What I really mean is last week.....the great clean of 2014.  It is amazing how dirty and worn a rental place can get in a year.  

I think because there are 4 is perfect for 2 families so 10 people every week during the season will tromp all over that place.  

Don't even get me started on what constant sand will do to floors and rugs.

Now listen....some of you are thinking what a complainer.  At least she has a beach house.  Let me clear that up right now.  We bought at the height of the market never thinking there could be a recession.  At least not one like we just had.  So I am not even going to tell you the stinkhole that put us into.

Moving on.

I shampooed rugs and upholstery
Wiped down walls and baseboards [thank you magic eraser]
Washed all slipcovers and bedding and ironed.
Cleaned out every kitchen cabinet, organized it and replenished.  Why are there only 4 mugs left?  Why are there only 4 spoons left?
Painted a nightstand
Threw away skanky sleeping pillows.
Had the AC serviced
Had the bug man there

Went to HomeGoods, Marshalls, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowes, Home Depot and Stienmart.

In 2 1/2 days.  Uh huh.  Thank you.

Started to leave on Friday afternoon and my husband was putting some of the drapery pins back in the holes on a traverse rod and pulled the whole dang thing down and broke part of it.

Oh good Lord.

While he was thinking we need to find the part [for a 10 year old rod...... good luck with that on a Friday afternoon] I rummaged through my tool kit and came up with a zip tie and some cork.  MacGyver baby.

Too late to a bottle of wine.

Here are some of the changes.

This is how it looked....not really but for my pictures last year.  I could not get those stools clean.  Grungy.

So I grabbed 2 from Target and will get slipcovers made for the old ones later.  The pillows....again faded and dirty.

I ordered a new seagrass from Overstock.  Deal.  Pillows from mostly HomeGoods.  Stools from target.
I like the added color...... plus I only had 2 days to get er done.

Every year I say I am going to paint the console and every year I say screw it.

Had to stage this one a little.....because of course I did not have time to read a magazine:)

Love this tray from HomeGoods.

Can't have real flowers in a rental but thankful I found these just for some pretty.

This is pitiful....but I did it 5 minutes before we left.  I am so not creative in this department.

And this is the view Friday night after we finished.

So glad to be done for another year.  Oh the way we drove the new car down and had so much fun talking about it.  Goobers.

Is anyone coming in town for the Design Bloggers Conference?  I signed up for it cause it is 1/2 mile from my house.



Kathysue said...

BE-Utiful!!! Love all of the new touches. I am sure all of your guest love staying in your condo, I know I would!! I have been working all week out in the garage, organizing and purging, NO FUN, BUT getting ready for the kitchen reno, did a post today on progress!!!
Happy monday,

Beth C. said...

I would be in heaven at your beach house! Our family rented a few units in the Berkshires a few years ago to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. OMG what a DIVE! Skeevy is too nice. The clue should have been when they would not allow my sister to see the unit before full, non refundable payment. It was a time share swap, and what a bust! Best, Beth C.

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Still wishing we could've rented from you this year! The kids would have surely loved the "boat room" totally adorable.

Gorgeous updates. Impeccable styling for all!

Brandi said...

So pretty, Sherry! I love the color you added to the living room. But my favorite is the room with the adorable beds. You make me sick!!!

Simply LKJ said...

Love all the aqua with the coral mixed in.

Tardevil said...

The view at your beach house > the view at my beach house! ;o) We don't rent ours, but don't have a cleaning service either, so I feel like Cinderella (without the handsome prince showing up) when I leave there w/ the laundry, cleaning, etc. Like your fresh touches! I've been mulling over that Target beach collection for the candle holders, etc. Would you mind adding your bedroom paint color to the post? Looking for a good beige w/ a touch of gold.

Christina Baker said...

I LOVE the pops of corals and reds!! Target has the best finds and speaking of Target they have some really good coffee(s) and bath gels. Oh, your Instagram (rub it in with the glass of wine on the beach) image has to (rub it in) again I see!

Kim said...

That was one well deserved glass of wine my dear! Glad you got stuck there for a night! xo

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I love the pop of color too! It looks refreshed and ready for the season!

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh boy Shari I feel your pain. We have a vacation rental as well. We do not normally rent to children (hardly ever) and we have a gate so people cannot sneak in but still....

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

ahhhhhhh..... Loved looking at your beach house and imaging all of the good times those folks are going to have! And also imagining the feel of the hot sun on my face. Wish it were summer!!!!

shirley said...

Job well done! Love the fresh new colors.

René said...

Makes me want to rent your place :)

Unknown said...

Pretty darn cute place. I can't believe all those stores you went to- that's why they call you a professional!!! You did an awesome weekend makeover and so glad you loved your road trip in the new car! xo Nancy

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

You kicked some ass on that place! It looks fantastic! I always look forward to your annual beach house cleaning (sorry, not fun for you) because you always fix it up so stinking cute! Looks adorable!

