiful before and beautiful after!
xo Gail

Gail Storti said... t know how anonymous appeared!

annie said...

You have such a great eye! Love the vases from Target that you make look like artifacts! Seriously, this is so good! Everything looks so beautiful! And I love how you break it down!

Unknown said...

It makes me feel better than even the amazing Sherry has to do a little bit of trying and trying again to get it right! But get it right you did - LOVE how your shelves turned out! You know I love all of the black and white goodness and I'm always jealous of your unique shelfie finds!

Wonderful Life! said...

I love your style as always. Feeling a little encouraged to go change things up a bit. Always buy something vintage (shameless plug for my etsy shop!) Hint: Hobby Lobby has the best faux succulents! I use them to stage photos for my shop. I cannot keep them alive! Come by the shops ThreeShoppingSisters and BookKeeperShop for vintage add ins!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Sherry you always do such a beautiful job with shelves! I love how these came out with your latest tweaking. Remember that foyer you shared years ago - it had built-ins in either corner that were painted dark I think? I loved those and think of them often (#housegoals) ......I am so challenged by this make it look so easy!!

Cindy said...

I absolutely 100% love them both ways. You are a master of 3 dimensional art! You totally inspired me to mess with my mantel, which looks better but not like a Sherry done mantel. Ummmmm... by the way... where did you get those books with the blush pink spines... because i may die if i don't have those


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