Friday, October 24, 2014


Morning y''s Friday can I get an Amen?
I've got an interesting little ditty for you today.....check this out!

This room was photographed about 5 years ago for BH&G but they never used it [if you remember this was a guest room before it was "Baby G's" nursery. ]

Well I saw it in Better Homes and Gardens about a month ago talking about using yellow in a room.

Amazing huh?  They changed the wall color and the ceiling color with a little photoshop help.

Call me crazy but yikes I'm not exactly a fan.  That is the worst yellow ever.

Here is how it looked when it was transformed into a nursery

I found this quite amusing.

In other news do y'all remember when I posted about some new design books?

Well I got Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite and Lord....this is one beautiful book.  It's like Nancy had me in mind when she designed the outside of this one.


The inside cover....but wait....

The outside!

So when you have the cover on you see about an inch of the dots!  Brilliant!

Every page is stunning....

But hold on....this bedroom kicked me in the gut....hard.

Can I just copy this somewhere.  I mean down to every detail?  So classic but just throw in the dots and it's all cray cray right!  Imagine without them....just another beige room.

The pages.


Get it.

I will be working on my ORC this weekend.  The days are starting to run together now......with only 288 hours until the reveal.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Week 4 of the ORC has arrived which means 2 short weeks to go.  Yikes.  

Just to recap.....if this is your first visit we have 20 room.....and 6 small weeks.  Emphasis on the 6 small weeks!

The CEO of all this is Linda from Calling It Home

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it....a challenge it is.

Enough yakking  right?  How about we get to the updates of the "bunny hutch" now.

I am doing my sister's [a former Playboy Bunny] family room.  You can read more about her here

The cabinets on both sides of the FP got painted and we decided on hardware.

That would be these from Anthropologie .
Swanky huh.

Those Mitchell Gold chairs came back from the upholster and  they look pretty darn great against the wallpaper.

I had a moment of panic that the whole room was looking like a bowl of oatmeal Translation: boring

The wallpaper was definitely a game changer.

I love how it looks next to the planks.

TV was moved....

The butcher block countertops

We have real progress in the kitchen with paint and shelves done!

Let's see....what else

After I saw Abby's great collection from Minted  [one of our sponsors] I got on the ball and ordered a few pieces to go along with my Ashley Hizer painting.  I didn't want to give it up but I think it will be perfect in "the hutch"!

At Scott's I purchased a small bench to go behind the sofa.  It was a steal at 40.00!

The light fixture was hug and I kind of love it.
You know me and "patina"....we're buds:)

And now the real work begins....putting the room together and styling it.  

We all know that this is where things can go wrong.....always scared.

But whatev.  We aren't curing cancer here.

I am eager to see the updates from everyone else.


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Monday, October 20, 2014


Let's be clear....I procrastinated so long I didn't complete this task until the 11th hour.  And by that I mean I started putting it together yesterday around 2:00.

Which also meant that I had to take the pictures....edit them and now here I am trying to get this out before the 9:00 deadline.

It's looking like the "waiting until the last minute" thing does not get better with age:)

For the sake of time I will eliminate the chit chat and get right on it.

Part one here
Part two here

This is where we started....2 empty shelves and bare wall space.

I started playing with the design hoping to arrive at a plan before I get to the point where I don't care and just slap something up while shouting loudly "how much I don't care" been there?

These 3 went up seamlessly:)

I am on a roll now....I'll have this done in no time.

I could have left it like this but I felt it was a little too predictable.  

Can I tell you how anxious this situation actually makes me.  

Anyway I call husband in for a little assistance.....  of course first giving him a lesson on how to actually take a picture with the iPhone.

Or this...

Crap no.  I'm getting way off track.  Too busy.


For now right....
I love this little Arteriors mirror I scored at HomeGoods.

I was actually pleased with the easy "no mat" situation.

From the other direction....

Annnnnnnnd that's a wrap.

She's not amused.

Frames from Michaels
Art from Scott's
Shelves from Container Store

Thanks to Mary Ann and Cindy for inviting me!

Now you get to go see what everyone else came up with!

See ya Wednesday for the One Room Challenge update week 4!


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