Ima be all over the place today.  Just a little insight into my brain....haha

I am at the beginning of a lot of projects which makes me feel like I am untethered because as we all know....there are infinite possibilities.  That makes my brain feel like I am a fish on the end of the dock flip flopping all over the place.

I need that one piece of inspiration to pull in the reigns and get me back on the straight road.

Some friends of mine are developing this land into 4 residences.

The one circled will be their own residence!

Saturday I was over their discussing the trim package....think walls ceiling etc.  We went over the kitchen cabinets [can't wait to see the plan] and fireplace surrounds.

Kind of excited about all of this goodness!

Next up is my friend and "builder extraordinar"  Michael Ladisic!  His new office.  He took a traditional house and added this cool entry on it.

A space about 11 ft by 11 ft with iron windows.

I put together a plan....

Kind of tribal.... modernish.....texturish.

I went to Spotlight On Art [now through Feb 3rd] with a client looking for a large piece of art for her bedroom but struck out.  We managed to find this pretty piece though and I love it!

If you remember a while back I talked about a new development in Fayetteville, Georgia called Pinewood Forest.   I finally took a trip down there to preview and WOW!

It's about 20 minutes south of Atlanta airport and it is going to be a killer neighborhood.  I love love the design of the homes.....

The model had some great details.....

The kitchen had this travertine countertop and it was a refreshing site after marble everywhere...I love the warmer tones...

This iron shelf got me.....

But these black and white cups.  Oh yes.

Anytime I can hang a crusty mirror.

Concrete countertops has me wanting.....

Of course I am a sucker for old wood thingys.

I had an epiphany that this light would look good in my house somewhere!

Leaving Fayetteville and heading to ADAC where I got some good inspiration at the Ainsworth and Noah showroom

This stripe goodness mixed with cream, black and white truly has my name on it.

This mohair sofa.....hubba hubba


Wood parsons dining table and chairs.....always classic.

Nice custom cabinet cover.....

Uh huh....all day!

I'm working on another condo and like I said....I am loving the warm tones of beige now.  

And I have been plowing through 6 seasons of the Netflix show Call the Midwife.  Every time my husband comes in there is a woman screaming in childbirth....ha ha

When I walk Cami everyday I like to listen to something and this Podcast was addicting!


Oh my gosh....did you know that Providence, Rhode Island has a huge organized crime history and a mayor who after serving a couple of terms, went to prison .....then was re-elected again!  

If you don't know this about me....I love anything true crime!

Who is this sweet face:)

OK you made it to Friday!  I think I will clean out all my closets this weekend.

Nah....JK.....that will never happen.




Anonymous said...

Your signatures and hashtags are absolutely hilarious!!!! And your thoughtful design is such a pleasure to read about.

toocolorcrazy said...

Yay for warm tones! I knew if I waited long enough it would swing back! LOVE the office space!

Anonymous said...

I love the warm tones too! Any chance you could share the names of the Kravet fabrics you are using in the condo project. I would love to use that blue/gray for a sofa in my home. Thank you and I so enjoy reading your posts.

cindy hattersley design said...

I love all the textural elements you are using in that office..wonderful! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your style, and I absolutely love that unique entryway that your friend and builder extraordinaire Michael Ladisic created… can you share with us what materials he used for that amazing entryway for example, where did those huge ginormous life-size corbels come from is it made out of wood? It’s absolutely stunning and I’d love to re-create it, but it would be really super helpful if we knew what materials he used or where he got those giant corbels. Thank you so much. ❤️

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