It's about that time when my inbox gets full from companies letting me know about their new items showing at Atlanta's Mart which opens next week.

Twice a year they open their showrooms for buyers to stock their stores with goodies so we will be tempted to redecorate.  

No urging there right:)

Since I am about to embark on 2 huge renovations for clients I am deep into looking for lighting and everything else!  Between them both I have about 12 bathrooms to put together......Yes you read that right.

Deep breath.....whew!

I was looking at Currey and Co website and saw some great new pieces that I am sure I will be seeing next week.

The Merton Chandelier
The Fairlight Chandelier
The Tidewater Chandelier
The Goldrush Pendant
Love the Midcentury vibe it is some inspiration.
Sarah Richardson

It could be used in either of these rooms....
House of Honey

Now for some that aren't new but are still favorites.
 The Soothsayer Chandelier

The Chantelaine Chandelier

The Saxon Chandelier....isn't it perfect in this room by James Douglas Interiors.  I love that it doesn't take up too much visual space.... 

The Basket Pendant
Which will add so much texture to a kitchen as you can see below.

 Kay Douglass
Coastal Living

And maybe you don't know that they carry some great mirrors also.

This would be great in a beach house....
 The EOS mirror

And sometimes you need a smaller round mirror.  This one is 21" round which could work nicely in a small bathroom.
The Aline Mirror

I love a round mirror in a bath since vanities have square angles so it adds some softness....

And I am in love with the Faux Bois shape in The Creekside Mirror. 

I could eat this bathroom.....chomp chomp.
Benjamin Dhong

I am sure I will be sharing all the goodies that I see next week!

A little husband sprayed this in our backyard since it was like being in the jungles of Guam trying to fight off mosquitos.

It really worked!  

I'm off to wake up sleeping beauty for a walk so I can wear her out for the day.  It's the only way.

I just heard on the Today show that modesty is "in" now with bathing suits.  At 63 I'll show them what modesty really is....shorts and a T-shirt.

Just saying.



Mary said...

A www. Your girl is adorable.

Kathysue said...

Love this post since I am on the look for new lighting for our new home. I would like to change out some of the builders basics down the road. Always love seeing where your eye takes you, love seeing things through your eyes. I am with you on T-shirt and shorts for a bathing suit.
Happy Tuesday,

Kelly@Bungalow Blue said...

Oh my gah.....I can hear that Saxon chandelier calling my name, whispering how perfect it would look in my breakfast nook!!!

Nancy N said...

Sherry, you are just adorable.....everything, your design style, your writing, your humor, your sarcasm, your new baby - all perfect.
Thank you for sharing with us. I swear we are kindred spirits.

Gregg Irby Gallery said...

Love the Merton Chandalier! AND especially the bathroom you want to eat! made me laugh.

Karena said...

Sherry they ALWAYS have the best selection of lighting!!
Love your style as always!!

The Arts by Karena
Gallery Opening!

Kim said...

Wish I could just "don" a chandelier for my beach trip coming up. I don't have a swimsuit. Maybe I'll take your recommendation and stick with shorts and a tee. I'd so rather shop for chandeliers!

Unknown said...

Your posts are always my "go to" for solid inspiration and a really good chuckle, Sherry. And your beautiful pup!... So cute and I can so relate to the mess and the constant attention needed because I just got a new puppy about a month ago. Love, love, love him to death but will my house every look pulled together again?! Ha! All fun. Can't wait to see the progression of your new bathroom projects. THAT will keep you busy! :)

Happy Fourth!
Judy G.

therelishedroost said...

Love Currey & Co! The Faux Bois mirrors are my favorite! That sleeping puppy is precious!

Unknown said...

I love the chandelier designs..
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Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

Hi Sherry, My hands-down favorite chandelier is the that, so airy. Also, the baskets add such nice texture. That little Cami looks like an angel, doesn't she?? And girl, I'm with you on the shorts & tee!!!! Happy Fourth!

Pink Camellias said...

I do think the black can look really great on a more contemporary or craftsman house. I have a ranch burger that I have been wanting to paint white for a long time. I think we are going to do it late summer. I think I want to do the trim the same color as the house and paint the door a soft aqua. Not sure about the shutters yet.

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