Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It's no secret that Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles is my favorite magazine. 

Published since 1983....after editor Clinton Smith left for Veranda..... Elizabeth Ralls took over and she hasn't missed a beat. 

Every month I start on the first page and when I get to the last I slam it down....thinking how the heck can they top that in the next issue.  Then of course they do.

This month was a doozy with Courtney and Randy Tilinski's Atlanta home.  I about died.

I am going to be real quiet while you feast upon all of this perfection...

I said I would be quiet but hot damn.....

Oh mommie....after I saw this kitchen my husband had to pry the magazine out of my hands...."let go Sherry".
I mean...the windows, the shutters...the shiplap...shut it down now!

If my office looked like this I would break out in "the carlton".

They are the owners of Bungalow Classic .
All photography by the talented Sarah Dorio.

Then if that wasn't enough there was this.....
Kevin and Lee Kleinhelter's home.  The owner of Pieces.

Totally different look but just as fabulous....
Here is a shot of the kitchen

One of my favorite light fixtures from Oly Studio

Photography by Sarah Dorio.

There you have it for your pinning pleasure.....

Nothing like some good design to get your morning started right?

Sheriky freaky


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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments about Taylor and Lauren's wedding.  I swear.... every time I think about that Mother/Son dance I get a huge lump in my throat.....

Occasionally when I am flipping through a catalog certain items will jump out at me and I am reminded of what I tend to use over and over when I am styling my own house or a project.

This time it was West Elm....which is were you will find all of the items below.

First up is this rug.....does it remind you of anything?

KW Channels fabric from Lee Jofa.  Such an amazing fabric and I am crazy about the rug version!  I used this pillow at my sisters house during the last ORC.

Mid Century style is all over the place now.....

I found a couple of similar chairs at a flea market..
I used one of them in my charity project for the United Methodist Children's Home.

 I also painted one white and recovered it in a zebra stenciled cow hide at my house.

It's no secret of my obsession love for green glass bottles....

This shot of my family room is at least 5 years ago....and I still use them all over my house!

I will always find a little spot for green sea glass.

Love this pillow from WE.....sometimes you just need to throw a little animal print in a room....

In my own house....

OK....white vases.....can't go wrong.

Stuff some greenery in them and instant perfection....yep and more animal.

Using on a project

I still love this floor lamp with it's oversized shade...

I used it in a project a couple of years ago...

Mid Century style turquoise lamp.....

We found this one at a flea market to help bring some color in this vignette.

And....these great trays!

I have one and love it!

Never underestimate a tray with texture....
You can layer it with a smaller tray on top....

Here are a few other things from WE that I could be excited to use in a project .

This wood coffee table......priority! 

These cute "boho" pillows

These neutral pillows....

Love the finish and style of this night stand.

Pom Pom pillows

These days you don't have to be a designer with "to the trade only" sources.  With catalogs like WE, PB, Wisteria, Crate and Barrel, Home Decorators, RH along with all of the online sites beautiful rooms are just a click away!


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Monday, July 27, 2015


I can't tell you how full my heart is with love.   

We just got back from St. Charles, Illinois where my nephew got married.  I am not sure if I ever mentioned it but Taylor lived with us for 3 years while he went to Georgia Tech [we live close to campus].

It was life changing for me since I don't have any biological children [2 wonderful stepchildren].

I remember when he called to say he was moving out.....I cried like a baby.  You guys remember when I decorated his apartment!

Anyway back to the wedding.....I shared what I was going to wear but of course that changed a little.....

I decided to wear the black pants and this top to the rehearsal dinner....

I got it on sale at Nordstroms....

I took the other one back because when I lifted my arms you could just barely see my skin and....well I knew that would bug me:)

I found this dress on sale at Bloomingdales.
Moon and Meadow
It is a silk wrap dress and so comfortable!  I felt like I did pretty good since my niece wants to borrow it!

Anyway....back to the wedding....

I read this book on the plane....definitely a page turner.

I wore these pants on the plane and my husband wanted to know if I paid for those rips:)

Lauren and Taylor met on the beach in Chicago about 3 years ago.....

This was at the rehearsal.....

Here are some other shots I took.....

Who's happy now!

They released these white balloons when Lauren and Taylor came out of the church.  So pretty!

Gorgeous flowers at the reception....
The wedding cake.....

I have to share this with you.....during the mother/son dance....Taylor and my sister asked me up halfway to finish it with him.  That was an emotional moment people....I could not stop crying.  

My husband and I with my girlfriend and her husband....we started flying together as flight attendants almost 40 years ago.  YIKES!

I am so darn proud of Taylor....he chose the sweetest girl and has become a remarkable human being.....I wish them both a long and happy life.

I was happy to see this sweet thing when I got home....

Thanks for letting me share such a memorable time in my life with all of you!  


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