I made it home from the beach with chipped and broken nails but my spirit was still intact.  If you have been reading DI for a while then you know that we purchased this beach rental down on 30A at the peak of the market back in 2006.'s definitely been a struggle but thank goodness it is finally breaking even with good rentals.  Whew.....those were some lean years for us.

I think I have mentioned before how much work it is keeping the place spiffed up as it sleeps 10 and that many people can be hard on a place.  Word of advice.....just's much easier:)

The same furniture had been there for 11 years and was not a pretty site.  Time for a refresh!  The last time I did one was here

I knew it was slim pickens down there for furniture shopping because everything is so expensive!  But I stumbled on a store called Stock and Trade Design Co and it was the motherload.  Reasonable prices and tons of merchandise.  

I got a sofa that was sunbrella AND slipcover. 

I purchased the coffee table and rug also.

The chair in the corner is so comfy and performance fabric also.

I have to tell you that I went in one store and asked the sales women if she had any sofa's or chairs in performance fabric and she looked at me and said "what is that"?  


I said you know "fabric that sings and dances"......what the heck.....are you kidding me?

We left.

Yes it drives me crazy that the sofa can't be centered under the window.....

I got that original watercolor picture a while back at a thrift store for 35.00

So this small table and chairs were purchased a few years ago from a flea market and then I stumbled across the place called Not Too Shabby  and bought this mirror!

I painted this Pottery Barn wood and glass console while I was there and I took about 5 coats and 3 full days.  Don't you hate when you start a project that you think will be so stinking easy's so not!

This piece is original [I bought when I first did the place]

I found this little occassional chair at a place called Retail Therapy.  Good deals in that place!

There are still a few things to do....but it's so clean we backed out of that me done!

Got home Tuesday night and it's already Friday.  I could be a little happy about that:)

After Cami wined for 3 hours she wore herself out.  Traveling with that girl is not for sissy's.


6 comments said...

I have a French bulldog that hates to ride in cars. I have started giving him 1-2 tablets of Meclizine (from the vet) and it totally calms him down for the ride. It is a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

It's so gorgeous, light and airy! I would love to stay here! Can you please post a link to the rental information?

Barbara said...

What a fantastic landlord you are. I have rented several condos over the years in Florida and can't believe the uncomfortable cheap crap we've been expected to sit on & don't get me started on the thin pillows or the dated mattress. When I'm looking on line to find a rental the furniture always looks pretty reasonable but then we arrive after a two day drive (from Canada) & I could weep, the view from the balcony is great if you can sit for longer than two minutes on the awful white plastic patio furniture from Walmart (no offence to Walmart they do carry some nice stuff) Most landlords think renters will abuse the property & that's unfair to the people that treat the rentals with respect so well done Sherry I hope you get the renters you deserve, the place looks awesome.

Erika Ward said...

You've outdone yourself once again Sherry!! I pretty much woke the dog with laughter at your response to performance fabric!!

The enchanted home said...

Wow this is simply stunning!! I can see the pride you take in being a landlord, very impressive and sure to mean many returning renters. Love how light, airy and inviting it is. Hope all is well:)

cindy hattersley design said...

We had a VRBO rental for several years We still do but no longer rent. I hear you! This is just fabulous Shari. You need to advertise it on your blog! I would love to come stay there!!

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