So....I have a little update with the bathroom in Boulder. why we make the big bucks.... for realz.

Not sure if I told you but the bathroom has to be finished by Thanksgiving.  

Uh Huh.  37 days.

So I prance up to The Tile Shop on Saturday which is a measly 1/8  of a mile from my house.

And that is where it starts to go down hill.  First of all when I left it was sprinkling.  Within 20 minutes of me being in there it turned into a monsoon and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.

Swear.  But wait....

So he picked this plan.

Which I really liked.  AND....was excited to go pay for it so that Greg could pick it up in Denver and get going.

The sound of a scratching record.  Yeah....found out that the floor tile was "only for walls"  and it was very shinny so no bueno.

OK....let's regroup.  I can do this....well I had to do it.... because time was crucial.

I stayed with everything but I changed the floor tile.  He loves blue so it is a win win right?


Not in stock and wouldn't arrive to the distribution center until a week before Thanksgiving.  I almost started crying right there.  I am still a little fragile.

So I left and decided to go to Floor and Decor.  Nada.  Home Depot.  Nada.  Remember it is pouring and I am dressed for summer.  


I drove to my favorite tile place without calling and it was closed.  I slumped in my seat.  Sigh.

Ok back to The Tile Shop.  Geez....I can do this...there is plenty of tile in that place.

After all....I am a professional.

So I went all "Boulder Organic"....I had to go home to let Cami out for a quick bathroom break and I grabbed a few other wallpaper samples....and a coat.

I forgot about this Thibaut paper which is a favorite....

This will be the countertop [Caesarstone:  Symphony Grey] with the vanity painted SW Roycroft Pewter

And here you have it.....all in stock.

It only took 5 hours.

He is picking up the tile on Thursday.

I'll keep you posted on the process.

In other news I went to Nashville to see the House Beautiful Showhouse.  It was so nice to get away from my life for a few days.  Of course pulling back in my driveway.....I was like "Oh Yeah" all came back to me.

Imagine you've been married for 26 years....together 30 and besides a few informative emails....there has been no communication.  
Hard to believe.
48 days.  



Thanks for weighing in on the bathroom reno.  I agree it is not a bad bathroom....we have all seen worse for sure.  A bit of styling and it would look like a different space.

But....he has just moved in and wants to change it so it is up to me to give him options:)

That said....I think he is liking the last one!  Which I'm down with.

Anyway....I went to the Serenbe Showhouse last weekend with a few friends.  It was a much needed day out and there is nothing I like more than strolling through a well designed home.  If you have been reading Design Indulgence for any length of time then I know you will agree with me! the entrance to this house....for real!

My friend Michelle from Michele Gratch Interiors did the laundry room, mudroom and powder good.

That black and white Thibaut wallpaper.

The mudroom right off the powder....

Um there are no words necessary for the kitchen....#black and white

Designed by A. Wooten Interiors

Directly across from the kitchen is the dining area...more black and white!

I always love a pretty light fixture that reflects the light on the ceiling....Circa Lighting

Here is the master bedroom designed by Kim Regas

Love this little couch at the foot of the bed....

And master pretty

I have used this Thibaut wallpaper before and it is a favorite....

Coming out of the bedroom was this really pretty gallery wall....

The living room was designed by Means + Carney

Again....another room designed just for me...haha.

And then the can tell I was all in with this showhouse right?

Let's go upstairs to see 2 more bedrooms.

This loft space was designed by Virginia Cheek Designs.  Love the black and white  wallpaper on the ceiling [Zak and Fox]

There were twin beds in this room....designed by Kenson Interiors

And lookey description necessary.... more black and Coley Cuttino Interiors.

More black and white.....Geez....I'm SO in with all of this....

This was definitely a good showhouse....very cohesive with the colors but if course I am prejudice so you can't really go by that:)

I am rushing to get this out as I have been in Nashville for 48 hours.  More on that later.





In an effort to stay busy and keep my mind occupied I am diving into work.  You know that whole "idle mind" .....well it's a  bad thing on a normal basis but throw in a crisis and it can be downright crippling right?

So....I have a project in Boulder and it's not a flip!  Kind of exciting but it means I can't just run over and see if a wallpaper matches.  My "ground crew" has been very helpful sending me pictures and measurements to get me started.

Let's start with some pictures of the basement bath which is the room we are starting with.

OK....let's discuss.

He would like to keep the vanity and countertop.  So....I wracked my brain thinking of a way to do this.  The stone does have some dark gray in it which is a good thing because I wasn't feeling how black looked with it.  My thought is that the stone is very "loud" so it needed a little softening.

When I saw the penny tile mixed with the gray of this stone from The Tile Shop I felt I was on to something.  I could use that on the shower floor to bring the color of the countertop in the room somewhere else....

So here was my first plan....dark and moody.  I love the sconces with the smoky glass [Circa Lighting] against the Innovations wallpaper.  The hardware is from Rocky Mountain and the mirror from RH.  I love mixing the metals of brass and pewter.....

But if this is too dark for him I changed up the wallpaper to something lighter.

Only thing different is this Lindsay Cowles paper which I love!

OK....let's just say I could talk him into changing out the countertop.....I mean it seems like such a minor thing right:)  I can be pretty persuasive...haha.

A black top would change the whole game right?  The mirror is RH.  The wallpaper is Phillip Jeffries and lighting from Circa.  Hardware is Rocky Mountain.

But then.....
I couldn't let it go and thought what if the stone top was lighter?

This might be my favorite with the patterned floors.  The mirror is RH.  Lighting is Circa and the hardware is Rocky Mountain.  Tile is from The Tile Store.

So....favorite?  Keep the countertop?   Change to black or the stone....I really like all of them.

I will definitely keep you posted on this one.

I was invited to speak on a panel with a few of my fav designer friends at Mitchell Gold on Sunday night.  I met Justin Williams years ago through my friend Erika Ward....

He put together a group of us to inspire "youngsters" that want to get into the design was so fun to feel the excitement that only comes with youth:)  Eager to soak up all the knowledge....although I told them that even after 25 years in the design business I am still learning....

I think it's good emotional practice to be in social situations when you are feeling one way on the inside but projecting "all things are fine" on the outside.  You can only wear the victim outfit for so know?

Hope you guys are having a good week....


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