What can I possibly post about after #projectboulder?  

I know right:)
Well I have a few questions to answer and random shots of what is happening lately in my life!  Like that is so interesting.....haha.

First of all thanks for all the recommendations about what to do with plantar fasciitis.  It seems to be epidemic......
I'm on it!

Somebody mentioned that I did not list the resource for the vanity in the upstairs bath

 Just a note..... that I was impressed with all three vanities bought online!

Another question was "why did we use wall mirrors in the 2 baths upstairs".   One reason is to makes the space look larger [and cost].  In the master I personally would want big mirrors to see myself and admire my beauty everyday. 

When I got home I took a trip down to the mart to order a few things and happened to glance at some new Arteriors lighting!


Over on another project this hardware from Top Knobs was installed....

Loving it.

Another vanity in the same house got a faux treatment....




Wait until the hardware goes on and the mirror is up.....I don't hate.

I stopped in to Sudi's to check on the bedroom curtains!

The soapstone countertops were installed in the kitchen pantry....

 Bad picture of this bathroom but when the mirror goes in....

Jamie Young white hide mirror 

This is the wallpaper.....

Kitty door....

2 black and white wallpaper samples that came in the mail.....

Went to meet my friend Lisa Mowry to see her new the color of the bookcases.  SW Needlepoint Navy.

And here's a treat for you....somebody was going through their pictures the other night and sent me this!

My hair can hardly fit in the room....hahahahaha

Still giggling.



Nancy said...

Ahh-mazing...I mean that about both your designs and the openness with which you share your sources and answer reader questions. I love that about you.:) For your plantar fasciitis...ugh...suffered with that for a year when i lost my mind and signed up for a full marathon. I tried every tip on the internet, sleep sock, frozen water bottle, you name it, what finally worked for me was a cortisone shot {hurts like hell but worth it} and a walking boot to take pressure off the area.

Anonymous said...

Plantar fasciitis is the pits! Pull your toes backward to stretch out your foot before you get out of bed in the morning.

You are one of the best designers! Thank you for sharing your work.

How is Cammie doing? Are her issues gone?

You da Bomb!


michele said...

loving all the bath fixtures, your commentary (as always!), and the big hair. we could be big hair twins as mine was legendarily high and even brownish for a season (on accident). i always end up smiling when i come here, ma sherry amour. thank you for that. xox

barbara said...

LOVE the kitty door!!!!!

My hair in the 80s was scientific mystery!!!!

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