Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Whew....well I am back from Market.  Crazy jam packed days but more fun than I can put in words:)

My partners in crime were Erika, Jennifer and Lori.  

Let me set the scene for you.....

Country Inn Suites

Here we are in the furniture capital of the country and this is our decor....but in all honesty they were so nice and the location was perfect....so you make concessions right?

Day one....we hit Lee Industries first.  I have been selling Lee for years and was excited to see some of their new designs.

Also how stoked was I to find out that I had been featured in their "Best of Instagram" along with Jennifer and Erika!

Kapow.  It's like Christmas:)

A few chairs that caught my eye.  Who else has a chair addiction?

Next up was Currey and Co.  I was looking for some light fixtures for a client [I feel like I am always looking for light fixtures!]

Some contenders for the DR

Then I got all crazy and thought what about this for over the long island.....just 2 on either side as the hood is in the middle..[the ceilings are tall]

For the foyer I was digging these 2

Kara Cox generously invited us over to her home along with some other designers on Friday night. I'm pretty sure she didn't know me but I was traveling in the cool crowd so that was a perk:)

What a treat.....Her home was featured in Domino recently.

It's a beauty huh?  Check out her website for more good stuff!

Here are a few I took....

Loved this carpet

Cute wallpaper in a small bath downstairs.

I took these shoes I had ordered from Nordstroms.
They were pretty comfy but definitely not all day.  

But.....I did see a cute pair on someone that is next on my list to buy.

OK you know I got more.  Pictures and funny stories.  There was major laughter.....like side splitting .....wake up in the middle of the night stuff.

Hope you guys have a great week.....it's back to the grind for me.


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Saturday, April 22, 2017


Well y'all I am at High Point Market but right now..... it's 1:23 AM and I am sitting in the bathroom so I won't wake Jennifer up.  For some reason I almost fell asleep during dinner and now I'm wide awake. 
Go figure.

Not sure what to do but maybe writing my post will lull me into sleepyland.......let's give it a try.

The night before I left I went to the Southeastern Showhouse and Gardens preview party.  I wanted to support my favorite people....Ladisic Fine Homes and Matthew Quinn Designs.  Michael built the house this year and of course the talented team at Design Galleria was responsible for the kitchen.

Boom y'all.....it was jaw dropping.

Here are some detail shots....

The cabinet color is Farrow and Ball Light Blue and it was spectacular.....especially with this gorgeous hammered brass hardware!

These hinges made me giddy.....how cute y'all!

Brass hood....cause nothing says pretty like this right!

The breakfast area made me fall in love with tradition all over again.  The talented  Lauren DeLoach did an incredible job!

All of a sudden I need plates on the wall everywhere.  Obsessed.

The sink area.....

These pretty blue plates were a moment for me.....

This gorgeous backsplash in the butlers pantry.....

Um.....these linens and monogram.....swoon

Right off the kitchen was this amazing  family room designed by Mrs. Howard

Ahhhh.....Phoebe you never disappoint!

Blue was definitely a theme throughout the spaces....

What was nice is that the home definitely had a more traditional feel.....which was refreshing because we are all pushing modern now right:)

This gorgeous home is open through May 14th.

Everybody had gotten me very concerned about all the walking I would do at Market but y'all it was only like a typical day for me with a little over 12,000 steps.  Just recently while I was staging the Boulder project I did 25,000 steps in one day so this is like a walk in the park:)

I'm trying to take lots of pictures so check out my instagram stories to see what I am up too!


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I hope everyone had a swell Easter!  My husband left to go to the beach.....ahhh the life of retirement:)

So I got busy cleaning out the pantry and fridge....checking dates and if it was even close to the expiration day it was gone.  

I hit up our office.  Yup I was on a roll and 5 hours later it's finally looking pretty good.

Damn I feel free.  

Guess where I'm going on Thursday?  

Nope....not the beach but Highpoint!  

My first time and I'm so worried about my feet. You know how everyone scares you about all the walking so my challenge is looking cute [which is hard to do when you're old]  AND wearing sensible shoes. 

Everybody I'm going with is 20 years younger than I am so I guess I will be drinking Monster Energy drinks like water to keep up.

If you can believe it.....while I was in Boulder I did check on my #fieldcourt project.  Just needed to make sure the lights, tile and vanities were all ordered!

Let's start with the small powder room.....

We decided to just run hardwoods in there since it is really tiny.  We ordered the Schumacher wallpaper to make big impact since you can see it from the foyer.  The light fixture can be found here

Moving on to the bonus room bath which is almost smaller!



The tile is from Home Depot.  The light fixture is from West Elm [although I can't find it on the site anymore].

This is the hall bath shared by 2 bedrooms.

And here is the plan

So excited about this tile also found on HD site.
The vanity is from Signature Hardware  The mirror is from Lamps Plus

In fact....hubba hubba to all of these tiles chosen for this space.

To refresh....here is the master before


The vanity is from Joss and Main

I am so excited to see this project come together:)

Do you have a favorite?


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