Well it's certainly been a week.  Things are progressing along at #projectgetitdone.  This time next week I'm sure I will be going on adrenaline and coffee.....

Just a sidebar here but a strange thing happened to me yesterday.  I got dressed to go workout which seems simple enough right?

After doing 20 minutes on the treadmill and rower I was directed into the weight room for the next block.  Started doing pushups and felt a stinging on one of my toes.....to the point where I turned over at lightening speed and ripped off my shoe.

Staring at disbelieve it was a bee.  A bee!  WTH?  Of course it had already stung me but I am so confused because I had that shoe on for at least 30 minutes.  

What was he waiting for?

Is that not crazy?  I put that shoe back on and finished my WO.  

Tough girl.

Usually when I do curtains I pretty much stick to an iron rod with a very simple finial.  If I have a lot of windows in a room I might switch to a french rod....sometimes called a return rod.

The reason being it gives you a clean look instead of just focusing on a lot of finials.....

The other day I was sitting in Kravet waiting for some fabric samples and just happened to glance at their hardware boards.  Seriously it was like I saw it for the first time in my life.

And I am in there ALL the time.

An ah ha moment as Oprah would say.....I got up and walked over like it might disappear before my eyes.  My mind just started crackling and popping like a firecracker.  Let these beauties be in stock....please.

What.....always "in stock"?  No way.  Yes.....way.


This is the collection that caught my eye first!

The bottom right rod was perfect for the family room of my project...

Let me just say again....all in stock.  The company that I order my return rods from are usually 3-4 week lead time.....:(

They arrived and I love so hard....

Excited to see it with the curtain fabric which was backordered about 3 times....but arrived this week......whew.  

But....back to Kravet Hardware.  Here are a few other collections that caught my eye.

All in stock and very reasonably priced I might add.

Either way you look at it though putting curtains in a whole house is costly.  Especially when you add in the fabric, lining, interlining, labor and hardware.  I try to stay pretty neutral so if you redecorate [duh] you are safe.

If course I did break my own rule in my DR using my beloved Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock floral.

On the other hand it is exciting to try new things and go crazy with some fun fabrics.  

If you're  watching your budget using a scrim [sheer linen] can be a great way to go since you don't need all the lining which adds to the labor cost.  I used this treatment in my LR.

OK....gotta scoot.  Furniture being delivered today!  Exciting.  We are definitely on the countdown now.



Unknown said...

Crazy story about the bee!!!Big high 5 for continuing and finishing your workout.
Your Schumacher drapes are beautiful in your DR

Melissa I. said...

That gray lamp in your living room...where did you find it, please? I love it!

Stacey {steward of design} said...

That's crazy about the bee! You are tough, I'm certain I would've used that as an excuse to call it a day.
Those rods are so cool! Love them. And they are going to look so great with the fabric you chose.

Unknown said...

I have never looked at Kravet rods, either! amazing! Thanks for the tip. So sorry about the bee in your shoe, that is totally weird. I am so allergic, and would have had to get out my junkie epipen right there.
Good luck with your big project! xo Nancy

Vel Criste said...

Ooh-lala! Thanks for the heads up on these, I was just looking for the perfect rods for my Dining room, and this may just be it!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

This is a great and informative post. We lived in our old house for 29 1/2 years, in the woods so I ahd VERY few window treatments in that house. Consequently, I know very little about them. NOW, I need them everywhere. UGH! Thanks for this.

Ashley said...

Sounds like you got your Orange Theory on- does that mean that you'll start signing off as "Sheripped"?

sarah krouse said...

My minimalist ways mean I have zilch for draperies (thank God I also have zlich for neighbors, because, well, that would just be bad); but your recent posts are making me want in a serious way.

Kathysue said...

Love all of the rods, but especially the simple French return rods. I don't usually do window treatments in my home, but will keep this in mind if I ever do. I am all about open views and light!! Have a great weekend and enjoy opening up and unwrapping the furniture, this is the fun part and the part where you hold your breath that nothing is damaged, fingers crossed for you, xo Kathysue

The Lady's Life said...

Poor you! Poor bee. At least you have lived to tell about it, he alas, did not. I'm amazed that you finished your workout. You are an inspiration! Great, great post. Such terrific hardware. I'm in love with French returns. xo, N.

Anonymous said...

one question: where does one find the simple return rods. I see them in all the shelter magazines but when I ask the drapery and curtain shop if they can get them for me, they can't seem to find them. I live near Toronto so it's not like I'm in the wilderness.
Thanks and love the blog

Unknown said...

I'm not usually taken with with obvious wood rods, but your survey of French rods combined with the interesting accent wood designs, peak my interest. I am now quite interested in the distressed, or “corky” rod designs featured in one of the close-ups. Some of them seem to be a little cheesy, but others possess a truly remarkable antique look.

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