Well here we are in 2019....hard to believe huh?  On New Years Day my husband watched about 12 hours of that even possible?  I was in the other room searching for something interesting to watch on Netflix and after scrolling through 8,345 titles I could not find one thing that interested me.  

Maybe it was my mood.  It always happens to me after I finish a's hard for me to get vested in another show.

So I ended up watching a reality show on Bravo because when in doubt watch a show that makes your life look a little more normal:)

In order to keep my 15 minutes of fame cooking I have a little more of the House Beautiful project to share with you.....

Here is a picture of the house again to refresh your memory.

The room with the iron window in front was the "wine collectors" space.

I selected Benjamin Moore: Bittersweet Chocolate in high gloss for the paint color.  I think they sanded and painted it 4 times to get that perfect sheen:)  

To be honest this space went through a lot of discussion as to it's purpose. At first HB did not want to show the wine cabinet but with so many doorways that was going to be hard.

We HAD to use furniture from one of the sponsors: Stressless..... which was a little difficult as [let me put this politely] it just did not fit the style of the house.

We had one sofa and 2 chairs to use [yes 2].  I still remember re-arranging this space about a hundred times and in the end one chair went back into the basement.  I can't work miracles y'all.

So....there we were.....after all the hoopla they decided to take the shot straight on.  Shoot me.

Here is the wine cabinet......

We took the glass doors off and styled them up as you see below.

Now a little exercise in details.....In the bottom image there is a desk in front of the cabinet.

Challenges around every corner.  We had to use the Stanton carpet but I found a pretty rug to give it some pattern and color on the floor.

Here you can see the sheen on the walls.

Cut to the dog room.....I really can't remember if I have shown these pictures before.  Hang with me people....

If you toured the house then I know this was your favorite many people told me that!

It was right off the garage so how nice to be able to throw in dirty soccer clothes right there and the Firerock floors go all the way through the hallway into the kitchen.  Plus....the dog wash area or "kid wash"....haha.

And....I know I showed this picture of Cami before ....but this shot WAS NOT EASY!
She was not going to lay on the bed for nuthin.  So I threw carrots out that doggy door and then threw another one on the floor when I called her in.  Talk about stress.  This took about an hour.

My last 24 hours at the beach and then back to Atlanta and work!  I am ready to get started on all my projects.




Katy said...

You are a miracle worker getting that furniture to not stand out in an obscene way. I did not think it was possible- you are a true miracle worker!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathy! Miracle worker..that furniture style is probably my least favorite ever but you styled it in such a way that it looked good...amazing what accessories and a pretty rug can do... we just finished watching Wanted on Netflix and it was fabulous..starts out in Australia with two women on the run..Really good we didn’t want it to end..
Have a great weekend!

cindy hattersley design said...

Sherry I am in awe of you. Seriously that dog room! Thank god you didn't use those worked miracles in the entire house. You are seriously one of the best. I hope you continue to get the recognition you deserve. I will be able to say I knew you when ha ha!!

Patty Markey said...

Love the rooms, but the dog favorite!! Cami! What a cutie!

Su-z said...

I love the feel of sitting in a Stressless chair, and my husband lobbied me for years to get one. I think he finally forgot about them, thank goodness. I wish they could make them better looking, because they are comfy! Love the dog room, too.

Harry King said...

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JNLD16 said...

I want that dog door!

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