Hello friends......

I writing this from Nantucket.  I came up here to help celebrate my neighbors husbands 60th birthday.  Any excuse to come back up here right!

Of course if you saw my Instagram post on Wednesday you know that as I was in line for security I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home and had to Uber back [30 min] get my wallet and Uber back to the airport another 30 min.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it but by some miracle I did.  

I decided not to stress and I just said to myself if I make it....great and if I didn't then it would not be the end of the world.

I guess it was in the cards for me to be here.

The first night I was here I slept almost 12 hours.  That was pretty cool.....

Anyway I am going to share a bedroom that got installed a few weeks back.  It is not finished yet but its seen quite the transformation since they moved in....

The beginning....let's quickly take a look at the before.....

There was a textured wallpaper on the walls that had to be removed.

The next step was moving this bed in that was in an apartment up in Philadelphia that she acquired.

The Schumacher wallpaper went up and as you can see we barely had room for end tables but I managed to find these that are about 18" wide!

The next phase were the custom window treatments and pillows.

This is a before picture of the window area across from the bed.

And these are 2 chairs that she also inherited!

It has been years since I have done a cornice and I am loving it!

Of course it is not accessorized yet but it will be soon.....

I have picked out some pretty lamps and then I need a few trinkets to bring it all together....

So there you have it.  Honestly work is a pretty good distraction for me but my brain is definitely not a full capacity.  I am easily distracted and find that I am procrastinating on things that I need to be doing.


I heard a simple saying the other day.  Time takes time.  Duh right!  I mean it is so simple.

Hope you guys all have a great weekend....

Thanks so much for reading and hanging in there with me.



You guys gave me some good ideas to help stop my night terrors about my sister.  I am trying to look at as many beautiful pictures of her as much as I can to replace the horror of watching her die.

Many of you have suffered the same feelings I have had and I appreciate your words of wisdom to help me on my journey of healing.  Thank you for sharing.

I am slowly moving through life right now trying to catch up with work and forcing myself to step outside of my comfort zone.  Every morning when the alarm rings I fight that urge to stay in bed and sleep all day.  I know that is not the way to move through this situation.  Time is a great healer....

Let's get to design now......

About a month or so ago some beautiful window treatments were installed  at a clients and as many years as I have been in business.....I am always amazed at what a game changer this can be!

Just so you know....it was January when these were measured and it took this long to get the fabric in stock and fabricated!  Things are so slow these 
days :(

This beautiful light filled family room!

The living room above and below is the dining room....

Her daughters room.....

Another of the DR....still waiting for a few more chairs.....and that is the table I found for her at a consignment shop!

Master bath.....

And a few more things that have finally come in!

Pretty jars above the fridge....

Benches covered.....

Below we had a pretty lumbar pillow made....waiting for the headboard!

I picked up this little rug and had a pillow made for this bed!  Along with the 2 shams.....

Spray painted these wall baskets white just for something different!

Close up of this pretty pillow!

And the crown jewel of this beautiful home is the new pool that was just recently finished.

It is basically a plunge pool.....and I think it's perfect!

Hope you enjoyed these updates.....more to come I promise.

We have had rain for a couple of days here in Atlanta but I understand that fall is coming right around the corner with cooler temps by the weekend!

Happy Tuesday


I feel so bad leaving you guys hanging....I jumped back on Instagram because I really don't have to engage...but blogging is different.

It's been a little over a month and I am still struggling with overwhelming sadness.  I am haunted [as I knew I would be] with the visual of her last 2 days.  It was gut wrenching and not a good thing for an "empath" to experience.

Which is causing my nightmares at night and not being able to sleep.

I know I am not the only one who has experienced the loss of a loved one.....and my heart breaks for all of you that share this kind of heartbreak with me.

I miss her so darn much....everyday when I walk Cami around the block I go past her house and it  brings me to tears.  She was so amazing and about 400 people came to her funeral which blew me away....so many people telling me how she changed their life.

She was also the peace keeper in the family....never taking sides with anyone.  

So....I have gone back to work although I am definitely not running at 100%.  I will try to catch you up with some of my projects!

The first one I will share is one that I have been working on for quite a while....she is the most patient client I have....for real.  I have also know her for over 20 years.....

This is her foyer and we got the rug a while back....then I brought in 2 of her DR chairs to extend the chest because it was too lonely.....

I sent her pictures of a lot of mirrors similar to the one we ended up with and  she was sending me mirrors that she liked but they were too modern.  I felt that with the chest having a modern feel I wanted something a little more "blingy" if you know what I mean....

