So the last few times I have been to the beach it has been cold....cold and rainy.....or rainy.  You might want to check with me before you head down there because if I'm going.....expect the worst:)

Still it was a nice change of scenery.... only now I am scrambling to get everything done before I head off to Boulder for 36 hours.....


Talking about mirrors today and how they can brighten up a space.  I think it's safe to say that when decorating a room we have choices of hanging art.....a mirror or something architectural on walls.

I've put together a few of my favorites from vendors starting with Bungalow 5

Next up is Worlds Away

I love a pretty gold mirror shown here in my house  [from a flea market] and below [Bernhardt Interiors] when I helped with the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year.

Another favorite source is Mirror Image Home.

I used this beautiful Mirror Image Home selection  below.

I always find some great selections on the Wisteria site.

I used the Moroccan in this bathroom below.  It is a great mirror for the price!

This is similar to the Halo
I love wood against dark walls....

One day I will use that white faux bois mirror!

I think it's safe to say that sometimes a mirror will change the look of a space....

My foyer.....many years ago

I still love my chicken feeder with the mirror in the middle!

Bathrooms are a great place to add a bold statement with a mirror.

A few years ago I added this Target mirror over a chest in a bedroom makeover.  Similar here

This Currey and Company beveled antique mirror is a current favorite.

Probably the best use of a mirror is to mimic a window when there isn't one...which I did in a family room below with this Ballard beauty!

Whats going on this weekend?  

Well in Atlanta we have the Junior League Kitchen Tour and one of my favorite art galleries Gregg Irby Gallery is having a group show Friday night called Sacred Places....landscape paintings through the lens of 7 different artist!

I hope spring is just around the corner for everyone....


CB 2

The other day I picked up a CB 2 catalog and just about died!  Have you seen what's happening over there?

Hot damn I could have spent my retirement on some of the cool things I saw.....let's review!

These chairs....first of all they are white....that's a plus.....I love them!

And this one..... although I would change out that fabric to come cream linen :)

Some kicking barstools.....I've heard some grumblings about brass being "out" but I'm just thinking that means let's all simmer down and mix our metals so it's not so "matchy matchy".....K?

Yes's modern but I love to throw some in just to keep a room from being too predictable right!

Um.....All of these organic pieces appeal to me.  Might need a few for my open shelves!

Both of these right?  I think CB 2 might just be better than West Elm right now....

This cool bar right?  A little MCM

This bench!  And I think they have a dining room table like this.

Check out the wallpapers they have.....

A little black and white to get me going.....

Hubba Hubba!  Dining table.

Are you dying yet?  Your favorite so far?

I definitely will have a place for this lamp.

Texture for days.....

How fast are you gonna order these planters?

Guess what?  Another Boulder project in the works!

Can't wait to get my hands on this kitchen!  

I'm headed to see it the last few days of March so stay tuned for thoughts on how we will update this puppy!

Speaking of puppies......Cami says Hi :)



Hey y'all......what a week!  We decided to try and go to Florida tomorrow since our condo is vacant and you know what that means......nope.....I am not putting on a bathing suit silly people.

It means I had to get a shit ton completed this week.  I packed in 8000 client meetings....a presentation and today hopefully I will get all my paperwork done.


So let's recap.

Had a meeting with my first One Room Challenge client! They are moving to a new house and we are ordering a few things in preparation for that!

I did this back in 2012 and for real she has not changed one thing!

My kind of client:)

I also had coffee with artist and blogger Blayne Beacham Macauley.  I am doing a room in the Atlanta Magazine Home showhouse down in Pinewood Forrest [yes it has 2 r's] and she and I are collaborating on a piece of art for my space!  She was the sweetest and we had a great talk.....

I love her range.....

Look at this awesome piece she installed in one of Melanie Turners projects!

In Atlanta you can see her art at Anne Irwin Fine Art on Miami Circle or get in touch with her!

She knew better than to ask me what my colors were:)

Here was the groundbreaking....

I have been busy scratching my head to figure out what to do as I actually have the tower which is basically 2 spaces!  Ugh.....

We will see if I can pull this off.

I spent a lot of time at ADAC looking for fabrics to complete my presentation and ran across this wall treatment!

You know that appealed to my addiction!

I also stopped by a project to see some of the tile applications....

And if you missed this on Instagram....there is some good stuff happening over at Target!

It might not appear I did that much but there was a lot of trivial crap that know behind the scenes stuff like curtain install gone wrong.....etc.  Ah....the joys of design!

So we are going to get one of those epic Atlanta spring weekends with temps in the 70's.  Hopefully the weather will be good at the beach:)


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