Being a designer for over 20 years I frequently source from Ballard Designs....the great brand started by Helen Ballard Weeks in 1983.... for some of their great accessories.  When I'm  working on a budget it's a great place to get the  "look for less".

Did you know that Helen Ballard got her start by winning a design contest in Metropolitan Home?

Well....they finally opened a retail store here and I was invited to the opening.  You might have seen some of my instastories!

First of all it's huge!  And it looked pretty well stocked! 

Let's review....

Of course all this black and white got me right from the beginning!

Came around this corner to my fav vignette!


This stripe sofa and rug gave me all the feels:)

And of course we all love some classic blue!

So many pretty things....

Pretty pink chair

You could use this chair anywhere!

Pretty details on a duvet.

Love this outdoor rug!

They served this wine which was really good!

Earlier in the day I was at the Mart with my friend and we went straight to the opening....

Got some good "steppin" that day!  Plus.... saw some great stuff which I will share with y'all on Friday!

I'm so glad we all got over "dressgate".....:)

Have a great week!



Ron said...

I too love Ballard Designs. I miss my Atlanta days and may trips to the Defoors outlet. My only problem with BD is the number of backordered items. Ugh!
I cannot wait to visit the new shop next time in ATL. Where is it located?

cindy hattersley design said...

Ballard has a couple of light fixtures that look very similar to one of our fav lighting companies that I use on a regular basis! You guys have the best shopping!

onnery said...

There is a retail location near me so you now have motivated me to check it out. I love your choices!

Gal Storti said...

I love Ballard but I’m sometimes hesitant to buy things I can’t touch, feel and see in person. So their new store is fabulous. I saw many things I wanted but how could I get to their store that’s on the other side of the country. WHY do they always open the good stores in the east first? Los Angeles would be a great place for one of their stores, hint...hint! We love home decore just as much as you eastern folks! I just hope I’m not so old I don’t give a hoot about home decore anymore when they put a store here!

michele said...

The white barrel chair! You post 3,000 beautiful colorful pieces, and that's the object I'm drawn to...some things will never change! Also. I never tire of reading your words, Sher-nest Hemingway. They always tickle the ear of my heart. :)

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Wow! There is so many beautiful things to see in this store!

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