Since I did my post about Boulder many of you have emailed me about the vanities.  We ordered them all online because of time restraints and the experience was pretty good.

I know many people who are remodeling might not have a trim/carpenter who can build a quality vanity in a short timeline.  And.....if you can find someone they lead time can be 8-12 weeks!

I did a lot of research looking online for what we needed and there are a lot of factors to keep in mind.

1. they offer choices?
2. Sink....Undermount [my personal favorite] or vessel
3. Comes with countertop or faucet? Also make sure to check whether it has wholes for a 4" or 8" spread faucet.
4. Height?
5. Depth?
6. Width?

I am posting a few of my favorites that I discovered during my research.....

You can see that some of these come with can always change them out to something you like better....or many times there is an option to purchase without!

Other things to remember is that they could be painted and knobs can be changed!

Here are a few from All Modern

And Wayfair....

The good thing about RH is they come in many finishes and options!

Other online places to look:
Signature Hardware
Pottery Barn

Whew are you overwhelmed ?  

Many price points here so it might not be the cheapest way to go either! have to take into consideration the width of the space. 
Just because you have 60"....a 60" vanity might not fit because of trim and your walls might not be level.  

So I am still icing....stretching...wearing soft sole shoes [sketchers] while all of my cute summer sandals are in the closet getting dusty.  I am determined to heal this and NOT get a cortisone shot as everyone has said it hurts like the dickens.....but I am slowly sinking into a dark hole of frustration:(

On a bright note these curtains are being installed at my project today.....

So excited!



Lucky Loves Home said...

The shot only hurts for a moment. I recommend trying it. Good luck. Love your work by the way.

Nancy said...

love this post and your picks. highly recommend the shot. my podiatrist numbed my heel a little beforehand. it felt like a bee sting. not good but not horrible. relief was almost instant. if you dont want to do the shot then get a walking boot. mine was like this...
not the sexiest thing you'll ever wear but worth every herman munster joke you'll hear.

LRae said...

Sherry, please do not wear Sketchers! They are too flat and not enough support. Buy yourself a pair of FitFlops. It took a while, but the support from wearing FitFlops really helped me heal. Read the reviews. You will see I'm not the only one! I want you to whip this :)

Unknown said...

Sherry I just had a cortisone shot three weeks ago. I had been struggling with a messed up ankle. The shot is a gamechanger!! I went to Ortho atlanta in Johns Creek. I LOVE everything you touch.

Unknown said...

Time to go shopping. Abbadabbas can help. It's not just about soft but also supportive.

Kristin said...

Can I recommend Vionic? They have some relatively attractive sandals, but they are podiatrist-designed for plantar fasciitis. I wear them exclusively now, in flip flops, sandals, slippers, shoes, and boots. I love them!

Unknown said...

Love the vanity roundup Sherry and your Boulder project is so awesome, I absolutely LOVE everything about it. Hey our blog is now at if you want to stop by ( or change your sidebar link) :)
Hope youre having a great summer. Say hi to Cami! xo Nancy

Anonymous said...

I sketchers!
Try Mephisto for everyday. $$ but worth it.
I wear Fitflops in the house instead of being barefoot. Really helps!

Unknown said...
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