I have a cold.

It sucks. goes on and it was a busy week.

I had to pick out tile for 3 bathrooms.  

This might be the master and I want the vanity feet to look like this...which I saw the other day and I am totally ripping off.

So there.

I had to go to the mart and look for a few things....among them some pillows for a covered porch.
 So I ran into J Douglas Living and tore up the Lacefield booth to come up with a gray and navy plan.

Done and ordered.

A friend of mine is going to a ball and needed an outfit.  She tried on these shoes and I have to say they were like the glass slippers from The Wizard of Oz.  Dang y'all....gorgeous but not cheap.

I was also cruising ADAC and got a glimpse of the new Miles Redd collection for Schumacher.

Go here to check it out!

And back to the mart.... while I was in J Douglas Living I saw some great accessories and lighting from Arteriors

And a new collection from Jay Jeffers.....

If you aren't familiar with Jay's work let me show you some.....


I was supposed to go to an industry party last night for Atlanta Magazine Home [ preview the new issue ]with my friend Lisa Mowry but I had to text her saying I had a cold and did not have the energy to overhaul my looks [wash hair, makeup and outfit].  I know y'all understand that challenge.

This is a great new addition to the world of shelter magazines and you can now follow them on Instagram

Alrighty is still a work day so I better get going and chug some Dayquil.



Kathysue said...

so sorry you have a cold, bummer!! Love the navy and gray combo, thinking of that for my hubbies office/den in the new house. The tile, well, it is pretty near perfection as far as I am concerned! Hope you feel better soon,
Happy Weekend,

Nancy said...

sorry you're sick. I have the plague too courtesy of the back to school germs brought home by my three sons. ugh. reading your post though makes me forget everything that aches. get some rest and feel better soon. :)

Lisa Mowry said...

We missed your sassy self at the event, but thanks for the shout-out!! Hope to see you soon. Feel better. xxoo

Victoria said...

Love all your pillow choices, of course. You are the queen of pillows. As for the shoes, my wedding shoes were Manolos. That was 43 years ago and they are still beautiful. Yes they are expensive, but how many things last for 43 years and still look fabulous? (insert jokes here.) Hope you feel better soon.
XO, Victoria

Kirby Carespodi said...

Colds are no fun. I usually do a shot of fireball whiskey when I feel one coming on and it seems to help. Either that, or I don't notice it anymore. Gorgeous pillows, and those feet are fun!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Awww sorry to hear you're sick Sherry...hope you being well taken care of! Those pillows.....ooooooh I love them. I just got a few samples of Lacefield Designs fabrics and one is more gorgeous than the other....I need them all!

michele said...

i'm in the dayquil sick house with you today, sherry! hope you feel better soon. love that woven windsor smith thing and also what is happening in design in atlanta. how fortunate you are to have that community. peace to you as you recover, pretty lady.

Pink Camellias said...

Love the watercolor-y Miles Redd fabric! Sorry you aren't feeling well - hope you recover quickly!

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