Friday, April 17, 2015


Yesterday I got a little peekaboo  of the ASO Decorator Showhouse.  I consider this one of the best perks of being a it is one of my favorite times of the year.

I have not missed one since I moved here in 1988. Let's just apply that to my OCD design obsession.

I walked up and was greeted with this.

Whaaaaaat....these planters!

Black and white goodness all over the place.   Designed by Chip Wade with help from my friend Kristen F Davis.  

After I found out they were from Frontgate I could not get home fast enough and go take a look.


So then I thought what else is fabulous right?

Outdoor pillows grabbed my attention....

Big surprise there right:)

I decided to keep with a theme.

 These babies aren't cheap but I might have to pick out a few!

How about some entertaining?  

Yes please.....

And some great serving trays!

I already have this Ballard everything here will work for me!

But back to Kristen!  First of all [and I don't mean this in a stalker kind of way] but she is so pretty that when you are talking to her it is almost distracting.....all good of course:)

She has been putting out some great art pieces lately!


I did take a lot of pictures of the house that I will be posting next week so stay tuned.....

Here in Atlanta I think we are in for a wet weekend which doesn't bother me cause I had my Keritin treatment yesterday!


Bring on the humidity....I'm feeling cocky.


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Monday, April 13, 2015


I hope you guys rocked the weekend.....
I started the cleaning process to get ready for the shower but it was slow going.  Managed to get the slipcovers washed which in itself is like doing 10 loads of laundry.  

Say what you want....yes I love my white slips but dang they are kind of high maintenance.  Sometimes I want to cover everything in black.....sit back and relax.  

Bring on the dirt:)

I thought I might tell you about some of the furniture I used on my last project.  The Charles Stewart Company has been around since 1987.  Selling only to the trade they have an extensive collection of products along with a 5 day quick ship collection.

Since we were on such a tight time frame I ordered a few of the quick ship along with some other items and we actually sent a truck to pick everything up instead of shipping.

Sometimes you gotta be creative:)

Here is what we ordered:

1 sofa
2 club chairs
1 occasional chair
1 bench
10 dining chairs
5 barstools

They are pretty much COM [customers own material] although recently they have added a few fabrics to choose from.

The sofa is called the Bromley

It definitely has clean lines with a traditional feel.

Hard to tell but the fabric is a pretty spring green.

The Cooper Lounge chair
In this beautiful light gray/green wool

The Pamlico Chair

Love the modern feel.
This fabric had a silver sheen and we ordered it in the finish above thinking if it was too white Larry the magical faux painter could fix!

The Teri Bench

Love how it would be easy to change out the cushions to another fabric.

This time a modern watercolor feel in the fabric with a darker finish.

The Martock Barstool

This is such a great stool.  Even though we used a faux fabric it's nice to have the small wood area for people to pull it out.

The Cochran Diner
This Kravet Smart fabric is stain resistant but still pretty enough for a DR.  The finish is a gray/driftwood.

My inspiration for the chairs was this beautiful dining room by Jennifer McGee

Here are the finishes to choose from!

Plus you can pretty much custom most pieces to your specifications.

The Pamlico Chair

We actually left the finish alone....


Pillow fabric with trim

This is how it looked the day it all arrived....and yes....I had my doubts about those sconces [I felt like a picky client who started second guessing before the room is finished] ....but after accessorizing the room and adding some great art I breathed a sign of relief!

It's a large room so we have another small seating area along with a desk.

I've posted the barstools before but they turned out so great!  Love the brass trim on the foot rest.

Every piece of furniture was scratches or bad wrinkles in fabric.  I am definitely a fan!

Answering a question....The florist just pulled the petals of the tulip open!

Get going this week....


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Friday, April 10, 2015


It's Friday and I've had a busy week trying to get organized.  I am having my nephews shower here in 2 weeks so I have to get all my spring planting done, clean my house which as you all know means re-shushing.  Trying to figure out how long that will take is like trying to figure out "infinite time".

"Time is infinite meaning time has never started nor will it stop".

That pretty much sums it up right?  

Each step requires me to stay focused and not to get caught up in full on redecorating.  I only have 2 weeks.

And then there is the matter of working on a dining room, office, finishing up a den, accessorizing a bathroom and bedroom.  Some of which has to be done before I go to the beach in 2 weeks.


But whatever.....let's get down to some good stuff.

This window

Which is right beside the kitchen as you can see in the photo below.

I was trying to figure out how to make this area interesting....besides the fact that the window is pretty special on it's own.

I saw this image on Pinterest [ I searched to find out where it came from but no luck!]

Donna Benedetto

It gave me some inspiration.
Upholster the wall.

In a dark linen to give it some weight.

And because the window is not centered on the wall we decided to add some interest by swooping it down on one side.

This shot was in the experimental stage.

Settling on simple....

We actually took it all the way down to the bottom curve on the window.

I wish I had more pictures of this area....

The chair belonged to her grandfather....and it has become a cozy spot to relax.

I covered it in a simple linen flax with this pretty Fabricut trim to give it some interest.

Alrighty and running!  Have a great weekend y'all.


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