Thanks for the sympathy about the toilet paper situation.  I know.....#firstworldproblems

I took so many pictures while at the mart last week....and I'm trying to categorize them so I can share.  I could just dump them all but what a lazy blogger I would be:)  I think the best thing to do is start with pillows because I am a big believer that they can be a game changer in a room....

I used to change mine all the time and by "all the time" I mean incessantly.... but I have relaxed that stance somewhat.  It seems like there are only so many black and white pillows that look different to the "untrained eye".....hahaha

These black and white beauties get me every time....I own quite a few and if I had more vessels....well then I would add a few more to my collection.

They are by Sugar Feather and are only sold to the trade so find yourself a designer and get some:)

My friend Sudi had some beauties also.....
 Blue is still a big seller!

The pictures below are from Ryan Studio

The Thibaut pillow below is a pattern I just used in a project.... and I also used it in the House Beautiful living area in the jewel tones.

3 guesses why I loved these pillows....

Yep....texture overload!

The ones below are by Lacefield Designs

Annie Selke

This isn't a pillow but I was smitten by this throw....I think I would wear it though:)

Love this watercolor style below....

And this one random pillow that I saw....and don't remember where....

Inspired?  Maybe a spring refresh?

I am headed to my new workout obsession Bach this is kicking my butt.  Today is leg day.....ugh




Marysia said...

They are beautiful. Can you recommend some nice bathroom cushions for me? I want to put in a small sofa + I will need pillows for the bath. fitted bathroom furniture is just starting, but it will probably go quickly. I'm starting to look around for all the extras so I'm asking for help :)

Elena said...

All the collections are just lovely. I am actually planning to renovate my bedroom & want to buy cushions or some bedding products for my bedroom. And I am really confused about the selection of the Pillows for my bedroom. I am dame sure this collection will help me out. Thank for sharing the article. Keep posting.

md riag said...

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All the best !!!

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