Friday, July 22, 2016


Alrighty then....there is a plethora of information out there from you y'all.....
UPDATE:  Ordered the FitFlops, doing the stair it a little more time before I get the SHOT!!! 

God..... I love you guys:)

Since we were talking about bath vanities I thought I would share the details of a custom one I recently did for a powder room.  I truly love how this one turned out!

Here is where we started....this gorgeous wallpaper by GP and Baker.

Mixed in with this light fixture from Circa Lighting

The vanity was made and installed...and we selected this paint color for the base.

 After it was installed we freaked a little.....there was some discussion about whether we even liked it!  This was a good lesson for me about not judging until something is finished:)

What to tell the faux finisher?  I was at a loss to get the vision from my head to some kind of explanation.

Then I found this image!

Oh mommie....this is it!  Whew:)

You can see the difference above!

The marble countertop was installed along with the Kohler faucet and sink.

With the detail on the backsplash.

Now for the good part.....  This mirror!

And the details....
See the star light fixture and the mirror?  And in the MQ Collection hardware below....

I am not sure if I planned all that or not...hee haw.
But....I am taking credit for it!

And the curve of the mirror and backsplash....

All it needs now is some pretty accessories right!

Now you have choices....order online or custom.  

If you want to know what I'll be doing this weekend.....

Accessorizing bookcases.  The sofa goes in the middle!

Good times:)


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Since I did my post about Boulder many of you have emailed me about the vanities.  We ordered them all online because of time restraints and the experience was pretty good.

I know many people who are remodeling might not have a trim/carpenter who can build a quality vanity in a short timeline.  And.....if you can find someone they lead time can be 8-12 weeks!

I did a lot of research looking online for what we needed and there are a lot of factors to keep in mind.

1. they offer choices?
2. Sink....Undermount [my personal favorite] or vessel
3. Comes with countertop or faucet? Also make sure to check whether it has wholes for a 4" or 8" spread faucet.
4. Height?
5. Depth?
6. Width?

I am posting a few of my favorites that I discovered during my research.....

You can see that some of these come with can always change them out to something you like better....or many times there is an option to purchase without!

Other things to remember is that they could be painted and knobs can be changed!

Here are a few from All Modern

And Wayfair....

The good thing about RH is they come in many finishes and options!

Other online places to look:
Signature Hardware
Pottery Barn

Whew are you overwhelmed ?  

Many price points here so it might not be the cheapest way to go either! have to take into consideration the width of the space. 
Just because you have 60"....a 60" vanity might not fit because of trim and your walls might not be level.  

So I am still icing....stretching...wearing soft sole shoes [sketchers] while all of my cute summer sandals are in the closet getting dusty.  I am determined to heal this and NOT get a cortisone shot as everyone has said it hurts like the dickens.....but I am slowly sinking into a dark hole of frustration:(

On a bright note these curtains are being installed at my project today.....

So excited!


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Friday, July 15, 2016


What can I possibly post about after #projectboulder?  

I know right:)
Well I have a few questions to answer and random shots of what is happening lately in my life!  Like that is so interesting.....haha.

First of all thanks for all the recommendations about what to do with plantar fasciitis.  It seems to be epidemic......
I'm on it!

Somebody mentioned that I did not list the resource for the vanity in the upstairs bath

 Just a note..... that I was impressed with all three vanities bought online!

Another question was "why did we use wall mirrors in the 2 baths upstairs".   One reason is to makes the space look larger [and cost].  In the master I personally would want big mirrors to see myself and admire my beauty everyday. 

When I got home I took a trip down to the mart to order a few things and happened to glance at some new Arteriors lighting!


Over on another project this hardware from Top Knobs was installed....

Loving it.

Another vanity in the same house got a faux treatment....




Wait until the hardware goes on and the mirror is up.....I don't hate.

I stopped in to Sudi's to check on the bedroom curtains!

The soapstone countertops were installed in the kitchen pantry....

 Bad picture of this bathroom but when the mirror goes in....

Jamie Young white hide mirror 

This is the wallpaper.....

Kitty door....

2 black and white wallpaper samples that came in the mail.....

Went to meet my friend Lisa Mowry to see her new the color of the bookcases.  SW Needlepoint Navy.

And here's a treat for you....somebody was going through their pictures the other night and sent me this!

My hair can hardly fit in the room....hahahahaha

Still giggling.


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