I hope y'all had a great weekend!  It was beautiful here in 'Hotlanta :)  Perfect spring weather.

Since being in the middle of 2 construction projects I am deep into looking for light fixtures, mirrors for bathrooms and wallpaper!  Of course all of that fuels my desire to change things up in mi casa :)

I have seen my friends [ at Highpoint market this week] posting about so many pretty new things for the's hard to stay focused!

Today I have 2 boutique lighting lines to share with you.  You have probably seen some of their fixtures before but maybe you weren't aware of what line they came from.

First up is Jamie Young.  They carry lighting, mirrors and some furniture.  

The famous flowering lotus pendant is by JY!

 Finnian's Moon Interiors

 Sara Gilbane Interiors

I have put a few of my favorite items together for you!

Next up is Barbara Cosgrove Lamps....known for these awesome horn sconces....

 Jean Stoffer Design

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

I love em!

I dig the white foo dog lamps.....

So like I said at the beginning of this post the need to change a few things around here is becoming urgent. I have been on a search for this fabric.....

The black and tan stripe from my sisters ORC Lee Industries Sofa.  I didn't want to order the fabric from Lee because it was too $$$.

These were all pretty good but not perfect and some of them were just as $$$$. [You can see the sample right in the middle].

After exhausting most of my resources all over ADAC [for months I might add]  and the internet....I was at a fabric store and looked down to see this....
WHAT?  I wasn't even looking and there it was....cue angels singing :)

AND.....$.  I am going to recover my sofa with this.  Now. 

Dog with a bone.




kana/ga said...

Awesome! I love that stripe. Would you share source?

Deanna said...

Yes! Source pretty please!!!!

Nancy said...

perfection! persistence pays off!

Betsy Cobb Gordon said...

I love the fabric! Lucky gal. Will you slipcover the sofa?
I love Barbara Cosgrove lamps.I scored one a few years ago outside Charlotte at an antique store. She's got great style and design.
Can't wait to see how the ORC is coming along.
Betsy Gordon

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