Thanks for all of your comments on Annie's place!  I love putting together rooms and working with what people have.....maybe it takes the pressure off starting from scratch and then wondering if you made the right decisions:)

I am also wondering if I will ever have a finished project again!  With everything being delayed half done rooms are kind of the norm around here.....

UGH.....kind of takes the fun out of it when I go to order something and it's quoted as coming in late 2022....

But I am sure all of this is considered 1st world problems!

I posted some books on Instagram and somebody asked me to suggest a few of my favorites.  I thought I would give you selections of some I have and some I plan on ordering.

They can all be found on Amazon.

I plan on ordering the first 2 [Ray Booth and Brian Paquette]

I have Marie Flanigan's and The White book but the other 2 look like some I might enjoy!

I also have James Michael Howards book [Phoebe Howards husband] and Andrew Howards [their son] 
book.....both of which I love!

I need to order Melanie Turners book because I am a huge fan of her work as well as Ashley Whittaker's book.

AND....if you are renovating a kitchen this year you will love Matthew Quinn's new book on beautiful kitchens!
That one is NOT sold on Amazon but you can purchase it here

Your welcome!

So I went to a party last Saturday night and I was trying to figure out what to wear.  Last spring my neighbor gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to a great store here in Buckhead called the London Trading Co.  Anne and I went together because she thought she could control what I bought....she should know me better than that:) soon as we went in I saw this tulle skirt in the window.  Unfortunately it was the only one and a size 6 which is clearly NOT my size but I made them take it down anyway so I could try it on:)

I can be stubborn like that.  Anne was busy throwing things in the dressing room for me to try on but I wasn't having it.  I have always wanted a tulle skirt and I was picturing myself looking like SJP in SATC walking down the street looking so very cute....haha

Guess must have been mis-marked because it fit.  Anne scowled and said....
"Are you really getting that?"  
Me: "Yup."  
Anne: "Where will you wear it?"
Me: "To your house for dinner.....every night."

Well it has been hanging in my closet and when I realized I might have someplace to wear it I started trying on things that might go with!

This try on session was early that morning so I had not even washed my face yet:)

I just threw on my glasses and some red lipstick!

It's always cold at this party because they have all the doors open so in the end I just wore the white shirt and kept the scarf over my arm!

It just goes to show you that a tulle or just a black skirt can be so versatile!  Plus here is another small tip....the crystal button was in the back but I just wore the skirt backwards....hahaha

Anyway it was fun and I did feel like a party girl. 

I am on the LTK app now [sherryhdesigns] and I try to link everything from my OOTD's that I post on Instagram stories!

If I could figure out how to link it I would....but I am sure you guys can figure it out :)

So there you have it....Christmas gifts and party outfits!



Melissa I. said...

Sherry, I love every variation of your outfit! You're ready for any party!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous! Hope you had a great time. Now I’m googling tule skirts!

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing on you I love it too!!!! K Sunday

Diane said...

That skirt was calling your name and looks fabulous on you in each way you styled it. Merry Christmas to you!

Marne said...

I laughed at the shopping story! Sounds so familiar 😇
You look fabulous in all those outfits. Keep it sassy

debra @ 5th and state said...

YOU can get away with looking smashing, I would look like a sausage trying to escape my casing.


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Merry Christmas, Sherry! You look gorgeous in every version of that skirt.

I ordered the Matthew Quinn's on special and comes with one of his fave kitchen could I NOT order :)

AnneHH said...

Sherry, Merry Christmas!! As the year winds down, I am here to say a huge thank you for your wonderful content and the many truths that you share with your adoring "fans" here on the blog and on Instagram. I live for your honesty, as well as your design and fashion talent! The tulle skirt and your styling are sublime. You look so gorgeous and I am completely inspired by the different looks you put together. I also just ordered the Matthew Quinn book as a Christmas present to myself. ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love everything you do….you have such an eye and you are generous to share! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very good 2022!

Anonymous said...

Debbie B said...

Excellent decision on the tulle skirt - you look amazing in it, in every variation!

Angie said...

You’re so adorable!! I love that skirt!! Merry Christmas!

pdcal said...

Every picture is beautiful! I am very thankful for you blog, It often makes my day
Merry Christmas

barbara said...

Tulle is one of my favorite fabrics! You can also rock it with some combat boots or Converse.'s not just for parties anymore!!!

You look fantastic!

Sarah said...

Sherry, I love your tulle skirt, and every iteration of your party outfits, but the white blouse you ultimately chose was classic and fun and so chic. I'd be happy to be half as chic as you!

I know this has been a hard year in many ways. Wishing you peace this Christmas and a healthy, happy 2022. Thank you for the joy you bring and for the very real person you are.

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