What would that be you ask?  

 Metal countertops.

There are so many choices to make designing home so you try to think of different textures to keep things interesting.  For walls we turn to wood or wallpaper.  

With countertops we normally go with granite, marble, quartz or wood. 

BUT......I have been checking out alternatives and came across Bastille Metal Works.

Started by Christopher Lee Plummer and Katrina Plummer Bastille Metal Works is the leading producer of custom cast Zinc and Pewter countertops in the world.  They are located in Savannah and New York.

We are all familiar with RH tables covered in zinc but let's expand it a little....



Gorgeous metal ceiling




These are all zinc examples but how about pewter?

Good Lord.

What I learned about zinc is that it reacts to water, fingerprints, lemon juice and other things although eventually the marks blend together to leave the countertop with a beautiful dark blue gray patina.

You shouldn't cut on it and there might be warping  if you put hot pots on it.  

High maintenance but so is marble.  
[and me I might add]

Zinc is about half the cost of pewter.  Hence the reason I found most images of pewter used in  commercial spaces like restaurant bars.

More images of zinc

Zinc hood....yes but only in my dreams probably:(

Passion Decor Tumblr.

Hubba Hubba this ceiling is sick!

 5th and State/Debra Phillips

Zinc counters that are antiqued with Amy Howard Home's solution

There are zinc sheets [darn say that 5 times in a row] and cast zinc which I understand might be better [15 gauge that is at least .060 thick].  It usually cost between $150-$200 @ square ft.  

Cha ching.

How many times can I use the word "zinc" in one post.





Cindy said...

lol... zinc zinc zinc !- oh man, i love love love the zinc countertops to death...


therelishedroost said...

I love Francois & Co metal counters but these are gorgeous too!! Would love in a butlers pantry or bar area for sure!

karen said...

I love the look but...doesn't zinc have lead in it?

Anne said...

Earthly good! Had never seen pewter decor (not your mother's bread warming dish...) so lovely!

cindy hattersley design said...


I love zinc...I have it on my outdoor tables. I literally let all the leaves fall, rainspots you name it. The beauty is if it looks too rough...take fine grade steal wool to it and it goes back to it's original state. Personally I like it distressed!!

Unknown said...

Very cool post and information! These are amazing and such a great alternative to conventional surfaces although metal probably came way before all others. I love the comeback! Xo Nancy

Unknown said...
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Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Very pretty. I saw something on Pinterest the other day about achieving the look with Annie Sloan chalk paint and dark wax. I might have to try that one day!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry,
I'm with you.....that ceiling IS sick!

debra @ 5th and state said...

a look to kill for!
my shop counter was covered with a galvanized cap with 3" sides. we added nails around the edges, for the look and zinced with amy howard.
looks just like the real mc coy and for a fraction of the cost
killer images!

An Urban Cottage said...

My kitchen table has a zinc top and I wouldn't recommend for counters if you have cats that walk on them. The oil in their paw pads oxidize very quickly and don't come off without constant cleaning with something like Bar Keepers Friend. It's been a real test of patience getting to the point that it's evenly patinaed and I have to use a tablecloth when guests come just because it looks so awful. I might try some of that Amy Howard stuff.

Leslie @ Segreto Secrets said...

Out of all of them, I love the metal ceiling!! Such a beautiful feature to add to a room!!
Segreto Finishes

designchic said...

I'm obsessed and the zinc hood and ceiling are amazing.

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