Guys....the House Beautiful issue comes out today and I am just plain giddy!  I had to put the whole place back together early this week and tonight is the big party!  I'm all in a dither and still have no idea what I'm wearing.

Unfortunately I have to do a small job this morning zhushing my neighbors house for a party. Can't say no to a neighbor:)

They put the bedroom on the probably saw this on my instagram....

So you've heard me blab on about how hard it was because....well..... first of all doing color is a real stretch for me...ha ha.  But I also had to work with certain vendors.
That made it harder to get the exact look we wanted!  If you look closely there are 2 different styles of bedside chest here!  Ballard was a sponsor so the blue ones are from them.

In the first image we used some from Perigold [these are actually Global Views] so it shows you how different it can look!

Lee Industries sofa, Lulu DK fabric and Ballard pillow.

Thibaut wallpaper, Ballard etagere, floor lamp is Circa Lighting, carpet is Stanton and this are was lent to my by Atlanta Artist Collective.  It's by Tyler Colgan.

This gorgeous pillow from Travis and Co by Carolina Irving.  Linens from Matouk

The fabric is from Sanderson [Style Library] 

Headboard is from Ballard! Canopy constructed by my friend Sudi!

Of course I'll have more pictures.....duh.  So many details to share.....

But things have to happen today and sitting here in front of the computer is not going to facilitate that!

Have a rocking weekend!




Unknown said...

This looks amazing!!! The colors came together beautifully!!!

Unknown said...

Hello Atlanta
Thanks for posting!
Design work...fabulous as usual.

Enjoy the party!! 🥂

Chico, CA!
(Almonds & Walnut orchards here)

cindy hattersley design said...

Shari the entire room is stunning. I am giddy over those Carolina Irving pillows, the Ballard etagere. What an incredible job can't wait to get my issue!

debra @ 5th and state said...

to the Belle of Atlanta, go celebrate, savor the adulation well deserved, and get ready to be massively in demand



Maurie said...

well you do color very well!!!! Looks amazing and all those patterns come together beautifully...I am sure you are super proud!

Gail Storti said...

I can’t wait to get my issue too see it all, but I know your bedroom will be my favorite room. You do color just as fabulously as you do neutrals and the room is gorgeous. Bravo to you for a terrific job! Have a wonderful time tonight!
P.S. Just wondering why they switched out the nightstands, both look great but the ones on the cover are my favs!

Earl Nielson said...

Very beautiful, indeed.
Wowed by Cloud Contact Centers

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I see color!!! Always love your designs but I am a color person and this room came out beautiful!

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