This post was intended for Wednesday then Thursday and here it is Saturday and I hope to heck I can manage to get it written and posted before it turns 2016.

Not that you probably care....because let's face it you all have busy lives and still manage to get stuff done.  The term "loser" comes to mind.

Enough about my time management problems.

Trim.  Which kinda came about when I was searching for an alternative for a curtain fabric that is backordered.  Huh?

Let me explain.

This gorgeous wool paisley fabric was selected for the curtains in the family room.  It is BO until February 20th and if I have learned anything..... THAT can sometimes spiral into delay after delay.


So I started choosing an alternative just in case!

Like this gorgeous trim which would run down the leading edge of some linen.  Since the finished length is something like 156" I have to go big!

I fell hard for this these.

 It's big and bad ass!

And not cheap I might add but more often than not you have to spend a little "jack" to create a focal point in a huge room.  Here are a few others from Samuel and Sons that had my heart pounding.

Then I headed over to Lee Jofa to see what they had....although I pretty much left my heart with the large nailheads.

Our girl Kelly Wearstler did not disappoint.

And the new Suzanne Kasler trims


Which brings me to the point of this post.  I love trims.  It is just another layer to add in a space.

Samuel and Sons

Kristens Kurtains

Samuel and Sons/Liz Williams

 Kapito Muller

 Bailey and Hart Interiors


 Samuel and Sons

Eileen Kathryn Boyd

House and Home

Can you imagine all of these without the trim?

What about these walls without it?
Nancy Braithwaite

There you have it.  My little obsession.  Oh yeah in other news the wool paisley fabric is now BO until March 10th.  I know.....1st world problems.

I'll keep you updated.



Kathysue said...

I love trim as well and I pinned away, thank you for sharing such great finds! Happy Saturday,

Arli said...

Love the trim! And that paisley is worth waiting gorgeous.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, such fabulous trims. I love them and they can turn a thrifty drape into something amazing.

Unknown said...

I like the plain linen with trim vs. the paisley.

Mary said...

Those are beautiful. Sure beats the grosgrain ribbon I use. Just another reason why I should have married rich.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

You crack me up! I love the addition of trim, too and wish I had great big pockets with oodles of dollars to buy some.

StagerLinda said...

Those trims are GORGEOUS. They really complete the look. Love 'em but for some reason I turn cheap when I think about using them---so much to learn from you, my dear! Re:the paisley--it is divine but I say take the path of least resistance and save your sanity. I bet your next selection will be more smashing!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Definitely icing on the cake!!! Did you see the Samuel and Sons jute Greek key on linen...I want it.

Kim said...

Gorgeous trims and sooo necessary!!

therelishedroost said...

I just used the Samuel and Sons wooden ring and loop trim in brown for a boys room treatment. Love trim it just is the icing on the cake! Always enjoy seeing what project you are working on!

Anonymous said...

I think you can easily substitute...The homeowner "sees" the actuality only at the very beginning, and then after a while, the eye reads it as a block, not an individuality. One of the most difficult lessons in life is that you can spend a fortune on an object, but your eye doesn't "notice" it in a group of other objects after awhile, really.

cindy hattersley design said...

You know I love that nailhead one from S&S I posted it on instagram. Doesn't it just slay you the delays...that go on and on and on...We waited for a light fixture for literally a year and a half. I have to say one company that hands down has customer service down is Cowtan and Towt. NEVER have a problem with them...

Jill Kinchen said...
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Jill Kinchen said...

Wish you could edit posts. But anyway...this post actually turned out quite timely for me. Just yesterday I was reading Nancy Braithwaite's book and drooling over that nailhead trim (as well as those polka dotted walls!), wondering who made it. So thank you! All the trims are lovely, but I'm such a sucker for nailhead anything. Never would have thought to put it on the walls though! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I haven't shopped for fancy trims like that in so long. I want a big budget! So much pretty...totally digging the nailhead too.

designchic said...

It's like the jewelry for your draperies, pillows or wall. Just love the large nail heads and can't wait to see them on the draperies! We loved seeing you at the DBC…so happy to finally meet you in person!!

Karena said...

Sherry, beautiful trims just thrill me and I could spend hours looking at them. Decisions, decisions!! That is why I have some windows without curtain panels yet!!

The Arts by Karena

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So many gorgeous trims...hard to just pick one!

Amanda said...

Well now you've gone and done it! How did I not know about Suzanne Kaslers trim??? Ive ordered every damn sample! I still remember that day we were shopping together and we ran into her. We were trying to sneaky cam snap a pic of her. Miss you girl!!!

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