Hope y'all had a nice relaxing weekend!  I spent some time on the internet working on projects......trying to catch up!  

Before I get to the meat of this post let me share some details about a little workout Cari took me to in Boulder.....

Y'all.....this WO was a combination of Versa Climber and Pilates reformer.

Now I am no stranger to the VC.......but I have never done it more than about 5 minutes to warm up.  


I seriously thought my heart was going to explode all the while I was looking around and it appeared to me that my classmates were discussing lunch plans.  Damn youngsters.

Never have I done anything harder.  

Then....25 minutes of Pilates on this machine...

I think Cari had it in for me....and at one time the cute YOUNG male instructor came up to me and said "are you OK?"  I looked him dead in the eye and said "do you want me to punch you?"

He gazed at me kind of funny while backing away slowly in case I was serious.  Smart some small way I was.

I can't begin to tell you how sore I being trampled by a heard of wild horses.

So enough complaining....let's get to the new project!

Discussing the entrance, foyer and kitchen today.

Below is a picture of the entrance.  Can you guess what color we are painting the outside?  Ha Ha....if you say dark then you are the winner:)

Front door which I love and plan on painting maybe something like this: Benjamin Moore Galapagos Turquoise inside and out.....[looks similar to the color already there but it is actually more blue.

This swell granite floor will go away to just hardwoods.

Look right and there are 3 bedrooms down the hall.

Look left and there is stairs to huge basement, small powder room straight ahead and office. Down the hall is the laundry room, mudroom, stairs to upstairs bonus room, doors to garage.

You know we also have big plans for the stair railing:)

This is the first thing you see when you walk in! On the other side it is a bar.

Lucky for us it can be removed so it's gone!
Here is an inspiration picture of what is going in it's place....

All the way up to the ceiling....and same width only out of iron.

I think it has a mid century feel and will be a wow moment when you walk in!

The old homeowners used the space for a dining room but I'm thinking that isn't the best thing to see when you walk in.

I have other plans.

Looking in this direction is the kitchen with that awkward window.

Bye Bye.  Thankfully it was not load bearing.

Clean slate now!

Next to the fridge is a closet on the other side which goes away to give us a larger area for the kitchen.

With the wall gone it allows us to make the island a little wider for barstools.

The butlers area will look something like this...

You know I need some open shelves because they are so fun to style right:)

Two of these lights will go on the ceiling in front of the butlers pantry.

Moving the fridge here gives the space a little symmetry with the double ovens on the other side. Main cabinets will be white and the island will be black.

Similar only iron with reclaimed wood!

So there you have it......  Updates to the #midcentury/bradybunch house.

Have a fabulous weekend:)  Ha Ha.....just read this and realized it was only Tuesday! Crazy.

Sheriky Freaky


Christy Spearman said...

I love the room divider! I can't wait to see the finished product!

michele said...

Sherry! this house looks and feels a lot like our fixer upper!!! it was totally brady brunch here with the open stringer staircase and 70ish everything. i love what you plan to do, and i can't wait to watch the progress. be gentle with thyself with all the pilates torturemachines and such. oh my. just call me, and i'll smack you around a little when you crave the trampled-by-horses experience. that said, YOU GO! i need some trampling to get this soft fairy body hard again. xox

StagerLinda said...

Such an exciting project. I live in a 1985 contemporary house and have a few of the same 'features'. Brady Bunch houses are rarely featured in design redos. Wonder why? Anywho,can't wait to see your magic powers come to fruition on this baby. (BTW,every Aerobic training class I wonder if my racing heart could indeed explode and how in the hell can this be healthy...and the youngsters simply get a red face and glow in healthiness).

cindy hattersley design said...

I love the idea of the iron room divider! Can't wait to see that. This house REALLY needed help..boy are they lucky they have Sherika!! Go get em!!

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