Hola chickadees! It has been a busy week here at Sherry Hart Designs.  Lot's of installing so I thought I would catch you up on the details.

I think you remember my Manchester project? Another post here. We ordered all the lighting back in April and yesterday it was all installed.  For a designer that is an exciting day:)

This Arteriors beauty was the last one picked out.  We struggled with the fixture to go over the DR table but this one gave her the glam she asked for!  It did not disappoint.....
Below is the table.      

All the furniture just off the truck!

These going up the stairs!

For this bathroom...

This great light.  Very reasonable price point and I like the white glass as it won't show dust like clear glass does!

These Circa beauties in the master bath!

The wallpaper went up in the master.

And both of us had a moment when these were installed over the island!

With these barstools.....

And this fabric for the window treatments

I called my painter to come paint the pantry black!
Next up is styling that beauty!

This are the sconces in the powder bath. [One on each side]  Wallpaper soon!

I need to order one of these for myself!

And look how I circled it back to me:)
I'm having some art framed for my dining room.....

And this is finally happening on my sofa.....I've only had the fabric for 2 years!

It's harder to do things around here with my retired husband watching my every move haha.

Lord I remember the good old days when I could totally rearrange the whole room and add new pillows and he would not even notice:)




Tammy said...

Wow, Sherry this project is stunning!

Mary said...

You always pick the best light fixtures. Always!
Are you having your sofa reupholstered or having a slipcover made?

Robin said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with all of us. As awe of your design prowess.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love your design and I got a great laugh out of your "retired husband" comment. I so understand. Mine is underfoot all the time.

Cassie Bustamante said...

stop it! i love everything but i died a little when i saw the sectional because now there is a HUGE sectional shaped void in my life.

treeby said...

Hilarious about your hubby!! I so relate!
Beautiful job, as usual. Your restraint, added with the dramatic pieces is spot on!
First time commenting, always love your blog and sense of humor. 😁

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I love the S egg toaster design, but I just checked out the product online and it doesn't get raving reviews for actually toasting bread. :(
I love the new sofa fabric. And good luck with the hubs. I can second guess myself enough, without my husband looking over my shoulder!

Anonymous said...

Great modern lighting! It really does make the room!
I too would have had a moment when the lights were installed over the island in the kitchen....great barstools too

michele said...

Black pantry walls *gasp* that's a rock n roll move you won't find in granny's kitchen! And the sconces are sooooooo cool. I feel your pain with the retiree supervision. will soon have my empty nest back and plan to be extra creative and productive again when our son moves out. I need me some quiet to hear all these voices in my head. (pathetic but true!). :)

Maryann in Duluth said...

All of that prettiness and I'm drooling over the pantry. Sherry, you've outdone yourself!

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