She actually found the mirror and and picked out some art that she liked so I went over and got it all hung for her....

We added the crystal lamp and I remade 2 of her pillows smaller for the chairs....

I don't know about you but dang that antique mirror just makes it!  All art and the mirror were from Huff Harrington....a beautiful store here in Buckhead.

I am going to try and get back on a regular routine....but I have to tell you sometimes I feel this heaviness that does prevent me for engaging.

Also....thank all of you so much for the sweet comments...I read them all and was so comforted.



Dear Sister Nancy......

So many things I forgot to tell you because I thought I had so much time.

How much I loved you.

How much I loved decorating your home.  You were always so excited about it and let me do whatever I wanted....nobody loved her home more than you did.  I am so sorry I wasn't able to finish the kitchen.

How proud I was of you when you opened a restaurant.....during the recession I might add.  You were a waitress and was passed over for a promotion after working for another company for many years.  They gave it to a younger guy who had only been there a short time. You were fearless Nancy and you never let go of the dream.  While so many others wouldn't have made it or given up....you did not take one day off for 4 years.  16 years later you are still standing.

I loved your community spirit.  You knew everyone who came into Nancy G's/Southern Bistro.....they were "your people".  You went to birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvah's, funerals and school functions....always giving.

How much I loved you.

What an amazing sister you were......so supportive and thoughtful.  You never let a birthday go by without putting a card in my mailbox.  

How much you loved your big sisters....Maggie and I.  Nobody had more fun when we were all together than you.  A simple shopping trip to the mall brought you joy.  Whatever we bought you would buy.

How much I loved you.

You did not get the attention you deserved when we were young because you were the 3rd girl but boy you made up for it.  While you were sick there were so many flowers and 100's of cards and letters.  The Sandy Spring community has wrapped you in their hearts.  I loved reading them all to you in the afternoons.....it brought you just a little joy.

I miss you so much.....my heart is broken.  Watching you die was gut wrenching and I could not stop crying.  You kept saying it was OK to cry....that you cried also but I only saw it once.  You were so brave.

You would say everyday that you weren't ready to die....that you did not want to leave us and Nancy that broke me.  Trying to stay positive for you broke me.

Spending the last 22 days with you was a gift to Maggie and I but we were not ready to lose you.....

How much I loved you.

Diagnosed mid April. 

Nancy Kathryn Jackson Goodrich
September 17th 1956
8:00 pm August 13, 2021



Hey guys!  I am out here in Boulder for just a few days....but before I left I did a little styling on a townhouse that I have been working on for a while!

It's a really fun project but of course it is very frustrating trying to get product right now....are you tired of hearing that:)

I still have quite a bit on order but some things have some in so I thought I would share with you.....I mean that is what I am here for right!

Inspiration for everyone...yay!

I think I already shared some of the wallpapers and new lighting but I had the sofa I bought and the 2 chairs I ordered from Charles Stewart delivered on Friday so I could not wait to get over there and do a little work.

So she had the coffee table and of course I had fun styling that baby up!

I picked up the throw over the chair at Ballard Designs and it's so pretty.  It's from the Suzanne Kasler Collection.

I had a lot of art to work with and about 3 days before I had some of the furniture delivered I met my installer and we hung as many pieces as I could find space for!!

You can see boxes in the background so this space was like a little oasis....as they were coming up from Florida for a week!

The tables beside the fireplace were the end tables from their master bedroom that I just put there for place holders until I can find 2 chests..... 

I got the rug a West Elm and it's really nice plus 100% wool which makes it easy to clean!

And these dream chairs.....beautiful dark gray velvet that swivel from Charles Stewart Furniture.  I love them!

Again I have not figured out where the tall mirror is going yet.....

Also these linen stripe pillows from Ballard are amazing.....

I brought up the console from downstairs and it fit nicely in this area.....

And I picked up this blanket to add some interest to the back of the sofa since it is what you see when you come up from the bottom level!

So a lot of work left to do but I think it helps to have a sitting area and little pockets of finished spaces.

I guess you can tell that I started this over a week ago and that is because while I was out in Boulder I got some bad news about my sister.  Her cancer has spread and there is no more treatment.  

She is home from the hospital and it has been a busy week setting up a bed on the main level and getting hospice.  I am absolutely devastated and of course I am trying to finish up her kitchen and spend as much time with her as I can.  [lucky for me she lives one street over] And work.....and take care of Cami.  To say this is overwhelming is an understatement.

So I am not quitting this little blog and you guys have been so supportive over the last 2 years with all of my personal issues.....  

I consider all of you my friends.

Be safe out there in the world.


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