Holy Smokes.....I started looking for cute summer dresses and I was amazed to find that most sizes were already sold out!

It's like if you don't buy your summer clothes before July 4th....then you are out of luck.

I was specifically looking for dresses because now that we are in the high 80's-90's everyday it can just be too hot for jeans.  I gotta be honest I am not a huge dress person....but I have bought a few this season and I might be a convert:)

Here is my roundup of what I found....something for every occasion!

This number from H&M could be the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding.

Same with this one....

Another one from H&M

This one from Forever 21 is so adorable....and priced right!

A little more expensive from Nordstroms but you could add a belt and give it a little pizazz! 

I'm not sure of the quality of this from Shein but for 12.00 I'm sure you could get one or two wears out of it!

Same with this one....from Shein which I'm thinking about ordering!

For a mere 32.00 you could wear this one from Shein on your next occasion!

You can always find some cute little dresses at J Crew Factory

How cool and breezy does this one look?  From H&M

Banana Republic didn't have much left but this one is new and looks like a perfect dress for me!

Another black and white one from Banana Republic

I started out to just do a post on white dresses but I couldn't find that many!  I liked this one from Nordstrom's.

I am really into this mustard color...what are your thoughts....and you won't go broke at 24.00 from Shein

Another one from Shein with some cute embroidery. 

I think this one from Anthropologie was the most expensive one but it sure is a good one!

I found this one on Urban Outfitters....

Along with both of the ones below 
I don't know about you but not sure of the shoe choice here:)

So thoughts?  If you buy any one of these please spill the beans on whether you like or not!

The other night we went to dinner at my sisters in Marietta and saw this white squirrel in her backyard!

I've heard of them but never actually seen one.

And I posted this on Instagram of me in 1972-73 when I was a flight attendant for Eastern based in San Juan!

Isn't it funny that the fashion for the women is back in style!  Not so sure about the guy's though....hahaha

Have a great week you summer half way over?




carol said...

I love your work and appreciate how you support local creatives, but I struggle with your fast fashion posts. In your interior work everything seams to be such high quality and if not locally sourced, ethically sourced. So why the fast, unethically manufactured clothes? Sure the dress is $12, but who made it? Are they making a living wage? What do you do with it after you've worn it twice? Sorry, I don't mean to sound preachy because I love your taste in fashion, but forever21 and H&M leave a bitter taste.

gina said...

Very cute dresses, Have you ever ordered from Shein? I did last year and it took forever....literally was on a slow boat from China.

Dana D said...

And if you order from Shein, order a size up. They run small!

AnneHH said...

I have the adorable black and white check from J Crew and wore it to a 4th of July party. Many compliments!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most of your readers are WAY TOO OLD to wear some of these dresses. I am not being cruel, but numbers 3 and 4 (from the top) leave too much hanging out (even for a younger person.) And, for 12 dollars, the quality and fit (and likely, the chemical smell of the dress) is going to be a NO!

Gail Storti said...

I’m all about dresses in summer. They are so cool and comfy when temps are above 80! However, you’re right about having to buy summer items early, I think you need to buy around April or May to get the size you want. Not sure I could order from Shein, heard so many stories about these kinds of sites and none of them were good. If you’re looking for inexpensive, I’d stick with H&M, Forever 21, even Target. At least you can see and feel what your get! The dresses you shared were great but some were too bare for my aging body! Gets harder and harder to find cute, trendy clothes for the “close to 70” age range! Thanks for sharing your summer dress finds!

René said...

Oooh! Love that polka dot dress!

beyondbeige said...

I bought a few things from Shein and they were absolute crap. I didn't bother to return and just threw them away. The worst lester polyester fabric. Don't do it.

Kathysue said...

Love so many of the dresses offered this season, love how feminine some of them are. I can't wear the overly loose or boho look, but I know you would look amazing in anything. I already ordered the J.Crew gingham dress, no surprise there, I know, black and white and gingham, how can I go wrong. I did find a darling almost boho chic look at Target of all places at the beginning of the season. Good quality easy to wear, easy breezy. I prefer dresses and skirts in the summer months as well. Keep us posted on your final selections. Love the last few black and white more fitted dresses. Not too sure about SheIn, their price point and quality scares me a bit, but give me a good J.Crew sale and I am all over that one!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment that these are not age-appropriate. And that would be for anyone over about 35. Most of these are better suited to teenagers. Wearing a bra is not only fashionable, it is in good taste. I like your decorating posts, but these dresses are hideous. Sorry. Judith

Scribbler said...

These comments were almost as fun as the post. I have to say, I have ordered a few things in the past from Shein and only had to return one top. They were very nice about it, too. I guess I was pleasantly surprised that they did not disintegrate in my hands, but I did wonder about the sweatshop possibility. It is a bit irritating to get six or seven garments shrink wrapped into a small envelope which takes a hundred years to steam out the wrinkles, I will admit. Mostly, for this hot weather, I have about decided that the Hawaiian ladies have the right idea with those mumus. Oh hell, I don't know how you spell it...

Renee said...

These negative comments are making me laugh - granted I have only seen you in photos but you are HOT and can pull off anything! Furthermore, any woman no matter her size or shape should wear whatever makes her feel great. I simply don't ascribe to "age appropriate" because it just doesn't matter and it shames women. I love your fashion posts! Keep doing you boo boo 😘

Angie said...

Love that picture of you, such a cutie pie!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." People if you don't like it...keep scrolling!
Love your posts!!! Have a great weekend!

Deborah said...

Wow talk about harsh, I can’t believe some of these negative comments. I will be 60, eek in 2 weeks and I would wear any of the things that you posted-I have the gingham j crew. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and everyone of them has posted items from Shein. Why pay $120 for a trendy blouse from Nordstrom, (source more than likely somewhere in the Far East with the same wage being paid to the worker) when you could pay $12 from Shein. Age appropriate is a ridiculous mindset. Where what makes me happy and confident is what I wear and I get random compliments constantly on what I’m wearing…most from people much younger.

Susan T said...

LOVE your Fashion Post! Thanks for taking the time to find good deals! I love your insight on everything. Your Talent ....oh my GAH!
I'm super excited to see your post on your upcoming projects!!! LUV the pic you shared!!

cindy hattersley design said...

I have been so tempted to order from Shein their little ads on Pinterest always look so fabulous! I think everyone is entitled to wear whatever they feel good in!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to the party, but I thought of a good place to shop that may make everyone happy: Everlane. Check them out.

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