Boy Oh Boy.....I never thought a fashion post on dresses would create this much controversy!

While I appreciate everybody's feelings about cheap clothes....sweat shops etc.....I was just trying to give a price range for everyone and of course I realize that in all likelihood most people who read my blog could be older.....I don't discriminate on age, sex or religion!

Just to be clear....I did show a few dresses that might need a wrap [which I'll often wear if I feel too exposed] AND I will also wear a bra when appropriate....although I do admit to being drawn to outfits that I can hide the fact that I loath bra's!

So I think we should all agree that the world is full of people who are a different size, age, rich and poor who can make their own choices everyday accordingly.

I also say we lighten up and get back to design capish?

Like I have been whining about for a month....things are pretty hectic around here for Sherika.

I've got 2 showhouses to produce [how does someone go from saying I will NEVER do a showhouse to getting involved in 2 at the same time] so making some quick decisions is imperative. 

I might also add....I seem to be frozen right now when it comes to decision making.

My day on Monday was driving around trying to get my Pinewood Forest showhouse nailed down.

First place was Ikea where I have not visited in a while....

This bed must be new and it was adorb.

This fabric....

A new pillow....



I picked up a few things....

While I was in the area I stopped into Serena and Lily

They definitely have a look and I love it....

So fresh and pretty....

Yes please to this bench!

And these baskets....

Started working my way back to Buckhead and stopped into one of my favorite shops....Antiques and Beyond and saw this piece of art that was pretty swell....

Then I headed to World Market which used to be right next to my grocery store but they had the nerve to move to another location.

This rug and pillows below are new!

And of course no day is complete without a stop into HomeGoods!

 I was pretty tired when I came home:)

Shopping can do that to ya.

So one more thing about the fashion post....and the online store Shein.  I actually googled them to see if there were any reviews and found one here and here 

There was definitely good and bad.....

Who is glad it's Friday.....can you see my hand waving wildly in the air:)



Holy Smokes.....I started looking for cute summer dresses and I was amazed to find that most sizes were already sold out!

It's like if you don't buy your summer clothes before July 4th....then you are out of luck.

I was specifically looking for dresses because now that we are in the high 80's-90's everyday it can just be too hot for jeans.  I gotta be honest I am not a huge dress person....but I have bought a few this season and I might be a convert:)

Here is my roundup of what I found....something for every occasion!

This number from H&M could be the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding.

Same with this one....

Another one from H&M

This one from Forever 21 is so adorable....and priced right!

A little more expensive from Nordstroms but you could add a belt and give it a little pizazz! 

I'm not sure of the quality of this from Shein but for 12.00 I'm sure you could get one or two wears out of it!

Same with this one....from Shein which I'm thinking about ordering!

For a mere 32.00 you could wear this one from Shein on your next occasion!

You can always find some cute little dresses at J Crew Factory

How cool and breezy does this one look?  From H&M

Banana Republic didn't have much left but this one is new and looks like a perfect dress for me!

Another black and white one from Banana Republic

I started out to just do a post on white dresses but I couldn't find that many!  I liked this one from Nordstrom's.

I am really into this mustard color...what are your thoughts....and you won't go broke at 24.00 from Shein

Another one from Shein with some cute embroidery. 

I think this one from Anthropologie was the most expensive one but it sure is a good one!

I found this one on Urban Outfitters....

Along with both of the ones below 
I don't know about you but not sure of the shoe choice here:)

So thoughts?  If you buy any one of these please spill the beans on whether you like or not!

The other night we went to dinner at my sisters in Marietta and saw this white squirrel in her backyard!

I've heard of them but never actually seen one.

And I posted this on Instagram of me in 1972-73 when I was a flight attendant for Eastern based in San Juan!

Isn't it funny that the fashion for the women is back in style!  Not so sure about the guy's though....hahaha

Have a great week you summer half way over?




July 4th is officially over.....and I'm sad.  When we were young we always went to the beach [Pawleys Island and then when we were older Daufuskie Island]  for a week over the 4th and I remember that when we came home I felt such a let down....and it just became a lazy summer!

Of course things are a little different now that I'm an adult.....I have plenty to do this summer with 2 showhouses and clients.  In fact I keep thinking that in November I will breath a sigh of relief when everything is over and life is back to normal!

So what do I have for you today?  Well more fabrics from companies that you might not be familiar with. 

I'm always here to feed that insatiable quest for the perfect fabric:)

First up is a new collection from Michael S Smith and I think you are going to like it!

I love everyone of these....


Next is from Peter Fasano.  These are all so fresh and fun!

I love this dog one!

Many come in wallpaper also!

We were up near the Cape with my husbands family....and I was missing Cami....

I'm pretty sure she was missing me too:)

And of course you can't go to Mass and not have "lobstah".....but I'm here to confess it's not as good without "buttah"......damn.

No new "normal".  
Not gonna say I don't yearn for it.

Have a great weekend!


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