When I posted about my colonoscopy I am afraid I might have been too negative and possibly scared a few of you away:)

A reader of my blog sent me an email politely reminding me that although it's not a fun procedure it saves lives and I guess I had forgotten why I had it done to begin with.

When I turned 50 my doctor started gently urging me to have one [that is the recommended age].  As the years went on that gentle urging became a little more forceful but I still didn't do it.  I can be stubborn.

It wasn't until I turned 60 that I went....yes it took me 10 years.  Just like many of you.....I hate to go to the doctor....I guess because I am always scared of what the news will be.  

So.....if you don't go then you are probably assured to get bad news.  

The first time I did have some polyps that they removed [which were benign] but that meant I had to do it again in 5 years.   This time I had one.

So let this be my's not that bad.  Definitely not fun.....but it might help save your life.

There....don't say I did't try to help out.

Just a cute black and white bathroom from my good friend Julie Holloway today!  Hold on to your hats cause I feel this one was designed just for me!

This mirror.....

Everything in this shot...the window treatment and that chair.....GAH.

Her signature gallery wall with vintage art.

This chair is total perfection! are a rock star!  You can see this at the Serenbe Showhouse right now!  

I'll have more pictures on Friday....I know #showhousecity lately!

See ya Friday gang!



Mary Ann Pickett said...

You are reminding me I need to get a mammogram with your health PSA. That is SUCH a unique and pretty powder room.

Susan R. Gordon said...

Thank you for reminding your readers to have a colonoscopy when they turn 50. My dear friend Robin was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at age 59. She died five years later. She had never had a colonoscopy, and because of that she felt guilty every day that she was putting her family through the horror of her illness. Kudos to you for having that first colonoscopy despite your misgivings.

chris said...

Colonoscopies are very important. happy to report a new prep protocol is much easier. clears the day before, I bottle of miralax in a large bottle of gatorade. that's it! no more gallons of salty water slim stuff. from my brother...the colorectal surgeon. ask your MD about it next time.

Andrea said...

Just finished a colonoscopy. In case you did not know there are alternatives prescriptions for the night before. Instead of drinking gallons of "that stuff" there are different preparations that consist of 5 ounces with fizzy stuff and an additional 5 8 ounces of plain water within the next 3 hours. Do this twice. I wish i had known about this the last time i did my colonoscopy. Unfortunately, it is not widely know because generally insurance does knot cover this preparation. It cost $156 but was worth every penny. Check with your doctor and please everyone get your health preventative screenings!!

cindy hattersley design said...

Catching up on all your posts that I have missed!! Love that gallery wall!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing up the colonoscopy. I have had several and can honestly say that they are not that bad. And nothing compares to the feeling you get when you know that everything is okay. My dear neighbor just died of colon cancer and left behind a husband and two children of college age. Colon cancer is 100% preventable, so why wouldn't you just do it? We are not supposed to enjoy everything. I would drink whatever was necessary for one measly day of my life in order to be able to have a procedure which many in the world will never get to have. Sometimes we just have to put on our big girl pants and do it. The best thing is that you are knocked out during the actual procedure and won't know a thing about it. Preparation instructions vary greatly among physicians, so ASK what the least annoying way is to prepare. My last prep was relatively easy compared to the one before. I had a friend having one around the same time and hers was very different. It depends on the physician. Glad you got yours done and that you are okay. We could have it a lot worse.

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