Thanks!  I feel like you guys understand and can appreciate the stretch this was for me:)

One of the many sponsors of the House Beautiful Concept House was Replacements, Ltd.  They sent all this beautiful china for us to work with!

If you aren't familiar with them.....they started as a small company in 1981.  I can remember ordering a piece of my silver from them many years ago!  

When I was at Highpoint last spring I saw some gorgeous tables set by designers and it was a moment!

Starting with this one by my friend Lisa Mende!

The one below by Denise McGaha

Parker Kennedy Living

So pretty....make me almost want to have a brunch:)  I came to my senses pretty quick though....haha

MA Allen Interiors

I couldn't go this year because of all the HB events but everyone was talking about this gorgeous pink table by Tracy Zeller!

Madcap Cottage went with plates on the wall....

Savage Interior design

This is the dining room of the House Beautiful showhouse.  The Circa Lighting bell jars are fabulous!  Since I know you are going to ask....the built in china cabinets are painted Ben Moore Amazon Green.  Walls are BM White Dove.

They sent us some pretty pieces to mix and match....

We actually mixed them.....

And by the way....these gorgeous Charles Stewart chairs are now for sale!  The fabric is a Thibaut Crypton and they are gorgeous.  If you are interested please call Charles Stewart Atlanta 404 876 3799.  There is 8 of them.

You probably won't be surprised to know that my china is a bone white with a gold trim....neutral!

Last night was the final event and it was sad to say goodbye to the whole House Beautiful team.  They have been here for 10 days putting on sometimes 2 events a day with sponsors!

So many more post to share with you about all the rooms and furniture.

My feet hurt.  7 events for me.  7 outfits.  Makeup on and hair.  Stick a fork in me.....I'm done.



Kirby Carespodi said...

I helped with the Madcap Cottage design. It was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

The china is so beautiful. Please, I beg of you, tell us what on earth is hanging on the walls in the photo just below the words Savage Designs. It looks like a toilet seat collection.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I hope china and fancy table settings will come back in again. I think the minimalism pendant has to swing back in the other direction. Right?!

Gail Storti said...

These gorgeous tablescapes make me weak in the knees! How fun would it be to go to a home and sit at a beautiful table like one of these. The china pieces are fabulous and i have gotten things from Replacements Inc. before. They’re a great source to get hard to find pieces.
Again, congratulations on your House Beautiful project, it was so fun following along as you made decisions and worked your buns off to get it done. And, can do color and it’s wonderful!

cindy hattersley design said...

That dining room is just yummy. I love what you did ...those chairs...the it all and the tablesetting is to die for. You are the bomb Shari!

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