Checking in from the beach!
Rain all day right?
So far rain in another direction! is something you might enjoy.

Look what I got in the mail!

Uh huh....  Michele from hello lovely inc emailed me and asked if I would like her to paint something for me.

Is that a trick question?

I quickly said "do you need my address?"

All kinds of questions running through my head...why me?  How did she know?  Are we related and I don't know it?

AND then I tossed all of those crazy questions right out the door and said "why not me?"

Bring it.

Gawd...I am in love with them and started thinking about putting a plan together for them....

Cause that is what I do.

Every last bit of this would look good in my DR/LR.  Fo real.
How about we look a little closer.  The wallpaper is Sanderson/DHONHO105  Honfleur.  The paint colors are Farrow and Ball.  
Down Pipe...

It looks green here but it's not.  I googled it and found out that Pratt  & Lambert has a color almost identical called Stones Throw.  I compared them and yes indeedy pretty darn close.

The creamy color is Clunch.

It looks fleshy here but let me assure you that it is not.

Fabrics...Schumacher Kiribati Ikat Print/Linen
Schumacher Augustin Linen Stripe/Linen Ivory

And Kelly Wearstler Channels Taupe/Ivory
which is the one on the top....

The Lee fabrics are Vienna Navy and Bristol Metal

The rug samples are  from Myers Carpet here in Atlanta.  Don't rule out using cut yardage as you can get a great look and spend less sometimes.

Wouldn't this be a pretty room?  Add a snazzy brass chandelier.

Let's see what I can find...
I like the cage of this one...similar to the KW fabric.
I would take the hats off this one and put in those small round bulbs....
Course if you want to spend almost 2000.00.  Go on.

I am always amazed at the generosity of bloggers.  

I hate that name: "blogger".  Is sounds like "logger" which makes me think of burly men in the northeast cutting down trees.  Can't we come up with something better?


I SO forgot that Scott's was early this month.....waaaaaaa.

FYI....they used to let people come in on Thursdays during setup.  No more.  Fire Marshall put the shut down on that and now I believe you can't get in until 2!!!

I will just have to do some shopping around here and take some pictures.

Last thing....if you want your own art work like I got then go here and grab one for yourself!

Adios people....



A Perfect Gray said...

oh goodness. you've put together an great look. beautiful art pieces; love the paint color AND the lighting. awesome.

so, I'm probably headed to scott's tomorrow and now you're saying you're NOT gonna be there?? we gotta do better.

2:00 entry time on thursday, is that for real? was gonna leave way early to get there early. maybe I shouldn't leave so early now...?


Abby M. Interiors said...

You are such a LUCKY logger-- I mean blogger. ;-). Those paintings are so fantastic and so you. I am drooling over the cage on that chandi. Must pin everything! Off to check out her paintings. xo

Pura Vida said...

dang woman! you are full of vigor!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Sherry, even on vacation you are a trouper!!!!
You are for sure not only the Pillow are the Queen of Fabrics. I am always in awe at how you put all the patterns together!
Love those little round bulbs, use them on my "office" chandelier and might on the one in the Epiphany Suite.
So when do you redo your L/D ?
Enjoy the beach and shops..

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

Lovely inspiration! I love that last chandelier, gorgeous ;)



Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Beautiful room you put the artwork. Can't wait to see where you put it. Hope you are enjoying the beach!

Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Beautiful room you put the artwork. Can't wait to see where you put it. Hope you are enjoying the beach!

Cindy said...

That's so awesome, in no time flat you decorated a whole room around the paintings. I love them, she and some other loggers, i mean bloggers inspired me to do similar style paintings. I really like the simple, soft impressionistic look of them... so nice. Michele has the sea gray color mastered!


Unknown said...

I was just looking at her work today!!! Lucky you, and your design plan is perfect. I love that Schumacher ikat.
Yeah, agreed. I think blogger sounds like booger, and who wants to aspire to be that.
Happy vacation and let your frizzy hair be!
xo Nancy

michele said...

who is this fabulous logger and painter of lovely? she sounds amazing!

i agree about the word blogger. HA! love your take on that. i will work on that semantic issue for us and come up with something with better imagery.

thank you, sherry. it's a big ol fancy day for hello lovely, and i feel so loved.

best to you.


My Notting Hill said...

I just came from Michele's blog - love that her name is with one L too.
The paintings are gorgeous.
Can't believe they changed the Thur time. I fly into Atlanta early Sunday am and am headed right to Scotts. Hope the sun comes out at the beach for you.

Kim said...

Ha! I am visiting my Dad in Atlanta and I made a quick run to Scott's on my way out of the airport ... THEY WOULDNT let me in!!! I was crying ... it didn't do any good!!! Will try again on my way OUT!! Did stop at the Queen of Hearts in BUFORD!!! Found a chinese horse! I had to do something!! xo

Anonymous said...

I'll have the $2k pendant lamp, please. And I'm totally with you on the whole "blogger" term. It's not easy explaining to lay persons what I do as a blogger while I watch their eyes glaze over. I often wonder what they are visualizing in their minds at that moment!

Holly Gruszka said...

Well I had to march on over to add a new Etsy favorite - I'm really digging those paintings. She does a really nice job and a steal too. and of course you whipped something up that I love. We technically are all writers, don't ya think?

designchic said...

I love all of the fabrics and the paintings are the perfect complement - isn't Michelle the best? Sending you blue skies

Unknown said...

Dang girl - you totally scored! Love those fabrics! Hope the skies clear up for you!

Woodside Park said...

Hey Sherry ~

The paintings are beautiful!!

You are very talented, Michele! Now, where are mine? :)

I'm a somewhat new blogger....yeah name is kinda strange.

Andrea said...

The paintings are fabulous! You are the queen of finding the perfect fabrics. I'm off to check out her artwork!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Hoe sweet of her...Love the design you created around them. Its perfect!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Bloggies...naw...too much like doggies.

Wow you so have the knack! Can you come over and whirl up some magic in my casa?? purty please....

The art is stunning! Gonna go look at the rest of her goods!

Kathysue said...

Isn't Michele the sweetest, beautiful, talented lady ever?! I just love her and you did a gorgeous line-up to go with her beautiful little pieces of art!! You always do! Love your design aesthetic!!
xo Kathysue

The Vintique Object said...

Speaking of not liking certain words, this is the second time today, I've read the name "Clunch." That one doesn't sit well with me, but the color is really pretty! I need to find a store around here that sells F&B so I can inspect it in person. Two new pieces of art in the mail? Not a bad deal! Very generous of Michelle. said...

Wow wow wow when you are done with that artwork please send it my way. It is fantastic, and what a great room you put together. As usual. I just saw some of those new fabrics from the rep. Love them. I am such a textile freak.

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

You are hilarious...I love reading your posts! Hope your beach trip was grand, and your integration back into reality is a smooth one.

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