Alrighty then....there is a plethora of information out there from you y'all.....
UPDATE:  Ordered the FitFlops, doing the stair it a little more time before I get the SHOT!!! 

God..... I love you guys:)

Since we were talking about bath vanities I thought I would share the details of a custom one I recently did for a powder room.  I truly love how this one turned out!

Here is where we started....this gorgeous wallpaper by GP and Baker.

Mixed in with this light fixture from Circa Lighting

The vanity was made and installed...and we selected this paint color for the base.

 After it was installed we freaked a little.....there was some discussion about whether we even liked it!  This was a good lesson for me about not judging until something is finished:)

What to tell the faux finisher?  I was at a loss to get the vision from my head to some kind of explanation.

Then I found this image!

Oh mommie....this is it!  Whew:)

You can see the difference above!

The marble countertop was installed along with the Kohler faucet and sink.

With the detail on the backsplash.

Now for the good part.....  This mirror!

And the details....
See the star light fixture and the mirror?  And in the MQ Collection hardware below....

I am not sure if I planned all that or not...hee haw.
But....I am taking credit for it!

And the curve of the mirror and backsplash....

All it needs now is some pretty accessories right!

Now you have choices....order online or custom.  

If you want to know what I'll be doing this weekend.....

Accessorizing bookcases.  The sofa goes in the middle!

Good times:)



Nancy@ThatTechChick said...

Wow, I am in loved with that bathroom. When I first saw the vanity, I had the same reaction but the final finish is stunning!

Happy Friday,

Nancy@ThatTechChick said...

Forgot to ask..I love that creamy white on the ceiling and woodwork, including the bookcases. Is it all the same color?

Melissa I. said...

What a lovely bathroom!

Also, Nordstrom Rack has a ton of FitFlops in a variety of styles/colors if you're in the market for more.

La Dolfina said...


Jessie said...

Simply gorgeous! Love everything in that bathroom!

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Seriously gorgeous, Sherry! Love every detail that you designed!

Unknown said...

out of this world! absolutely stunning. So wonderful to come across a blogger who loves details :)

Anonymous said...

Good Job, Sherry! (understatement) GREAT JOB< SHERRY!!!

Zoe said...

I just saw your post about trying everything before you get the shot and boy did that bring back memories. I was determined to do whatever it took to not get the shot and thought I would tell you what worked for me. Custom insoles (Pedestrians)with sneakers (comfy not fashionable), Cat's Claw (herbal pill), doctor wrapping my foot, boot at night, and even though the doctor told me to constantly stretch, I found when I eased up on the stretching my foot got much better! I know everyone's case is different but just wanted to put in my two cents worth in case it could help you.

More importantly, love you blog and your crazy talent!

A happy reader said...

Serendipity? I think not. You are talented!

designchic said...

It's amazing, Sherry. Love the color and the hardware is stunning! Happy weekend!

Vel Criste said...

An absolute dream Sherry! Love the calming wall paper and that showstopper of a vanity!

Michele Q said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,

Thank you Sherry for sharing the beautiful pictures of your bathroom, I really love the Circa Lighting. I was thinking to remodel my bathroom, I will surely implement this lightning. I will hire a bathroom renovation expert for my project.


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