Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The bell rang and all pencils put down at 11:00 on Sunday morning.  It was a marathon for sure getting every last detail finished before the Cathedral Tour of Homes 2016.

Every room had flowers....beds were perfectly made.....house was clean!  I loved seeing so many of my design friends come by to see this gorgeous home.

As I said the whole upstairs had not really been decorated.  They moved in a little less than a year ago and it was a job in itself to get the ground floors completed.

One of the rooms I completed turned out pretty good considering I used mostly what they had!

Let's start with a few before shots.....

Like I said this room is huge!  We kept the beds, dressers, chairs and recovered the couch.

You remember where I started....

I ended up not using the trim on the curtains....long story but there were 8 panels and I thought it would be too much to use on the leading edge.  Think "stripey"

That wall is so darn big but when she brought out some quilts for the bed  I thought let's just hang on the wall!  OK....that is kind of a lie.....my nephews wife was with me and she said she saw it on an episode of Fixer Upper.  It was like the angels started singing......

New curtains,  sofa recovered, painted coffee table, rug from HomeGoods.  End tables were also painted and the chairs just got some pretty pillows:)  Chandelier from Currey and Co.

Throws from Homegoods.  Swirl pillows from the Guildery and their new collection.....

Bowl from Target and quartz from HomeGoods.


The homeowner had a friend who was an artist and she painted this for us in a timely manor!  I will be using Melanie in the future because you will also see some other work she did for us!  So many large walls in this room....it was killing me.

Lamps ordered at market and the sconces are from Circa Lighting.

One of the reasons I used the Jim Thompson No.9 fabric was because it had some beige in it to help make the chair fabric look purposeful you know?

I kept the bedding simple [Pottery Barn that she already had]  and just couldn't decide what to put over the beds.....

So I am going to wait on that....I think the beds were from Walmart....shhhhhh:)  They had bought them when they lived in their rental while building......

In the bathroom I straightened out the cubbyholes.

I used her antique marble table and some old books and a modern piece of previously owned art.....

The painter did a very soft wash on the walls......think 80's ha ha.

And that is a wrap.....for this room!   More on some of the other spaces I pulled together later.

I am so glad it all came together!  Whew.....



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Friday, February 5, 2016


Hey y'all.....things are happening over at my project for the Cathedral Tour of Homes!  I am going to keep it short and sweet today so I can get a workout in this morning.....it's been 5 days and I need a good sweat to keep going:)

I told you I have 3 rooms to finish and countless areas to style.  You know the drill.....get the rooms done the best you can and then stand back to see where the holes are.  That is where you add a big plant right?

It has been busy over there with landscapers, window washers and painters.  

One area that needed some TLC was a long hallway.  I found some inspiration on the internet in the form of wallpaper so this got created with paint.....and finished up yesterday afternoon.

I love it!!!!

I got these great mirrored frames at Target.

Working on this area of one of the girls rooms.  She is all into "boho chic".

Dressing up the beds in white always saves time and money right?

 The black coffee table got painted and the sofa recovered. [See the plan here ]  More pictures and sources after the tour!

Along with working on this project I took a trip over to another one that is just starting.

I love this black and white classic tile for the girls bathroom.  

And of course this is 2016 and things are getting planked right?  Ha Ha.

Here is the before.....

So I'm gonna leave you at this point while I have 2 days to finish up and when I tell you that I will need every minute.....I am not fibbing!  


Y'all have a great weekend relaxing and all.



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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


A couple of weeks ago when I was scurrying to get fabrics together for this deadline [which is 6 days away] I ran into Lewis and Sheron Textiles.  Of course this is the honey pot for me because I am a textile junkie times a million bazillion!

I guess it is the endless possibilities of so many colors and patterns......

 I got busy snapping a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:)

Blue is still going strong.....

I have always loved blue and green together....

I couldn't find the source of this one

Gideon Mendelson

It has that classic New England feel......

 Coral and gray's

As shown here with this fun room by Lynn Morgan....

What about yellow and gray?

It was hard fining a yellow and gray room that I liked....but this space by Christina Murphy won!

In other news..... I was wracking my brain looking for art in this laundry room when my client said "what about these"?  


And here is my sweet Cami looking out the window watching Daddy leave.  I think I need to get a different collar for her.....that red just doesn't match:)

Hopefully I will be ready for the Cathedral Tour on Sunday.....my brain is tired just thinking about the styling and editing part.



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