On Wednesday I spent the morning at the dentist. That will bring you back to reality.  I'm sure I have posted about my fear which I know is shared by many of you.  

My old dentist [ 23 years....not his age hee haw ] stopped using IV sedation so we had to breakup:(

 I am such a wuss when it comes to any kind of pain.....or to be clear.... just the very thought that there WILL be pain.

Don't get me wrong....I can get a cleaning no problem but pretty much anything else will require sedation.  

PSA..... there is a timeline on crowns and fillings. Don't think for a minute they will last forever.....because every 20 years or so you can expect to be in that chair getting the bad news that one or more needs to be replaced.  
Being a dentist is a thankless job cause NOBODY is ever excited to come for a visit.

I've got more before and after pictures of the Madison project today.  It is about 75% done!

Tuesday we explored the bedrooms.  Today I have the screened in porch.

This property was bought furnished.....a sea of brown furniture and not to sugarcoat it.....crap everywhere. 


So much stuff!

We started by painting the ceiling and walls the same color as  the outside.

And the trim... 

Clearing it out only keeping a few things.  Like a couple of dogs!  Henry and Chelsea

Painted this old beat up pie chest.....

Remember we picked up this painting at a flea market?

Ordered some Kingsley Bates outdoor furniture

After trying to arrange the furniture I realized that this stove was IN MY WAY!

So I flipped the room putting the table and chairs down here and the seating at the other end.  It makes sense since that is where the view of the lake is!

We ordered this square table with 2 storage benches at the Lakewood 400 flea market and they had 6 old captains chairs in their attic.  Soon to be painted.

And before of the other end.....

Cleared out

Using a few leftover things to see what we still ceiling fans also....much sleeker

The coffee table and end table were previously in the family room
Pillows from Pier One and HomeGoods.

The rug from Target's new outdoor collection.

Used the extra captains chairs here....and reused the bench that was already there.

I'm thinking of using the gray color we painted the pie safe......on the chairs

This area in the middle of the room......

My plan all along was to put the vintage iron cot here.

Which I had painted white.

Still need to find a mattress that fits!  The old one was a little "too vintage" for me....ha ha.

I can see taking a heck of a nap here right?

We will explore the family room on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend.....

Sherika Topeka


Anonymous said...

I love a porch - hours of being outside without the bugs. Yours is fabulous; I'm envious.
You know, I'd be tempted to leave the captain's chairs as is because they are a warm wood colour and they provide a visual relief. Is there a reason for not siting the sofa with its back to the house so one could look out at nature? I can't wait till you find a mattress for the cot - I'll be right over for a nap. I love this project and enjoy watching your progress (and that I don't have to do the work!) Cathy

Mary said...

I was thinking the same thing...I would put the sofa up against the house so you could look out.
I'm the same age as you & you're right about how fillings & crowns don't last forever. My dentist retired & I had to find a new one. Luckily I found one that puts you out for invasive work. (I'm a baby.). I had to put so much money into dental care last year. I was tempted to have all my teeth pulled & just get dentures. Of course my new dentist convinced me that that was a bad idea.

karen said...

From the peanut gallery...So beautiful.
How about a beautiful sunset orange for those six captains chairs. Revealed in the boat painting.

Elaine said...

LOVE this house - and as always your work. Check with Griffin Mattress Company - "manufacturers of custom bedding" 770.228.1320. They have been in business since 1950; GREAT work - have made mattresses for a doll bed, a narrow "hired man's bed", and many more for me. I know Griffin, GA is not exactly in your back door but you will be pleased I think.

Terri said...

You did a fabulous job on the porch. It all looks so comfortable & inviting, I'll bet this will be the homeowners favorite space.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Great changes! Love the painting, too. You'll be happy to know I have no design/color suggestions!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love how fresh and cozy it feels now...great painting, too!

Unknown said...

Sherry, you created beautiful and functional groupings in this space! So very inviting! I love the Kingsley Bates outdoor furniture selection. Reminds me so much of Palacek, which I love. You're such the master in use of color and also scale to open up space. I love your aesthetic! Captain chairs are asking for their happy update. I like your thoughts on those. You rock!
Judy G.

Gail Storti said...

Oh My Gosh! You've turned every inch of this sad ol' cabin into a dream cottage! I love everything you've done and would love to go and spend many happy hours there, feeling oh so cozy and soaking up all the beautiful surroundings, inside and out! You did a phenomenal job! Wish it was mine!
xoxo Gail

Ann C said...

I'm loving this place. Anything near a lake has my thumb up. I'm puzzled that the sofa doesn't have the view of the outdoors but of the house. Is there a reason I'm not aware of? Love the boat picture and can't wait to see the cot finished. Loving it all.

michele said...

what an amazing porch, sherry. makes me miss the one at our old house, and i don't see one getting built on to the fixer upper anytime soon since these diyers are pooped. keep up the awesome work! xox

cindy hattersley design said...

This project is so much seeing you work your magic!!

Unknown said...

where in the world did you find a decent looking ceiling fan? I've been searching for years!

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