Yesterday was my first day back working out....don't get me wrong I walked 5 miles at the beach everyday but you know....not anything where my heart rate got elevated.  Yeah....it's hard getting back on that horse.

Oh yeah in case you are wondering....I'm still on WW.  Haven't lost anymore weight but basically I think I am just maintaining right now.....except for maybe gaining a couple of pounds over the holidays:)  My theory is that I try to be good 75% of the time and allow for that 25% failure..... just allowing for social situations where I might want to indulge!

Anyway we all know the easy part is losing the weight....it's keeping it off that is hard!

What's better to talk about in the new year than pillows right?

One of my favorite pillow sources is Danielle Oaky's Pillow Shop.

I could seriously buy everyone of her pillows....change them out weekly like it was my job.

How cute is she?

About as adorable as her pillows!  They have this easy California style....like a pair of khaki's and a white t shirt.

She definitely has a way with pattern mixing....

How about these colors???  Are you swooning yet?

I love how she anchors the grouping with black.....[surprised?]

Casual linens.....

Fresh patterns.....

Do you love???

Part of the problem is when I see all these I CAN'T DESIDE which ones I want....like I need pillows.....that is like saying Oprah needs money.

So you guys might have seen the picture of when I had IPL laser for my sun damage...... the day after Christmas.

So here is a before and after....now I do have a very light foundation on....actually it's more of a tinted moisturizer and some blush.

What a difference!  I'm pretty stoked with the results and I am getting it done again on Feb 22.

Maintenance people. I had it done at Dermatology Affiliates in Buckhead

Well today I am off to try and finish up staging/organizing my stepsons house so he can sell it and move to Morocco!  I raided my old pillow stash to help and I am happy to get rid of some them!




duff said...

Great pillows.
Was the IPL painful? Your results are AMAZING!

Lynn said...

Great pillows! And your looks great too!

Anonymous said...

Your niece is adorable but I hate those blown out ripped jeans. Just my opinion because instead of seeing her face the eyes go right to the knees instead.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I figure I can always use a couple more pillows :) and I love her style. The rust pin stripe is calling my name. I have a lot of those same fabric memos.

Your complexion is beautiful!!

Happy 2019.
Mary Ann

Judy said...

Good call! You complexion looks fabulous! My arms have the sun damage. Sunscreen for us al!!!

Gail Storti said...

Happy New Year Sherry!
Definitely a swoon worthy display of pillows. I love how she mixes colors and patterns but i’d have the same problem as you choosing which ones I wanted! Your complexion looks so flawless, can’t wait to see it after the second treatment.

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