Well it's official.....I am overbooked.  Yup...I know when I wake up in the middle of the night visualizing finished rooms and thinking of what I need to order..... things might be out of control.

Whew.  Get it together Sherika.

I am so glad that y'all weighed in on the DR light situation.  I knew all along that one was my fav but it helped to do some persuading to my people in Boulder :)


On to other happenings.

My neighbor is having a party this weekend and she wanted her bookshelves "zhushed".  You know how you get to that point when you just start shoving crap on them....hoping that is the one thing that will solve the problem?

Not happening.

2 rooms and 6 bookshelves later.

Small tweaks....taking out the color.

Lucky for me she collects black and white art. Otherwise I might have said no.

Heading into the family room....

Just a little re-arranging.

I had very little left over which is a good thing cause you know how clients say this...."what do I do with the leftovers"?  How the hell do I know?


It's no secret that I am a minimalist when it comes to you can see with mine.....

My best advise.  Take EVERYTHING off. 
Perk: wipe them down:)

Then group in like items in an area....books, frames, "tchotzkies" etc.

I always start with the middle shelves first [eye level] and use your best stuff....then work up...and down.  Books....are your best friend. 

There you case you are bored this weekend.



Kelly said...

Great advice! I love how you styled your own personal bookshelves. I'm a bit of a minimalist too.

Kathysue said...

I love your book shelves I like simplicity too and you did a beautiful job for yourself and your neighbor of layering objects. You are a master!!

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes! A definite case of less is more! Beautifully and skillfully done! Love your eye.

Judy G.

Chelsea said...

We actually don't have any bookshelves in our house, but damn this makes me want some! Your styling is spot on Sherry!

Chris said...

ah, that breathe of fresh air when everything looks just it! Great job as always!

michele said...

the shelves of my etagere look absolutely ridiculous because they need items of a certain scale and as a minimalist, i don't have a lot of stuff so it's taking me awhile to figure this out, and i am studying your blog and taking your tips to heart, friend. i think i what i need is my old collection of pottery i parted with after the last move but it probably wasn't the right scale anyway! oy! xox

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a cool gift for my brothers housewarming party. He's into like techy stuff and gadgets. We had this huge old school projector with slides (if anyone remembers those) when we were kids, so thought this would be pretty awesome and remind him of that (, but i've never bought anything from indiegogo, is it reliable and do you think it's appropriate to give since they'll have to wait to receive it? Anyone see something like this before?

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