Thanks for all the love about me jumping into the ORC......I literally called Bunny first thing in the morning with that little bit of news :)

Some people were kidding me last night about the fact I was complaining on how stressed and busy I was and then I go and join in.  I know....I really can't explain it to them but you guys get me right?

Tell me I'm not crazy.  Or maybe I am....who knows!

I have some updates on a project I am working on and some thoughts on the design plan and why I made certain decisions.

Sofas in front of bookcases.

Here is the situation....this space was a dining room and living room separated by wall.

To open the space up the wall was removed [as was that small fireplace which was in the LR portion] to create one large space.

Here is the LR side....

And the DR side with a new mantel.....and how we beefed it up a little the second go around....

Pretty huh!  Above is going to be antique mirror.

Circa Lighting chandelier for the space....

So we have a really long room now and need to add interest.  My thought was to add some bookcases on the back wall of the LR side....

Here were some of my inspiration pictures.
 The Decorista


 Mega Braff

Katie Ridder

It's a great look huh?  Right away it gives the room a curated look.

So then I took it one step further....what about building the bookcases around the sofa.....

 photo by Emily Followill

 Phoebe Howard

 Sara Gilbane

 Betty Burgess

 No source found


 Alessandra Branca


No source found

Nancy Warren

I love this look and so did my client.

Next up picking a stain for the hickory floors....

Here are the Circa Lighting sconces and  chandelier being used in the room.

I'm super excited about bringing this room together! 

OK...... I will be back on Thursday with my plan for the ORC.....whatever that is going to be.  I am all over the place with going neutral or adding color.  Knowing me it will be all last minute:)

And....I shared this on Instagram....daddy took Cami to the groomers and neglected to mention that she was only getting a bath so they shaved her.....a little too early in the season ha ha.

Have a great week!



Mary said...

Poor Cami. She looks so pitiful.
I love your plans for the room. And you can't go wrong with your Circa lighting choices. Don't forget the artwork or mirror above the sofa.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are on fire! Crazy about the fireplace surround.. you nailed it!

Cindy Jorgensen

debra @ 5th and state said...

i have been dying for a client to do the sofa/bookcase look. in your hands it will be brilliant, i am super excited too!
hugs to cami

Unknown said...

Could a pup look any cuter than Cami shaven?! She's sporting her new look brilliantly. Speaking of brilliance, opening up the living room and dining room is huge! And the focal point you created by adding substance and vertical dimension on the fireplace surround is magnificent. And THEN the balance of the bookshelves around the sofa .... Perfection! You rock! Such vision and talent!! Dying to see the progression.
Judy G.

Mary Beth at said...

Love all your ideas - Natch! Do you ask your clients if you may show their rooms or do you just do it? How do you approach the subject? I would love to show some of my projects but not sure how to go about it. Thanks

therelishedroost said...

Oh wow cant wait to see because it will be the winner of both challenges I think! Will follow each week!! xo K

Unknown said...

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Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

The fireplace surround is going to be gorgeous! Poor dog needs a sweater! ❤️

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Love all of the beefed up moldings around the fireplace....just stunning. Can't wait to see this reveal!

Anonymous said...

Stunning renovation, Love seeing the transformation. Fantastic work SHERRY!

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Mary Ann Pickett said...

Even if it's not a long room, book cases add great interest! I pinned a bunch love the mantel.

Kathysue said...

Dying for this room, the fireplace, the lighting, Oh My!! The bookcases, this is going to be amazing. You killed it with the Circa lighting!!! The mantels design is so timeless. Lucky clients to have you on board!

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