Before we get to the meat of this post can we talk about husbands for a minute?  Specifically husbands and driving.

Yeah.....I'm gonna go there.  WTH.  It's like when I turn around and look at him in the drivers seat he is wearing a helmet and a number on his shirt.  I feel like I should be sitting in a cage for protection.  I am always saying...... when he decides to get to the "front" of the line of every car within a 10 mile radius.....OK....I bet you taught that guy a lesson.  He is probably going to turn his life around and be a better driver now.  

You can bet on that.

OK....just needed to vent for a minute.

My nephew is getting married in July and I have been stressing about what to wear.  
I want to be comfortable.

Here is where I started....

This dress from Nordstrom's
I really liked it but I started thinking I might need a lot of undergarments [think spanks] to pull it off.

Spanks=not comfortable.

Same with this little number by DVF at Nordstrom's.

Then I came up with the crazy idea that I could pull off some pretty black pants and a nice top.  That way I could wear them separately again.

The girl helping me brought me these St John palazzo pants. They were on major sale.
But....they were a size 6 and I really need an 8. Think spanks again.  Plus...I just felt like they were too dressy.  More "black tie".

This Parker top was really pretty with them and it had a fun back.

So.....I made one more cruise through the racks.

I found these.  On sale!
 Linen...perfect size and oh so comfortable.

And this Rebecca Taylor Die Cut Lace top. [Looks like it is no longer on the web site].
Now before you get all crazy and say "WHAT....a crop top?".  Have you lost your mind?  Do you know how old you are......

The pants have a really high waist so there is no skin showing.  Swear.

Jewelry....I will probably wear my hair back in a low pony so then I can wear some dangly earrings.  Love these from Stella and Dot.

With a few bracelets...both from Stella and Dot.

These shoes I scored at DSW from Rachel Zoe on sale!

So dang comfortable with a cute little heel.
 I could also wear a necklace and no bracelets.....

 I'm set now.  The good thing is that everything is interchangeable....and can be worn again.  

Allrighty then....hope you guys have a kick ass weekend.

Cami got her summer buzz cut.....she wants to know if it makes her nose look bigger :)



Dana Frieling said...

Super classy outfit!

Katy said...

Two things: 1. Yes to all of the things you said about your husband! It's funny when you hear other wives talk about it, but in the moment, his behavior leads to murderous thoughts towards him.

2. Those earrings! They remind me of the one my husband bought for me last year at the Tower of London except they don't have a little pearl hanging from the bottom. If only I hadn't lost one in Paris :(

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Love the outfit, Cami looks very slender in her new do and all men seem to have that driving gene!!! Happy Friday! Jane

Mary Ann Pickett said...

My husband thinks its a race too!!! and I hate how he tailgates to get the guy in front of us to move over...WHY be so dangerous??? You are going to look so pretty!

Kathysue said...

gorgeous outfit, no necklace the lace says enough, great earrings and one bracelet, you are set and you will be beautiful AND comfortable. I have a pair of black crepe tuxedo pants with bugle beads down the sides, wide legged, that I bought years ago and I wear them to my dressier occasions and always feel comfy in them, very good choice on your part, you can dress those pants up or down depending on shoes and tops, so fun!!! Yes, husbands and driving, Hmmmm! I always say I can cut the testosterone with a knife. I can see his jaw set and I know what is next. Do not like it at all. As far as Cami goes, maybe just a little bit. I was actually telling my hubby about Cami on our walk yesterday and how pretty she is.

Brandi said...

You're going to be beautiful as always!! Hope you have a fun time at the ceremony and congratulations to your nephew.

Sue@pineapplehillinteriors said...

You are going to look swag, lady! What a great's all about the comfort! Have a great weekend.

The Lady's Life said...

Sherry, I wore almost the same outfit for a wedding in May. I went with the chiffon palazzos and a silk knit top, ponytail hair and dangly earrings. It turned out to be the perfect blend, dressy but not over the top, and I've never been so comfortable at a formal event! Have fun! xo, N.

pixelimpress said...

love the outfit!! and yes! (about the men driving thing.) I often ride with my feet on the dashboard, just bracing myself for when we rearend the car in front of us because one car length distance between 2 cars going 75 mph in the fast lane is not enough!! oh cami, you're sooo cute. you and pixel have matching summer do's!

Naz said...

I love the outfit and you will get lots of use out of it.

I must admit Cammy's nose looks quite large now.

It must be a husband thing and the male driven ego. Why must I always have to hit the invisible brake while he's driving? said...

LOVE that outfit. Nose may look bigger but then it may make her butt look smaller. Tradeoffs.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Sherry you are going to look fantastic in that outfit. Love the cute lacy top!

lynn said...

Great outfit-- you'll be beautiful and comfortable!
FYI, dogs need their fur to keep them cool in the heat just as much as to keep them warm in the winter. I know, it seems wrong but it's true.

Lisa Gabrielson said...

Class galore! You will be the belle of the ball! xo

Anonymous said...

Driving husbands... That seems to be a syndrome, I'm glad to hear that mine is not the only desguised racer on the road :) Love your outfit, you have such nice understated elegance on the pieces you pick ! I too prefer dressier clothes to be versatile, giving me options to keep wearing them at less formal occasions. As a little advise though, you should "test drive" those pants at home, and wear them for several hours, to check their performance. Dark linen like black or navy, tend to show wrinkles and stretch in a less flattering way then light colored linen. After wearing them for a couple hours , check for the appearance around knees and hips. The stretching and wrinkles on a dark fabric may give you a little more relaxed look than you'd want for a wedding.



Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love that outfit. Cute and stylish and I am wearing a lot of linen this summer. Her new cut is so cute. I need to get miss Bailey's summer do before it is fall.

Pink Camellias said...

Do you remember last time when crop tops were popular? I was 12 or 13, and I can't remember the brand that was popular - it had horizontal stripes. Used to wear my horizontal striped crop top with vertical striped pants and my jelly shoes. Classy.

Anonymous said...

I love what you ended up with. IF, however, you ever want to revisit the sheath dress, try this Anne Klein dress:

But size up. It's a nice substantial ponte knit and no Spanx necessary with the ruching (and sizing up helps). It's a very tasteful va-va-voom dress.

I think it's sold out in a lot of sizes at L&T, but it's worth hunting around the interwebs to see if you can find it elsewhere. Lord and Taylor had a long-sleeve version, too, which I missed out on. :(

- Anne

StagerLinda said...

Perhaps our husbands were separated at birth. I typically have to ride with my vision turned to the side window. He says he is a much safer driver because he is conscious of everything thing that is going on around him whereas most folks drive in a fog. See what DH thinks of that.
LOVE your outfit!!! Perfect! Love the earrings (must say no necklace with the earrings). You will be beautiful because your clothes are classic and COMFORTABLE and the crop top is so on trend.

pam {simple details} said...

Darling outfit!! So stylish and comfortable, everyone will be wishing they'd thought of it! I'll confess I have the lead foot in our family and it makes me crazy that my husband doesn't pass those slow people ~ he hates me to drive! LOL :)

René said...

So cute! I've never tried spanx, but have always been curious about it. I'm all about comfort, especially when it's a thousand degrees outside!

Cindy said...

That last photo just plain made me laugh! Awwww... so cute, and look at that darlin black nose. I love your outfit! Very classy. ... and spanx - ehhhhhhh - they're like wearing a rubber band that does not breath... never, never, never.


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