Sorry I "ghosted" Last Friday....I was leaving for Chicago and try as I might just couldn't gather my thoughts to pull together a post:)

Speaking of Chicago......I was with my sister and we were going up for my nephews baby shower........but our flight was delayed 5 hours due to a snowstorm.  

I wrote this after about 4 hours....ha ha

We got to the airport at 9:30 and the flight finally left at 4:40.....needless to say it was a long day.

3 things I think Delta could do to make delays more fun....have someone to give neck massages, maybe a mani-pedi station....and the best thing would be a puppy room where you can just pet and play with them.....everybody knows puppies reduce stress!

But oh so worth it!  The first grandchild in our family will be here in late March.

They had the event at The Dunham Woods Riding Club and the decor was amazing!  Hopefully you saw some of my instastories.

The walls and this frame....right?

They are having a boy!

Who knew I loved gummy bears so much......

And of course it isn't a news flash that I can put away some cupcakes.....

This is my niece and cute right?  She works for Knoll in NYC.  I was amazed when she told me that she uses Rent The Runway weekly for all her clothes.  She explained that she has not bought any clothes in forever and no dry-cleaning bills!

Before I left I delivered this pillow with this gorgeous Scalamandre trim.

This office is coming along....Thibaut wallpaper and Circa Lighting pendant.  If you look carefully the ceiling is high gloss white!

I started working on this plan.....look at me doing color!

I thought I would be tired of my dark walls by now but I'm not!

Neither is Cami!

And I found out that Florance Knoll had a sheepdog:)

I discovered these new wallpapers by Thibaut...

They look like wood!

And I started this book which is excellent....

OK....I think you are all caught up on my life.....haha



Anonymous said...

That High Gloss ceiling and light fixture are past amazing!

Mary said...

I’m glad you finally made it here. The snow was so pretty...the first day!
Congratulations on your first grandson! How exciting! I’ve never been to Dunham Woods. I need to pay them a visit. It looks beautiful!
Your swatches sure look great together. It’s going to look stunning when the room is completed.

Christy said...

I love the look of high gloss paint! Could you blog more about it? I am thinking about using it on all of our interior doors and a small office but am a little nervous...

Unknown said...

Obsessed with that wallpaper!
Congrats to your family - loved this update. :)

Gal Storti said...

LOVE your sense of humor! Next time I’m stuck at the airport waiting for a delayed flight, I’m going to pull out your list of things to do! Beautiful baby shower and congrats to your family. I love that your niece uses Rent The Runway, so brilliant to always look fabulous and not have the stress of buying stuff you might not ever wear, not to mention all the $$$ you save. Love seeing your latest projects, always fabulous!

JJ said...

When you are at the airport it is always after 4PM no matter what your watch says!!!

jennifer said...

you're not the only one that loves dummies hehehe

jennifer said...


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