Kelly said...

I liked getting to see your pretty beach home. I love the bedroom with the twin beds in it!

designchic said...

Your beach house is looking great!! Love all of the new touches - great pillows. Now you need to go, relax and enjoy it for a week!!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! I'm exhausted just reading about all of your hard work..

We are buying a home in Inlet & I'm running around like a mad woman trying to furnish it! 2 Ikea trips in 1 day!

I am terrified at the carnage the renters will inflict on our place & trying to make it cute & indestructible (is that an oxymoron?).

Your post is inspiring & gives me a good idea what to expect.

Beth said...

It looks gorgeous! You should add a link to the rental listing!

We recently bought a place that we will rent and that is how I first found your blog. I was looking around at styling photos and my search came to an end after finding your blog. Meaning... I spent the next hour or so reading every single post!! It's such a treat to find someone who can design, take a great photo, and write with talent! Love that you provide so much information with your sense of humor. (And we bought a place that sleeps 10 and had 4 dinner plates. What?) I'd love to hear more about your experiences with renting. All your hard work is inspiring. I don't know how you got all that done in 2 days.

Need to buy zip ties... noted.

Unknown said...

Love the new touches of "Sherry" on your rental! Good to know one must always keep a zip tie and a cork (no problem with that one) on hand for last minute repairs! Hope you have a fab rental season!

Anonymous said...

Cripes! You can do more in two days than I can do in two months - and I'm talking about the refreshening! I search and search all the places mentioned and can't pull off what you make look effortless!
Love all you do!

Victoria said...

The beach house looks fabulous, Sherry, thanks to your hard work and talent. I love the color you added to the living room (I almost bought the same inlay box at Home Goods yesterday, but I decided I had too many boxes. Maybe it will still be there when I go back next week. A girl can change her mind.)

It is amazing how much damage disrespectful renters can do, isn't it? You certainly deserved the wine and beautiful sunset.

My Interior Life said...

I think it looks amazing, especially for a quick refresh. How lucky your guests are! Can't attend the Blogger conference because it's on my daughter's birthday, BUT I will be coming to the ATL at the end of March (around the 27th, I think). Would love to meet up!

Barbara said...

Your beach house looks amazing. We have rented houses & condos in all parts of Florida & I can't begin to tell you how cheap & uninviting some places have been. I love to sit on the porch with a nice glass of wine, my book & pull up a $3 white plastic chair. Ugh!! Bed pillows that resemble concrete & don't get me started on the kitchen utensils. So nice to see a rental with taste. I have left rentals cleaner & fresher than when I arrived.


Unknown said...

I could sit outside and look at that view all day!... with wine in hand. Gorgeous! Love your update with the use of corals. Love your eye for accessorizing, Sherry. Love it ALL!
Judy G.

gina said...

Love the updates! I'm going to rent your place sometime. I still have the info from when I tried in the past. It's a hot commodity!

Anonymous said...

Be very proud of yourself, Sherry. I had rental property (not vacation) for years, and I feel your pain. Not all people are trashy, but wear and tear happens nonetheless. Whomever comes along next will really appreciate everything you have done,and your property is FAR more tasteful than most. Congratulations on getting it done! Good for you!

Judith (who did not win the Home Goods card but reads you anyway!)

LAC said...

What a cute place....where is it located? Your renters are so lucky that you take such good care of the rental. I don't know how many times we have rented a place for $$$$ and the rental was not given the TLC you give to yours. Love the pops of color you added.

Cindy said...

Good for you! Check that out!... Love the coral pillows. I wish any beach cottage i stayed at looked that cute! The last little duplex Mr. Fractured and I stayed at had horrible horrible horrible decor and smelled like dirty tennis shoes!


Charlotte said...

Good grief did you have the energy to write a post? Beautiful beach house...

Stacey {steward of design} said...

What a cute place. I love the pop of coral. ;)

An Urban Cottage said...

That place is adorable.

Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor said...

Geesh that looks great. So bright and beachy and comfortable. Oh how I wish I were going to the conference. Silly me didn't even know about the darned thing until 3 days ago. Oh well...:)

Taylor Greenwalt said...

You are so dang talented...everything looks great...cant wait to see what your going to do next!

Melanie @ The Painted Chandelier said...

AH,LOVE the changes you made. The coral pops- gorg!! Such a beautiful beach house, Sherry! Wish I were going to the Design Bloggers' Conference...maybe next year! Loves me some Candice Olson!!! Enjoy & I'll live vicariously through your posts about it! :0


How refreshing! PERFECT for Spring - and all the year long. I so wish I was coming back east to go to the DBC in Atlanta this year (went to it in LA last year!) It would have been SO NICE to meet you in person!! Many friends are going. Have a great time - and again: Your space looks refreshingly FABULOUS!

xo Lynda
(Happy by Design / Focal Point Styling)

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