Well it was bound to happen.  Some friends called to see if they could spend the night as we were all going to a party down the street from me and they live about 30 minutes away.

Can you guess?  Let me help you out.....I had to not only clean my house but I had to get the stuff that had spilled out of my "collection room" and into my only other guest room OUT!

Yes after doing 2 showhouses I had a surplus of stuff that I just didn't know what to do with.  Bags of pillows.....lamps....and left over fabrics in colors that I will not use.  You know like jewel tones:)

Lord....I worked for 2 days to get it together......taking stuff to the thrift store and a consignment shop.  Then spent Saturday cleaning which really made me mad because my cleaning girls are coming this week.

After it was done and the candles were burning....pillows all fluffed....the snacks set out it was totally worth it.  I asked my girlfriend if she could come once a month....haha.  You know to keep me in "check".

I have had kitchens on the brain lately and then Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles  published their kitchens of the year so I thought I would force what is on my brain onto yours....hee haw.

This gorgeous kitchen was designed by Jessica Bradley and Laurie Lehrich. I still love those amazing Hicks Pendants by Circa Lighting.

As you can see wood cabinets are making a comeback.  These are not those orangy yellow oak that at one time defined "wood cabinets".

And.....when you think that white kitchens are out....feast below!

This gorgeous kitchen was designed by Melanie Davis Bracey.

It just proves that white can still be right!

And more beautiful wood cabinets....designed by Mark Williams.

I love the black tiles floors with the stain color....so rich!

Another gorgeous white kitchen designed by Mallory Mathison Glenn.

Nice to see the Circa Lighting Goodman pendants still strong....I love them.

Mallory used warmer tones with her space [as opposed to the all white more modern space above]
And of course in the butlers pantry I did not miss that she used my beloved Pyne Hollyhock!

4 awesome kitchens....all different but beautiful right?

Your fav?  Please share.


P.S.  I used the word kitchens 7 times:)


Beth said...

Wish I lived near you to follow you to the thrift store so I could snag your leftovers!! Love all the kitchens, especially the last one in beautiful blue! Have a wonderful day knowing you're all organized.

Much admiration,

Carolyn A said...

Love the last one too - gorgeous shade of blue.

onnery said...

I like the butler's pantry in blue!

Gail Storti said...

I’m with Beth! I’d become a stalker following you around to those thrift and resale stores scooping up all the fabulous things you just dropped off. Oh, it would be so fun! First you post so many gorgeous pillows, I almost lost my mind and now you post kitchens, another obsession I go crazy for. All of them are gorgeous and I’m glad you posted the white kitchens since I still love my white kitchen. It’s so true, house guests are the best way to get your clean house squeaky clean! Now that your house is clean, I’m available for a sleepover!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the first kitchen above. It is gorgeous. I am so over the white kitchen trend! Nice to see warmth and beauty!

Zumi said...

What a gorgeous blog and I do agree that the kitchen is gorgeous. Hope to acquire that kind of kitchen someday. Keep sharing.

online shopping said...

lovely post i would like to share this because its very helpful for me keep it up thanks for such kind of information with us and also know about modren office furniture

Anonymous said...

Please share where you drop your thrift store donations AND where your items are consigned?? Is that too invasive?


Redh00d24 said...

Any idea the color of blue paint used in the last photo? Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know the name of that gorgeous blue color.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know the color of the dark blue paint in the last photo? Thank you!

Ngoại thất sân vườn đẹp said...

Xich du sat nghe thuat
Xich du go cao cap

Anonymous said...

I agree, what’s the name of the last blue kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Would you please share the color of the blue cabinets in the butler’s pantry? Beautiful!

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