Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Thanks for all of your patience waiting for me to  pick a winner for those who donated to The Furniture Bank.

I am happy to report there were 26 donations...[including furniture] and you raised 1,220.00!  Stephanie said that will go so far..... so I am extremely touched by all of your generosity.

The winner is Lynn Kaufhold [please email me Lynn].  She wins the pillows from Lacefield Designs, 100.00 from HomeGoods and 100.00 from Target.

I took a little impromptu trip to NYC this weekend to visit my niece.  She lives in Chelsea so my sister and I left on Friday and I just rolled back into Atlanta.

Most of you know I travel standby and my flight out of Atlanta on Friday was on a very small plane.  I think there were 50 seats.  As far as I'm concerned it felt like prop plane.

The minute I got on and took my seat [the last one by the way] I had to fight the urge to go screaming down the isle like my hair was on fire and get the heck off.   Hearing about that on the 11:00 news helped me stay planted....but I can tell you there was some crazy dialog going on in my head.

I know I am not alone when I say that I am an anxious traveler.  Just something about leaving my safe little life and routine that sends me into a tailspin.  When I was taking the train into the city I spent some time watching my boo on doggy webcam at Dog Days.  She is the white one standing there wondering"what happened....how did I end up homeless".

This is the front of Caitlin's apartment...in Chelsea.  Such a cute area...

We went up there to do a little decorating so of course a trip to Ikea was in store.  Damn...that was a hassle.  You forget how easy it is to get in the car and bring home your haul!

 They have these real tall ledges where the windows are so my suggestion was to get a small shelf so we could utilize all of the real estate.

There is a sofa from Pottery Barn coming and a rug we found on esalerugs.com.  Hopefully the next visit will result in some pictures.

I wish I had time to go to the World Trade Center Memorial.....

Coffee was not that important to these young girls so I had to truck it down to Murray's for my fix.  

And holy smokes will somebody please open a restaurant that serves Meatballs anyway you could possibly want here in Atlanta....

Seriously y'all so damn good....

This is where we ate on our last night. 

 I mean the floors right?

The lights...

The mussels....It was like a small cafe in Paris!

Of course one of these helped with the ambiance:)

 And my sister Maggie and Caitlin!

Hope you guys had a great weekend.  Now back to the grind:)


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Friday, August 15, 2014


OK.....I have The Furniture Bank getting me the specs on donations so I should have that by this weekend to pick a winner and announce on Tuesday.

I do know this....
Got a picture from Stephanie today

This is what it looked like on the day I was there....one loveseat and 2 chairs.  Sad face:(/

The mother load!  Sofa city.

I bow down to you guys....cause you rock!

Anyway...results on Tuesday.

The other day I was at ADAC looking for fabrics.  
Not a bad gig.

I walked by a wallpaper and thought "Hmmmm....I love that...wonder if there is a fabric"

Oh yes.

It was a delicious  paisley.

I don't know about you but a good paisley will give me goose bumps.

This is by Jasper Fine Furniture and Fabrics.  Michael Smith's line.

Comes in a wallpaper...
And apparently you can make pillows with it..... I found these on OKL [sold]

Michael...did you design this fabric just for me?

I kind of crushed on this one also

Prettier in person huh?

3 more that caught my eye

Kind of soft....country English/Frenchish.

Some of Michaels work.

Yeah....he had me at pretty.

And simple.....

I grabbed a sample so I could place it in rotation to sleep with.

And put it together with some fabrics like I was gonna makeover my den.....

JK....not gonna happen right now.  But in my pretend world.  Yes.

I am all anxious about leaving town and going to NYC to see my niece.  Don't get me wrong cause I know I will have fun but the whole process of traveling sends me into a panic.

Ridiculous right?  I hate leaving my dog.
And flying.
And just leaving my routine.


I'm gonna do it though so see ya Tuesday people:)


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Hello Tuesday!  

You guys.....I want to thank all of those who contributed to The Furniture Bank.  I think the last count was a little over $500.00.  Yay!

But.... I am not done with this little project.  Oh noooooo.  I can be a tenacious little bugger at times.

I have put together the giveaway for the contributors and I am going to give you guys a little more time to join that "club":)

So.....here is the deal.

$100.00 gift card to HomeGoods!
$100.00 gift card to Target!

Here are some things that caught my eye....

 This great mirror for 39.99

I used it in this bedroom

 Love these dishes for 59.99
 It is no secret that I am a texture girl....Basket Tray 24.88

This great neutral Pouf.....42.00

Then I got a call from Lacefield Designs with a donation!

Did you know that they also have fabrics?  I pulled a few of my favorites for you....cause I am that kind of gal.

Who does not like this great print!

I love this brown, gray, and camel color way...

OK....back to what they donated.  [2] 24" pillows with the inserts!

For those of you who might need a suggestion of how to use these in a room I also did a design plan for you.

And the hits just keep on coming.....

Let's break it down.
Start with a white sofa....is there anyone in blogland who doesn't have one:)

Add Pillows....duh.

I love the different shades of green in this fabric plus it still has blue in it.  I found these on Etsy

Throw in some black and white.....

Also from Etsy [By the way I wanted almost every pillow in this site!]

Add a Zebra rug and finish off the room with some great items at Ballard Designs  [15% off furniture right now]

Black and white art from Etsy

Do I have your attention now?

$100 HomeGoods
$100 Target
2 awesome pillows from Lacefield Designs

I could add more by the end of the week....

Now you do have to contribute to be eligible.  They are keeping a list for me:)

*******Donate Here

Can you tell I am passionate about this?  I like to show people the power of blogging.....plus of course some good booty [and I don't mean the body part]  

Anyway....I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, giving......and caring.

Have an incredible day.


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