You might be wondering where I've been......and the answer to that would be Highpoint Furniture Market!

I had a blog post all ready for Friday but as with life..... things don't always go as planned.  My friend Jennifer and I were staying at the dump [Days Inn] as I so lovingly referred to it and early Friday morning when I was bringing coffee back to the room I opened the door to the sound of sobbing.

She had just heard the news that her father had passed away un-expectantly and Lord knows you are never prepared for that news right?

To make a long story short she rented a car and drove back to Atlanta.  My heart goes out to her.

THEN.....I found out that a few friends of mine were staying 1 and 1/2 hours away from Highpoint having to make that drive every day so I offered them my room and went over to the Country Suites to stay with my friends Lori and Amanda on their pull out sofa.  Life sure can pull a fast one on you when you least expect it.

3 girls with one college:)

I took this picture so you could see that I practice what I preach about wearing mostly black and white.....I'm pretty predictable!

Which side are my clothes on?
Ha Ha

My post was actually a fashion one....5 different ways to wear black jeans.

When you travel on a short trip it's so nice to be able to pack a small bag.  I have learned that as much as I want to take everything with me.....sticking to the basics makes it easier right?

I bought the leather jacket on a 40% off plus 10% off sale.  It's lightweight so I can wear a sleeveless shirt under and not sweat to death.  Just FYI.... I hardly EVER buy anything at BR, J Crew or AnnTaylor unless it is on sale.

I love my Puma's...should have worn them everyday!

Here is a nice way to dress up black jeans for an evening out....

I like the shoes because they have a lower heel height!

I also bought these shoes and they are extrememly comfortable.....

I ordered these boots when they were on sale at Nordstroms....

I have these Fry boots and they are 4 years old.....have had the heels done twice but seriously they look new!

I'm a big fat pig now after eating candy in every showroom so I am going to try and workout every day the rest of the week before all that fat finds a home someplace ugly like my back.

It's nice to be back in my own bed:)



Kathysue said...

It might be basic black and white but you make it look like sooooo much more. Love it all. I really appreciate your post to show style with comfort, especially with the shoes. I read a post that one blogger chose her shoes first and worked her outfits around the shoes when she was traveling. I thought that was a great idea. Let's face it if it is not comfy we don't wear it. Glad you are home and enjoyed the pics from mart that you shared!!! Rest up!!

Anonymous said...

Love your fashion posts! Your picks are always simple, elegant, wearable, and comfy looking. Thanks.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Boy., I really do have a similar style. I have to pack for a trip to NYC and divergent. I love all your picks!

Glenna said...

I love your style and all the fashion picks!!

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